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Peacemaking Possibilities
Lutheran Peace Fellowship

    • Make reconciliation part of your prayer life. Pray for those in conflict in your family, church, workplace, etc. Express your gratitude for peace efforts in your relationships, community and among nations

    • Explore biblical perspectives on peace using such resources as:

    For the Peace of the Whole World: five creative, engaging bible studies for women (Augsburg Fortress, $4, #69-3924, 800/328-4648)
    Peace by Lowell Erdahl: four thought-provoking bible studies on peace in the book of Ephesians (Augsburg Fortress, op, $3, available from LPF)
    What Is Christian Peacemaking: a one or two session bible study from LPF
    The Powers That Be
    by Walter Wink, a briefer version of his pathbreaking, creative Engaging the Powers (Doubleday $13; Augsburg Fortress $22)

    • Improve your skills of conflict transformation; invite your family or church group to explore the skills of reconciliation using
      Family Pledge of Nonviolence (free), booklet ($5), helpful school, church and youth group kits… (Families Against Violence Advocacy Network, 4144 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108, 314-533-4445,,
      --Nonviolent Communication: Language of Compassion by Marshall Rosenberg offers a practical, creative approach (bookstores or $18)

    • Discuss appropriate responses to the Sept. 11 tragedy, the war against terrorism, and the humanitarian crisis. Superb resources are available on the LPF web site and also at: and

    • Examine the spirituality and practice of peacemaking, making use of

    From Violence to Wholeness, the best group discussion and activity program we have seen (Pace e Bene, available from Lutheran Peace Fellowship with 50-page LPF supplement, $18. LPF has offered over 70 leadership trainings using many elements of this program.

    • Advocate for local and national policies to build peace; use resources of LPF, Lutheran Advocacy etc. Bring peace values into decisions at work…shopping…investing…

    Lutheran Peace Fellowship is an international community of peacemakers, grounded in Christ, who seek peace according to the Biblical vision of shalom, peace with justice; who pray and work to eliminate violence, oppression, and militarism; who are committed to nonviolence in our efforts to bring about justice and reconciliation. LPF works to support this vision through workshops, a newsletter, education and worship resources, and support for member's peace education and advocacy efforts.

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