Welcome to my wonderful world of Dreamsicles. I collect
                                      these wonderful real cherubs and have about 30 or so of
                                      them now. They always bring a smile to my face. Thank you
                                      to my wonderful Secret Sister for sending me the above
                                      picture out of the blue as I was sitting and making plans
                                      to make this page (I swear she reads my mind)...*S*


                                      Now in it's eighth year of growth, this collection of
                                      adorable cherubs and animal designs by Kristin Haynes has
                                      become firmly established as one of America's favorite
                                      collectible giftware lines. In fact, each year Dreamsicles
                                      are consistently ranked as one of the leaders in the
                                      collectible giftware industry.


                                      Call me silly, but not only do I believe in fairies, I believe
                                      in angels too and these little cherubs seem to come alive with
                                      laughter at times, you really have to watch them.

Thank You Sue, I shall keep it always!

At The End of the Day
(from Les Miserables)