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Disclaimer: The projects discussed on this page are extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by those who are not properly experienced. The voltages in use by our Tesla Coil are extremely lethal, and proper safety precautions must be used at all times.
This page is designed for 600x800 resolution. Some pictures are in 24-bit color.  This page was created on March 14, 1998 and last updated on :

I currently have three complete Tesla Coils in operation.  However, the first coil has seen so many upgrades that I have 4 'revisions' of it.

My first coil: "Quantum One".  Click on the picture to go to my Quantum One page and see the 4 revisions of the coil.
My second, and biggest coil: "Quantum Two".  Click on the picture to go to my Quantum Two page.
My third first twin! Click on the image to go to my mini twin coil page
What is a Tesla Coil?

Don't know what a Tesla Coil is or want to learn more? Click here for a description of what a Tesla Coil is and how it works.

Tesla Coil Links:

I don't want to send people all over the net trying to find things, so I keep my list of links short. Here are what I think are the 5 best links for Tesla Coil stuff:

[under construction]   This is the Tesla List Homepage. I believe this is the best single source for information on Tesla Coils. If you dont know what the Tesla List is, its a mailing list that has several hundred Tesla Coilers enrolled (completely free of course).  Go to the website to learn more. This website also has over a hundred pictures of various Tesla Coils from the list members, including some coils that are nearly the largest in the world. Also contains many programs that are very usefull in doing Tesla Coil design on a computer.

Tesla Web Ring    If you got to my website other than by the Tesla Web Ring, you should definately check out the Web Ring if you have some time.  This is a listing of almost all the websites on the internet that have anything to do with Nikola Tesla and his famous Tesla Coils.

The Arcstarter Page    Bill (The Arcstarter) and his gang have a lot of high voltage projects including Tesla Coils, can crushers, quarter shrinkers, exploding hot dogs, and all sorts of carzy stuff!  I deem him a fellow 'mad scientist extraodinaire'!

The Next Step
    There will always be more coils to build and longer sparks to fly.  I have two ideas for my next projects.  One is a bigger Tesla Coil (of course!).  I have a two plastic garbage cans that I hope to use as a secondary coil form.  It is a cylinder, with no obstructions. With both attached, the resulting form will be 14" diameter and about 54" tall.
    I am also going to try to build a smaller coil.  This would be a twin coil - A.K.A. bipolar or 1/2 wave (1/2 lambda) Tesla Coil.  In this sytem there would be two secondaries that have terminals 180 degrees out of phase.  This makes the arc go between the two coils, and I assume there isnt a need for a super good ground like a classic coil needs.  I think this would make it much more portable and easier to do demonstartions (because you needn't shove a long rod in the ground!).  I am planning on about three foot arcs.  Again, if anyone has any suggestions, please email me.  My address should be at the bottom of this page.
  I have finished my prototype twin coil... what I call "Quantum Three" above.  Now to start on the big one.

High energy capacitor experiments

WARNING: Energy storage capacitors are extremely dangerous. Please do not even consider using one without the proper safety training.  The big capacitors that I have described below are probably strong enough to 'take your arm right off' if you got to near them when they were charged. 

I currently have two Maxwell Energy Discharge Capacitors in my lab.  I sometimes worry if my floor might collapse.


Type:             Energy Discharge
Capacitance: 120uF
Volatge:        10,000V
ESI:               .03uH
PRV:             60% reverse voltage
Weight:         ~200lbs
Max Current: about 100kA

I figure that with both of them banked together, that would be a maximum charge of 12,000J.  What do de-fibrilators normally use, 200J?  Well then, I guess my caps could 'jump start' 60 people at once! Don't everyone line up now!

No PCB's in these caps! Only Castor Oil.

I have done many projects with these capacitors, all have been with only one, except for the railgun in which I have unsuccessfully tried two caps. Another experiment I have done is exploading wire. Many more untried experiments are comming due, I hope to do many befor the end of the year.

The below few things are all capacitor experiments.

Ring Launcher

Check out my ring launcher page by clicking on the picture below.  I have used the above capacitor in my higher - power ring launchers, but I only need to charge that beast to about 50% to get excellent results.

Click above to find out how this accidentally ended up embedded in the roof of my garage!

Can Smasher
Simillar to the ring launcher, my can smasher is a magnetic device used to crush aluminum soda cans.

Can Crusher Page

A railgun is an electromagnetic device that uses the Lorentz force to accelerate a projectile to extremely high velocities.

Go to my  Railgun Page.



I have been working on building my first coilgun wich will shoot small nails. No webpage for it yet, but as soon as it is completed, I will put up a webpage about it.

Exploading Wire
I have done a few experiments with exploading wire. Click HERE to see my exploading wire webpage.

Jacob's Ladder

I have built various ladders, some powered by NST's and the largest one powered with a heavy durty Potential Transformer. No page yet, but one will be up soon!

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