When I won my first award I was so thrilled and elated, and have
been with each single award I have won from there on out. It is
so very nice to be receiving recognition for the hard work and hours
one spends putting together a web site they are really proud of and
so I decided I wanted to try and give some of that back. I have
finally come up with some awards of my own, for various categories.
My awards are listed below and if you feel your site deserves or
needs an award, please apply below. I will look over every site
that applies and should get back to you within 10 days max if you
should win one of these awards. If you do not hear from me within 10
days know that your site did not qualify at this time but you can
always try back again later. Some of my awards will be quite easy
to win while others will be a little more difficult, and one can not
be applied for at all, but I will give out to those truly wonderful
sights that you run across once every so often. Good luck to all and
have fun. Below are my rules and then the awards with a description
of what each one is for *S*


The Rules!!

       1.) There should be NO hate, vulgar language or predjudice on any site
       applying - these will NOT be considered at all.

       2.) There should be NO broken pictures or links - I understand most
       sites are always under construction but links that lead nowhere are
       merely annoying.

       3.) I do have one award for adult sites to apply for if they are
       tastefully done, for everyone deserves the freedom of choice.

       4.) All awards must be linked back to me, for I worked hard to have
       these to present to you.

       5.) You have to sign my guestbook. No signature, NO award.

       6.) Not really a rule but please do not steal my awards.
       Apply for and earn them, you will recieve one without the
       word sample on it of course if you receive one *S*

The Awards!!

This award is for those sites that bring a smile
to the face. The site is obviously one that You
have put a lot of hard work into and should be
very proud of.

This award is for those sites that bring a smile
to the face. Maybe the words written bring beauty
to life or the graphics just make you sigh

This award is for the site that makes you sit up
and wonder.."How did they do that?" or for a site
that shows creative use of graphics.

This award is for those wonderful sites that bring
back a touch of child-hood fantasy in all of us.
Do you believe in fairies, dragons, knights or

This award is presented to sites that express open,
honest opinions. Any site may apply for this award
even the adult sites that are tastefully done and
this means no foul language or unnecessary nudity.

This if for those sites that share or help to
educate someone about the many struggles in life.
Have you survived a great struggle...do you have a
heart warming story about a friend or loved one?

This award will be the hardest award of all to
receive. Your entire site must meet pretty high
standards, as far as design and content.

This award cannot be applied for. It will be
presented only to those truly special sites that
make you want to return again and again. Whether it
be for content or graphics. All sites that apply for
my other awards will be considered.

Your full name:

Your email address: (e.g.: you@aol.com)

Your URL address please.

Tell me a little bit about your site.

Which award would you like to win?

Did you sign my Guest Book?   Yes, I did   No, I didn't   I will later.

Any other comments you may have ...


The above form is sometimes cranky so if you receive
an error please email me at: mystic_fawn123@yahoo.com
with the information from above *S* ATTENTION: This
form very seldom seems to work for those who use
Netscape, so please email me with your request

Please continue to the next page to see my list of
award site winners

Lady In Red