Online Love
Online Love


     If someone had asked me a few years ago if I believed that two 
     people could meet via an internet relationship and fall in love
     I would have probably laughed, much like a lot of the world. But 
     after being online for a few years now I have to admit that it 
     truly does happen - because it has happened to me...*S*.

There are many different formats of chat and people just truly can travel from place to place, staying to form friendships in the spots that they feel most comfortable in. My home nowdays in in a chat spot called Mplayer - (the above pics represent Woody and I in that chat format). This is truly a great site with hundreds of rooms to choose from and not only do you type in the rooms, but there is also the wonderful ability to have voice chat there.

I of course have my friends there that I gravitate to usually and I met this man, this oh so wonderful man in these rooms. We have spent hours upon hours talking, laughing and sharing so much of ourselves that it sometimes even amazes me. In this cyber land two people can truly become close in a short amount of time and to find someone that you truly click with will make the hours fly by like minutes.

Online relationships can be so very hard for many reasons. There is usually a distance factor and that is hard when you'd like nothing more than to actually be with that person. There is the problems with connections, chat sites and so on, alas we all in the online world understand the problems and frustrations when either the computer, server or other things are acting up. Also I think that trust becomes an even greater issue along with honesty. Sometimes you really have to trust that the other person feels honestly the things they say towards you, and at times yes, there will be real world intrusions that may happen that you have to deal with. Sometimes these are painful when the distance is great, but if you can overcome them the rewards are imense.

Would I recommend an online relationship to my friends? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. They are very hard relationships because of the above problems and more, but they can also lead to truly wonderful things as well. If I had my choice of course there wouldn't be 1200 miles separating Woody and I, but sometimes you just have to deal with these things and decide whether this is something you truly want and deal with it and work on solving the problems or you move on.

Fortunately I was very lucky, I met a wonderful man with a very loving heart. He makes me feel like the most loved and cherished woman in the world. We have faced all the problems that online couples seem to go through and made the decision to stick things out and continue to grow and love. This joyfully has finally made us realize that we are no longer content with just this medium and we are working and planning on a life together full time.

I can't speak for everyone involved in an online relationship, but for those who are and really work and evolve I offer all the luck in the world to them. This can truly join two people that were meant to be together, who's hearts and souls search and search until they find that one that compliments and completes them totally in ways that they didn't have before. All things in a relationship can be dealt with and the miles between two people is a problem that can be dealt with just like any other in a real world relationship. I guess my advice would be to just take things slowly day by day, step by step as you would if you had fallen in love with the guy next door. Don't rush into anything, for when it is right, love shall find you.

Now to this man who loves me: my darling Woody, you entered my life and offered me so much. Friendship, compassion, laughter and love. I honestly have never known another like you and know that I was blessed the day you walked into my life. I hear your voice and my whole world seems brighter, I become at peace and my heart races with happiness and joy. You have shared so many parts of yourself and your life with me and I thank you now for all the dreams that we shall share together. The dreams of you, I and the have given me more than you will ever know. Thank you my love, I in return have given you the gift of my heart, my trust, my faith and a promise to never take a moment in time for granted but to cherish everything we shall all share together. Soon my love we shall be joined, and I shall love you for all the days of my life. Thank You my love for being the most wonderful and special person in the world and for sharing your heart and life with me...I love you.

Your Love Amazes Me