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Grow in Shalom with the 'Peace Deck!'
Lutheran Peace Fellowship

LPF's 2012 Peace Deck is a set of cards that offer you a variety of helpful biblical and contemporary peacemaking quotes, as well as leadership, advocacy, and discipleship insights. Use the deck to deepen your vision of peacemaking and to encourage your actions for peace. Use the deck to bring the gospel vision of Shalom -- peace, justice, community, wholeness -- into your everyday life!. It's a compact way to meditate in the morning, on a grocery line, on a bus, or at bedtime. May peace be with you as you grow in Shalom!

How to make a Peace Deck:

Download this Zip File that contains all the files needed to make a deck and instructions on how to print and use it, or download the following files individually:

Each set of cards has its own pdf:

Additional materials and instructions:

We'd be grateful for your comments and suggestions for the next stage of this resource.

Top Ten List (pdf, html)
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