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Privacy News or Spying News or Whatever ...
Site News:
  • My Selected Privacy News because the next victim could be you!
    2002/04/07 Sun
  • Weak crypto casts shadow over ecommerce
  • Study: SSL encryption weaker in Europe than U.S.
  • nwfusion
  • Two new web privacy tools out
  • net-security
  • Study: SSL encryption weaker in Europe than US
  • net-security
  • RFC: Sponsored Feature Section on Digital Identity
  • kuro5hin
  • Big new bug identified
  • cnn
    2002/04/05 Fri
  • Anti-censorship Tools (proxyTools) 2002-04-04
  • freshmeat
    2002/03/27 Wed
  • Judge: FBI must cough up Carnivore info
  • zdnet
    2002/03/26 Tue
  • MS planned to keep secure music APIs secret - Allchin
  • Novell spoofs XP flying people - video
  • Encryption patent firm stakes claim on industry
  • Getting Started with Gnu Privacy Guard
  • Could attackers gain missile secrets?
  • net-security
  • PRO·PA·GAN·DA: a primer for identification
  • kuro5hin
  • Weapons, fake bombs elude airport security
  • cnn
  • Feds dismiss Victoria's Secret show protests
  • cnn
    2002/03/21 Thu
  • Online Rants Not Always Free Speech
  • foxnews
    2002/03/13 Wed
  • Sun to release network identity suite
  • nwfusion
  • Court shuts down site selling fake domain names
  • nwfusion
  • Radio Ads To Spread Online Privacy Messages
  • newsbytes
  • Linux Data Hiding and Recovery
  • net-security
  • Industry ponders government role in digital identities
  • net-security
  • Can you break crypto routines? $100k if you beat this
  • isonews
  • Sun details Sun ONE identity-management
  • idg
  • Sun joins network identity battle
  • ttarget
  • Linux Data Hiding and Recovery
  • linuxtoday
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    Some old privacy news stuff at this archive or this past archive

    "And whenever you learn things, teach them to other people. The more you and others understand the technology that runs the Internet, the more you'll be able to control it better than your government." (JM - cikgu virtual aku)

    Notes/Disclaimer Stuff

    • Sorry for some broken or out-of-date links. You just can't check everything unless you are into something.....
    • Spies exist everywhere. That's why you should be aware and beware!!
    • Censorship is a controversial subject, and some governments and companies have rules about what information you should have access to.
    • If you use my tricks to bypass rules that have been imposed on you, you assume all legal risks and responsibilities involved.
    • I'm providing the tips as a demonstration and teaching tool, and for when legitimate access is needed to non-accessible servers. I won't encourage you to break any rules, because I would get in trouble if I did. I can't prevent you from using such tips in illegitimate ways.
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