"This is among the best overviews of the field...because Hall deftly
summarizes the evidence, the full range of explanatory theories, and,
most admirably, the ramifications of these various theories and how
their built-in assumptions color the data by various interpretations.
Hall's down-to-earth approach is a great starting point, whatever your
belief system, and his comments--on skepticism, on fanaticism, and on
faulty scientific thinking in this field--are consistently lucid and
balanced....[It is] intelligent reportage and commentary." --Lourie
(Inner Journeys, The Small Press Literary Review, Spring 1995)

In 1965, Richard Hall, then Acting Director of a civilian UFO group in Washington, D.C., was questioned by a CIA agent and given a direct telephone line to his office using it to report some high quality UFO sightings, as requested. Many years later he used the Freedom of Information and Privacy acts to request CIA files mentioning him by name. Some previously known documents were obtained after an appeal, but the CIA refused to release the security clearance "paper trail" Information revealed includes:

· Close Encounters/The Vehicular Kind
. Magic Technology
. The Humanoids
. Bodies In The Morgue
. The Big Secret
. Extraterrestrial Psychology
. Case Book: A Global Cross Section Of The UFO Mystery
. Sample Government UFO Documents
. Crashed Saucers
· Abduction Reports

Are they visitors from another planet? Are they human-like or human time travelers or beings from some other realm presently unknown to science? This is not a book of answers because nobody on any side of the issue really knows what UFOs are. Instead it is a book of questions starting with ..... What if UFOs are real? What might this mean for Humankind?

Reading this book will take the reader through a stimulating intellectual exploration of the ideas and data that relate to the contemporary UFO mystery in all of its bewildering complexity. The potential significance is awe inspiring and I am left with the feeling of standing right at the threshold."

Asst. Professor of Astronomy & Anthropology
Univ. of Maryland
The clarity and thoroughness Hall displays in this seminal work are at the heart of his new book Uninvited Guests. His writing is cool and objective, yet its effect is ultimately chilling. Uninvited Guests is the most comprehensive book yet written on the subject of UFOs, by one of our most senior and most respected investigators."
Author: Intruders Among Us

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