This is where we get to know each other a little better. 'Nuff Said!

Quinn Logan: I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada and I've been writing stories all my life. Just got into comic books about two years ago after seeing the X-Men movie. My muses are the Unified Guilds of New Orleans. Most of the ideas they give me come in the middle of the night, which often means I don't get much sleep. I'm a fan of late-night TV, especially Leno and Conan. I also love stand-up comedy and can usually be found watching hour after hour of Just For Laughs on the Comedy Network.

I dream of living in Louisiana someday, but in the meantime, I'm still in NS, temporarily living with my parents and two cats. I work at a Subway sandwich shop (famous for Jared, that guy who lost all the weight) and spend my vacations in Ontario with my sister and niece. I've been known to say some strange things but it's in the name of insanity, so it's all good. Future plans include possibly moving to New Brunswick for a fresh start.

Razeth Kota: Raz is currently 18 years of age, is about Six-Foot-Two and weighs more than heíd like to. His favorite color is blue, his favorite sport is tackle-chess and he enjoys winding down in the evening while listening to ďThe Bannana Boat SongĒ by Harry Belafonte. Heís also a Pisces, enjoys long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick. But only when the mood hits.

Raz currently resides in California with his friends, family and the voices in his head. You can contact Raz or the voices in his head by e-mailing Raz would like to take this oppertunity to point out that he does, in fact, like da ladies. Even if they donít like him back.

Aubrey: I am Alex (guild name = Aubrey), as you may already know, residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. I am a male of the age of fourteen who has been told to be a very funny and friendly guy. Some of my big interests/hobbies include acting, web design, learning new things, reading, watching movies, going to concerts, and another nerdy stuff one like myself would do. I think of myself as somewhat witty when the time is right, yet dependable and there for someone when they need me.

Movies and music are two of my biggest interests. Some of my favorite movies include American Beauty, Ghost World, Psycho Beach Party, and West Side Story. While some of my favorite types of music include basically anything that isnít rap, pop (such as Britney Spears or NíSync), and country, yet I donít mind if you enjoy that kind of stuff. X-Men has always been of interest to me, Iíve even created several fan sites devoted to it. If youíd like to chat sometime just send me an e-mail, which Iíd enjoy since receiving e-mail isnít something that happens to me very often. Well I canít think of much else to say, but that I hope you enjoy the guild and have fun.

DeWheatley: DeWheatley, also known as David, is 25 years old, from Leeds in the United Kingdom and has been writing fanfiction for many years. He started long ago on a PBeM role play list called X-Wars, where he created his own characters in a Marvel-esque universe. Time went on and the list grew to include other universes as well, and he looked elswhere at writing fanfiction based on established characters and is now a mainstay of group fanfiction sites.

He started with X-Men 2099, taking the all of the continuity of the 2099 universe in to consideration and eventually progressed to Wolverine which he has been writing now for over three years. He has also written Excalibur, X-Men, Captain Britain and X-Force on a regular basis and his older creations now live life anew in a series he calls Network, as well as working on other projects as the moment arises.

Wren: I am a 20 yr old Missourah girl who desperately wants to move closer to the west Coast. But while I wait for my dreams to become reality, I am going to college to earn a degree in psychology so I can help all the other insane people out there. I currently work as a service provider for developmentally disabled individuals but am hoping and wishing for a job which doesn't involve biting or kicking.

I enjoy just about anything sci-fi or fantasy and I love to dance. I mostly write adult stories and unfortuantely never finish half of them. Many of my nights are spent online chatting with my grrlie. And my weekends are spent with her if at all possible.

Aqua's Shadow: I am 16 years old, a junior in high school, and I live in the Bay Area in California. I started collecting comics after I saw the X-Men movie and I became utterly obsessed. I think my friend has stumbled upon my secret, but she hasn't said anything. She's into sci-fi/fantasy, too, so she knows I can blackmail her. I'm reading Uncanny, New X-Men, and Ultimate, AND playing catch up with Gen X so I'm dirt poor, but that implies that I do indeed have dirt. Which I don't.

My favorite bands are Siouxsie and the Banshees and Tank ( and I listen to the radio while I write. I'd like to be a writer or get into the comic book business but I'd probably catch something on fire there so I don't know.

Padme Skywalker: I was born in St. Petersberg, Florida and I was adopted by my parents name Don and Linda Turner. I was brought up in Winter Park, Florida and I have an older brother name David Turner. So my birthdate is Sept. 8, 1971 and I'm 30 yrs. old. I was brought up in a christain church and we've been going ever since. I know I'm not perfect but I do things my own way instead of what my mom and dad wants me to do.

My hobbies include talking to my friends on-line, being with my friends, collect things that I enjoy like X-Men, Spider-Man, Star Wars, etc., watching and taping at the same time, my favorite shows that are on, like I'm getting back to Don Johnson, Nash Bridges, and Miami Vice on t.v. and I love it to death. I love him so much and I'm also doing a lot of pictures off the internet and put them in a collage on a poster frame and I'm quite good at it too.

