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Arrow Stormwalker

My craft name is Arrow Stormwalker. I am a 23 year old Picean woman. I am am an eclectic witch, married (to a Christian man), and quite comfortably living in the proverbial broom closet. Unfortunately, I also live with my parents. My only child, Shilelagh, is two years old and was the focus of our circle's first wiccaning.

I was introduced to the craft at the age of fifteen, though even as a child I felt a great connection to the natural energies around me. Lyrica and AqA were my primary teachers for several years. Today, they are still close members of my chosen family.

My likes are simmering rosemary, fresh mead, grinding herbs, and any ritual use of chocolate. : ) My dislikes are bug bites during outdoor rituals, the unexpected smell of cat hair in homemade incence, and politicians who still can't separate church and state. : (

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Kentucky, Sagittarius eclectic Pagan wizard, solitary, gay male, 40, gracefully aging hippie.

Tarot reader, scholar, teacher with 25 years experience, clairvoyant, clairaudient, eclectic shaman, psychometrist, Reiki Master, teacher, Earth mage, Qabalist, poet, philosopher.

Practice is Wiccan-based but includes many elements from Buddhism, Native American teachings, Ceremonial Magick, & the Yoruban-based traditions, among others.


Reverend Lyrica MoonDawn

I am 40, lt. brown kinky-curly hair, blue eyes, and, like a hobbit, "short, round and fully packed."

I am a walking-disabled lez-bi-sexual, currently single. (sigh) I reside in a very urban area just off the city limits with my best friend and fellow pastor, Aqa WyrdWynd. We own a rather large black lab-mix dog (Bacchus), and two cats who, of course, own us. (Sable & Argeant)

I follow a very eclectic, Celtic based path. I consider myself a Druid, but if prompted will ammend that (tongue firmly in cheek) to "Eclectic/Discordian/Radical Faerie/Druid." I have been in and around the craft since age 15 with various bouts of Christianity and other religions in between while i was still seeking.

The Discordian in me must end this with our circles normal way of parting:

"Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Mary Tyler Moore"

Reverend Lyrica Moondawn

Reverend AqA WyrdWynd

I'm a brown hair/eyed teddybear with a ready wit and loving personality. It's usually the dyslexic/discordian dementia I wallow in that tends to throw people off. I've been a pagan since I was thirteen (25 years in the craft, or since 1973). My first exposure (in the '70's) was free access to school libraries as well as an interesting encounter (and later tutoring by) a 90 yo Romany-Native American pioneer woman. I learned tarot, aura-working, colour magick, geomancy, faery-lore, nature workings, survival, herbal lore, medicine wheel and craft-magic, as well as a sneaky seed that later germinated into what now is a five YO garden-sanctuary open to the public as well as to the wims of the Goddess herself. (Garden is now smashed a bit due to a tree that fell atop it in the last thunderstorm.)

While in Germany during a military tour I had three very magical encaounters: ...A celtic burial site replete with ghost, a misguided novice cerimonial magician and an angry, lonely Dianic. Also the occasional 'Red Army' strikes, religious persecution and fights over historical site preservation.

Then there were the celtic witch, the saxon shaman-lady, the SCA, secretive rituals in obscure castle dungeons and turret rooms, and the blast-my-socks -and-shoes- off pagan rebirth on another celtic mound when a stag handed me a wand!

Lastly, the second religous persecution, craft group wars and being trapped in a castles during a late may blizzard (always a good reason for an impromptu mixed path ritual).

Reverend AqA WyrdWind


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