I Ain't EASY!

Author: Shy Mazta

Rating: G

Summary/Notes: Don't get me wrong I love you fic writers, this is just my idea of what my favourite character might do if she saw what some of ya all think of her!!* This is the first fic I am posting, so its short, so I can see if it works.

"Oh mah!" Rogue exclaimed quickly closing the window to the fanfic she had just started reading. " Was wrong with some of these people?!? I would NEVA do that! ESPECIALLY NOT with the BLOB. Ewwwwwww." She began to cringe.

"What that chere?"Rogue jumped at the voice that came from behind her.

" I hate it when ya sneak up on ma like that!" She said glaring at the Cajun.

" But I jus finished readin a fanfic that said you LOVED how sneeky I was." He said with a confused look on his face.

"Well what do fanfic writters know!?!?" Rogue said crossing her arms in front of her.

"Some of them are good chere.." Remy moved his arm in front of Rogue and clicked the mouse, opening a fanfic. Rogue looked at the screen, where in big bold letters it read "CAJUN HEAT" with a summary indicating it was a Rogue/Remy fic, followed by a rated R. Rogue, looked away, blushing. Remy grinned.

"But that's what ah mean Swamp Rat! I can't eva touch ya, or anyone, and yet these fic writters have me paired up with every hero and villian we've eva faced, like ahm easy! I AIN'T EASY!!!!" Gambit's grin became even wider as he scrolled down the page and clicked on yet another fic. "What are ya all grinnin about Cajun?" she asked as she turned her attention back to the screen, and there- larger then life were the words "Rogue is Easy" followed by the pairings Rogue/Remy Rogue/Bobby Rogue/Logan Rogue/Scott Rogue/Magneto Rogue/Pietro Rogue/Lance Rogue/Kurt. And an X rating.

"Didn even know they HAD an X ratin'." Gambit said laughing. Rogue shook her head.

"I don balieve it! These people are sick!! Scott's with Jean. Lance is a bad guy. Bobby's mah bes friend. Pietro jus ain mah type. And KURT?!?! He's my brother for gawd sakes!! AND I AIN'T EASY!!!" Rogue stuck her tongue out at the computer.

" Not to mention that Logan and Magneto are old enough to be your grandparents...." Gambit added.

"Uhhh ya...well I thought tha went without mentionin' Sugah." Rogue said not facin Gambit- a little ashamed that she didn CARE how old they were, and let out a sigh. Gambit picked up on this but chose to ignore it.

"Gambit notice you didn't complain none about US bein paired up petite." he said seductively raising his eyebrows and sauntered closer to Rogue."These fic writers may not know everything, but they have SOME good ideas, non?" Tracin her covered arms with his fingers and letting them slid down to her hips. Rogue relished this, the little signs of affection, that would go un-noticed by most other couples. But Rogue and Remy knew better. However, she couldn't pass up the opportunity. And grabbed the computer mouse. Gambit heard a couple of clicks. But chose to ignore them.


"Yes chere?"

"Are you sure its really me ya want?"

"Why you ask sumthin like that Roguey?" He looked up at the computer screen to see "A Cold Night in the Bayou" with slash warnings, a Gambit/Iceman indicator and an "R" rating. Gambit's mouth dropped open. While Rogue fell onto the floor laughin'.