Candra Phoenix: Bio Coming Soon!

Shy Mazta: Shy is a 17 year old female in her last year of high school. She has taken 11 years of dance (Including: African,Ballet,Jazz,Modern) and 3 years of kick boxing. Her hobbies include kickboxing, writting and collecting ALL things X-Men. Her favourite X-Character is Rogue. She is also a huge anime fan, some of her favourites include: Berserk, Escaflowne, Oh My Goddess, Princess Mononoke. Favourite T.V. shows: Angel, Titus, Grounded For Life, X-Men Evolution. Her top 4 favourite movies are: X-Men, Moulin Rouge, Starship Troopers, Momento. Favourite Music Artists/Bands include: Missy Elliot, Kylie Monogue, Aliyah (R.I.P.), Slipknot, Avril Lavigne, Blur, Puddle Of Mudd, Jennifer Lopez, Linkin Park. Can be contacted @

Hoodoo: Signs: Western Zodiac: Capricorn Chinese Zodiac: Rat, influenced by Water

Misc: I've been writing for going on 18 years now. I've a degree in film. Neither fact has advanced me professionally, but I've met interesting people through them.

Fanfiction universes I've dabbled in: GIJoe, Transformers, Dr. Who, Star Trek:TNG, Dracula: the Series, Ghostbusters, Final Fantasy 7, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-men: the Movie, X-men: Evolution, Wolverine, and Harry Potter. I can't remember any more at the moment.

A large majority of my stuff contains original characters. A small amount of my stuff is ridiculous sillyfic. A lot of my stuff is full of angst. In fact, one of my mottos is: When in doubt, angst. Try it, it's fun!

I've also had nonfiction articles published for different professional journals.

List my favorite films and/or books? Can't. The lists are too long. A sampling, in no particular order: In the Mouth of Madness, Abarat, Princess Bride, the Matrix, Good Omens, Neverwhere, a Series of Unfortunate Events, Alice in Wonderland, the Master and Margarita, Pitch Black, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Dead Alive, Deep Rising, Twelve Angry Men, 12 Monkeys, Tank Girl, UHF.

Lady Trunks: I was born on St. Patrick's Day of 1983 in a small town in Kansas and have since been searching for the meaning of life. I pretty much have it narrowed down to Love, X-Men, Chocolate, and Dr. Pepper. I first became interested in fanfiction after I became obsessed with Sailor Moon many years ago, and after experimenting in DBZ and Slayers have since moved onto what I hope will be a lasting relationship with X-Men. My favorite character is Rogue since I can relate to her (we were both once terrorists who now fight for the good of man-and mutant-kind). Um, or we have similar attitudes... Yeah, letís stick with that one.

From my many years on this planet (19) I have come to the realization that we have to laugh at ourselves, because others will anyway. My life has been dedicated to web page design and writing. My goal in life is to write something that will make people sob every time they read it and to take over Microsoft, which ever comes first.

Kizmet: I grew up in eastern Oregon (where it doesn't rain) and moved to western Oregon (where it always rains) strangely enough I prefer the second. I'm 26 and an engineer and ballroom dancer who happens to love writing.

I've writing fanfiction since I was a kid, but only learned the proper name for it two years ago. My former muse was Angel from BtVS, but since he quit on me, Remy LeBeau (the Ultimate-verse version) appears to have taken over as main voice in my head.

I enjoy a wide variety of fandoms (mostly sci-fi/fantasy) but only recently gave in and admitted that comics in general and X-Men specifically were one of those and not just something to for wasting time while my boyfriend played in magic tournments.

Kibou No Tenshi: I'm an English, honours student from South Africa who more or less lives to write. I don't know what I'd do without my trusty pen and notebook, and I've been known to try my hand at everything from fanfiction to poetry to original stories to essays. However, because I can't physically write 24/7, I do have other hobbies. I enjoy reading fantasy\sf, computer gaming, webpage design, origami, fabric painting, yoga . . . Name it and I probably do it, unless it's bungee-jumping or leaping out of aircraft. More relevantly, perhaps, I enjoy comics and cartoons of all nationalities, especially manga and anime which I translate for a fansub group. My favourite Marvel characters are Gambit, Rogue and Cecilia Reyes.

Pyromaniac: I'm a junior in High School. I'm a big drama freak and a fan of Shakespeare. Not a big fan of anything else in school though. I mostly spend my time in class writing. I mainly write X Men Evolution and some times I write anime fics.

I haven't been a Marvel fan for very long, I could never get comics around where I live, and I barely remember the old Marvel cartoons. The bit of X Men knowlage I know came from my older cousin and the internet. I did fall back in the whole obsessed fan-girl thing when X Men Evolution came on though. My all time fav Marvelcharacter has, and always will be, St. John, with Piotr shortly behind.

Dayna Romulus: I currently work with movies and games for an online company, and i play a few online games my self, i love to read and write and work with art, even though i a crappy drawer ^_^