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Occupy Wall Street Movements: "Light, Links, Laughs . . . "
Used with permission from the Peace & Justice Resource Center - PJRC

Occupy Wall Street and related movements: 
Sources and links

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1.  Especially useful commentaries and overviews on the underlying issues to share

Paul Krugman, “Panic of the Plutocrats,” NY Times, Oct. 10, 2011

Barbara Ehrenreich, “The Guys in the 1% Brought This On,” The Progressive, current

Robert Reich, “The Seven Biggest Economic Lies,” 12 October 11, Robert Reich's blog,

Elizabeth Warren, “Occupy Everywhere,” Oct 7,  …

David Korten, “Why I'm in solidarity with Occupy Wall St,” 10-4-11,  or 

Jim Wallis, “Praying for Peace and Looking for Jesus at OccupyWallStreet,” 10-6-11,

Rabbi Michael Lerner, “Occupy Wall St–It’s Everywhere where Corporate Power Shapes our Lives, So You Can Occupy it in Your Hometown too!” Oct 6, and

Frida Berrigan,

2. For more on the Occupy movements and their activities and goals in their own words see:  very good general site  (the official site of the OWS general assembly, Liberty Square); for their declaration statement see:   
see also:  and

3. Many cities have their own sites or Facebook pages, for example: (FargoMoorehead) (Iowa)!/occupyLA,,

4. Other sites that have offer especially useful reporting and commentary   

live streaming video: on nonviolence Fellowship of Reconcilation -- Center on Budget & Policy Priorities blog -- NY Review of Books, e.g. Michael Greenberg    (tell us about others you discover)

5. Faith based sites that have had especially useful commentaries include:         

archive of:       

cached copy of:

6. Advocacy groups that had useful postings,despite the fears among some of their taking over/ having too much influence…:

7. Graphics and humor that have received the most comment on our blog   

and of course, Jon Stewart’s etc.

compiled by Glen Gersmehl, coordinator of the “Light, Links, Laughs…” blog
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