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Peace Pledge to stop spread of anti-terrorist war to Iraq
Lutheran Peace Fellowship

Join the growing number of people making a public commitment to oppose the war on terrorism. Feel free to make copies of the pledge, sign it, and distribute it in your congregation(s) and community groups. It works well as a half sheet (both sides) or a whole sheet.

LPF members are among the more than 3500 people in 49 states who have signed a Pledge opposing the ongoing economic and military war against Iraq and its threatened expansion by the Bush Administration. The Pledge of Resistance in the 1980's is given major credit for helping prevent an invasion of Nicaragua or other expansion of US military action in Central America by developing an extensive network of concerned people ready to respond at a moment's notice. As the Bush Administration prepares for an expanded war, the Peace Pledge can be a tool of resistance we can use to unify a seemingly disparate anti-war movement and to influence public policy. One strength of the Pledge lies in its grassroots focus (for lessons of the '80s Pledge see our web site). We strongly encourage you to sign the Peace Pledge and to urge others to do so. Help start a local group prepared and trained to take prompt action.

To read and sign the peace pledge, click here: Peace Pledge to stop spread of anti-terrorist war to Iraq

NO WAR IN IRAQ! An Appeal and a Call to Action

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