What Comic Book Writers Never Told You

Author: Wren

Summary: Something STINKS!

Rating: G

Storm sighed peacefully. It was another rainy day, just for her. The forces of nature looked so extreme when they poured out over the land. She was just getting into the mood when her door flung open.

"Wha.." She looked over and saw Jubilee pop into the room. "Jubilee, really, you have better manners then this.."

"Its a code 2 in the second floor. We need you quick!!" Jubilee ran out of the room towards the second floor bathroom with Storm at her heels. Both had a slight greenish color to their skin and looked ready to do battle with Magneto if the situation presented itself.

Jubilee flung open the bathroom door and threw her body out of the way as Storm sent a blast of air into the bathroom pushing the old, stale air out the small window.

Gasping for breath Jubilee sat up and wiped the sweat off her forehead. "Thanks, that one was worse then usual.."

"Logan had chili again didn't he?" Storm dropped her arms and hesitantly sniffed the bathroom to be sure none of the offensive smell remained.

"Yea, sheesh, you'd think he'd have some kind of consideration for the rest of us. Like, being a mutant makes the smell even stronger." Jubilee gagged remembering the smell that had occupied the bathroom after Wolverine had left it after spending two hours there.

Storm nodded her head as Jubilee shut the bathroom door behind her. Logan could produce smells in the bathroom that no normal human could even believe much less make.

She walked back to her room wondering to herself if it wouldn't just be better to make an outhouse for Logan but thought better of it. The wildlife animals around the mansion probably wouldn't enjoy it and then the area would smell worse then a dump!