Sylvan Circle Sanctuary


Sylvan Circle Sanctuary is mix of paths, ages and experience in the Craft. You might come to circle and have a Native American Shaman do the purification, then a Ceremonial Magician might lead the ground & center, followed by a Wiccan, Druid or Discordian doing something else.

In the midst of an urban setting we have established a small backyard sanctuary, which puzzles (and unfortunately horrifies) the neighbors. Despite threats and intolerance we persist in doing outside rituals and have been termed "those faggot satanists' by some of the less tolerant denizens of this area. Fortunately we have developed a good rapport with some of the other neighbors over the course of the last five years and many of the bad elements moved away due to the influence, we are certain, of The Lord & Lady.

Our circle members follow diverse paths and range in age from newborn to Crone/Sage age. We have members & circle friends of all genders and sexual orientations. All are equal in our circle reguardless of experience or length of time in the craft, although you must know what you are doing in order to do any of the actual ritual steps.

We welcome visitors and seekers, so email us if you are interested!

Sylvan Circle Sanctuary


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