My Best Friends!!


                                                    Lisa has been my friend for oh my gosh about nine years
                                                    now, I can't believe how time has flown! She means the
                                                    world to me and I never have a doubt one that any time I
                                                    may ever need her she will be there for me. She is like a
                                                    real sister to me and I call her family and not just friend
                                                    I would never have survived many a "crisis" if it were not
                                                    for this truly special and giving friend. She overlooks my
                                                    faults and accepts me just the way I am. If there was ever
                                                    anyone I ever turned to it would be my dear Lisa, thank you
                                                    my friend *S*



                                                    This is my other dearest buddy in the world. I met Jo about
                                                    a year or so ago online and from day one we have clicked. I
                                                    also got lucky enough to meet Jo r/l about 3 1/2 months ago
                                                    and I just love her even more. If anyone has ever mirrored
                                                    my heart or soul it would be this dear friend. I always
                                                    know what is going on in her life becuase whatever goes
                                                    on in either one of our lives it is usually mirrored in
                                                    the others. We have spent so many hours laughing and
                                                    crying and just being silly, the only regret I have at all
                                                    is that she is so far away from me, but to me she
                                                    will always be friend and sister in my heart.Thank you
                                                    dear Jo *S*



                                                    you always try to make me smile
                                                    and help ease off my wandering mind
                                                    the predicaments now that i can't deny
                                                    my thoughts that are drifting a thousand miles.

                                                    amidst the people i've ever known
                                                    i've never met anyone who can be on their own
                                                    in the midst of people who just play along,
                                                    they know how to stand & how to be strong.

                                                    you've taught me how to face difficulties
                                                    and shown me concern & amenities
                                                    you help me paint my gray skies blue
                                                    so i'm always at ease when i'm with you.

                                                    all the riches in the world cannot repay
                                                    the time & company that you gave
                                                    and somehow, i'll always save
                                                    our being friends, even if taken beyond the grave.

                                                    you've always shown me concern when depressed
                                                    you'd be by spokespersons when suppressed
                                                    and 'coz when i'm wrong, you'd always amend
                                                    i'll always be there too, my very best friends...



I Love The Way You Love Me

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