It is at this time that I would like to make a simple announcement. As
                         many of you know i have spent an awful lot of time working on my web
                         pages. This is an undertaking that i have done with love and spent a great
                         deal of time and thought on each page that has ever been here on my site.

                         This one had installed ICQ pagers on her opening page so that others
                         who may surf here could contact her if they wished to. It has always been
                         my hope to try and help anyone who should have a question and this seemed
                         like a good way to do that.

                         This thought was working very well for me for a while, I got many
                         comments and questions and even people wishing to know where I may
                         have found graphics, music, etc. and I was always glad to help them out.

                         Sadly, this is to be no more. This one has removed the ICQ pagers from
                         her pages due to the fact someone out there decided to use them for not
                         very nice reasons. What some people may not realize is that even if they
                         did not put in any name on these pagers is that their IP # was clearly
                         visible when they sent any messages. I never thought much about that and
                         this one truly never really cared to have that knowledge until one night
                         when some person out there decided to see just how many buttons they
                         could push by sending messages that they should not have.

                         Well this one did not care for that and wrote down the IP # from those
                         messages and had them traced and she does know who the person is that
                         was sending those messages. It saddens her heart that this one person
                         would sink so low as to feel they needed to hurt another and this one
                         is truly not sure why they would feel the need to do so. But anyway
                         that is neither here nor there, for these reasons stated above the ICQ
                         pagers have been removed and no longer will others who do wish to use
                         them for good reasons will not be able to do so.

                         At this time i wish to thank all of my friends and the people who
                         visit and offer me encouragement and support. You all mean the world
                         to me and I offer my heartfelt thank you to all of you. Perhaps in time
                         I shall be able to re-add this service to my pages if the one's who decide
                         harassment is a silly game to play so maybe in the future this one can
                         go back to that. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for
                         being there. A special thank you to the friend who helped me trace the
                         IP #'s, it does at least ease my mind to know who was doing it in ways,
                         though I find it a very sad thing still. I love You all.

Hurting Each Other