The Love of my Life

A Love So True

                                                       I have stumbled and faltered many times in my life, and
                                                       as far as love went for me...well, there were times
                                                       that I was just pretty well convinced that it was merely
                                                       a fantasy that never would come true for me. Maybe you
                                                       just really have to grow and to learn, stumbling along
                                                       the way to finally find that treasure. That treasure of
                                                       true love, with no doubts, no fears...just the purest
                                                       joy that can possibly be imagined.

                                                       I who am never at a loss for words now finds happy
                                                       laughter and soft smiles coming to her when she
                                                       tries to speak. My heart is so full of happiness
                                                       and love that all I want to do is laugh, sing, dance
                                                       and shout from every roof-top around that true love
                                                       does exist, and has finally come into my world.

                                                       I met a man online in chat...*gasp* I know, I
                                              everyone can roll their eyes and think
                                                       that it will never last. I truly had a jaded
                                                       opinion of online relationships myself when I met
                                                       this man in a chat room and to be brutually honest
                                                       I avoided him like the plague when we first met.
                                                       But he was so nice, so funny, so enjoyable to be
                                                       around I found myself saying hello when I'd see him
                                                       and kind of making small talk every now and again.

                                                       We became casual friends and enjoyed talking to
                                                       each other, and then became even closer friends. I
                                                       was going through some very hard times emotionally
                                                       in my every day life and he was absolutely
                                                       wonderful. He gave me a shoulder to cry on, gentle
                                                       teasing and laughter to make me feel better and
                                                       always supported the decisions I was making in
                                                       my life without ever once judging me and telling
                                                       me that I was wrong.

                                                       Slowly over time I found myself searching my buddy
                                                       list when I would enter chat to see if he was
                                                       online and heading to the room he was in, eager
                                                       to see him and to visit. Now the area we chat in
                                                       made this even better. We chat in mplayer a lot,
                                                       for those of you who haven't been there it is
                                                       pretty much like any standard chat area where you
                                                       can sit in rooms and type...but it has a wonderful
                                                       feature of voice chat as well so you can actually
                                                       hear the other person. You can just sit and talk
                                                       back and forth and we did this often.

                                                       It was a great shock to my system when I started
                                                       missing him if we didn't talk fairly often and I
                                                       kind of stepped back and really had to search inside
                                                       myself to think about this. I realized this was a
                                                       truly good man whom I was feeling a lot more than
                                                       friendship towards and that basically scared me silly.
                                                       I know that I am probably the luckiest person in
                                                       the whole world, because I was not alone in the
                                                       feelings, in the attraction...for He was growing
                                                       to care about me too.

                                                       Over many hours together we have grown and
                                                       developed such a strong relationship. He brings a
                                                       smile to my face, joy to my heart every time I see
                                                       Him appear. I have fallen so deeply in love with
                                                       this man that my whole world seems brighter every
                                                       day. He moves me to tears with the love he gives
                                                       to me and he sings to me songs of such beautiful
                                                       love that I just sit and cry the happiest tears of
                                                       my life. I cherish him so very if anyone
                                                       tells you that online love is just not real...don't
                                                       give up hope, for it is truly out there.

                                                       It has not always been easy for us, the distance
                                                       has really been hard for us to handle. Yes, we are
                                                       together as much as possible and I can hear his
                                                       words, feel the love and emotion...but oh how I long
                                                       to be in his arms even more. Fortunately over time as
                                                       we have grown and developed...taking this relationship
                                                       farther and farther and we know what we have is real,
                                                       we know that it is forever. We've gone farther than
                                                       online, we have taken this to the next step and I am
                                                       so very thankful that we are now planning on being
                                                       together all the time. I soon shall be moving to be
                                                       with my love. I had to share this most wonderful joy,
                                                       more happiness than I ever knew was possible and to
                                                       say to you my wonderful handsome love...thank you for
                                                       coming into my life, for loving me like you do. I
                                                       shall spend every day trying to always show you how
                                                       very special you are to me, how much I truly love you.
                                                       I am ready to spend my life beside you every day,
                                                       knowing that our love shall just grow stronger and
                                                       deeper...I love you with all that I am Woody and you
                                                       are the most wonderful man in the entire world, of this
                                                       I shall tell you every day!!

                                                                Woody - The Love of my Life!!                                                                Isn't he just incredibly handsome!!!

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