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This ring is dedicated to websites featuring information on artillery forifications constructed or augmented during the half millennium spanning the years 1450 to 1950. If you are keen on history - and military history in particular - you ought to find something of interest on each of the sites featured on this ring.

In case you are unfamiliar with Web Rings, they exist to link different web sites together. A person finding The Fortress Ring logo can visit every member's site, without having to use a search engine or know the other sites' Internet location. If you are visiting the Fortress Ring, most sites will bear the Fortress Ring's logos on the main page. A few may not. If the Fortress Ring logo is not on the main page, look for a "links" or "Web Ring" page.

Any site covering fortifications constructed/augmented in the period 1450 to 1950 may join the ring, as long as the content is suitable for ALL age groups [i.e. there is nothing within it which is likely to give offence to a "reasonably minded" person]. However, you might care to note that The Fortress Ring is primarily designed for non-commerical sites.

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