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Mat101 is a Rome-based electronic group, formed by Mario Pierro, Francesco De Bellis and Emiliano Tortora.
We have been releasing tracks since 1997, on both Italian & European labels (Nature records, Plasmek, Millennium).
Our music style is a mixture of electro beats, old arcade videogame tracks & some 80's new wave mood (however, hear it yourself, the tracks are here  =).
Now the first full-lenght LP is ready, it's called "Goodbye mum" and features 13 tracks... it will be published by Balance (Nature + Plasmek toghether). Click here for a review of the album
The album will be preceded by the single "Goblin101", which features a previously unreleased track ("Sintesi"), and by two EP of remixes.
All the artwork of these two works has been done by Infidel (Enrico D'Elia), who also provided the original pics used to build this site & the flash animations..



Here are various excerpts from our released & forthcoming tracks...
These are in Real audio format, you may need the last version of the player which can be downloaded for free at Realaudio web site
All these records can be found & ordered online at Final Frontier web store

  From ENIAC EP (NAT2108) released on Nature records in 1997:

  From the compilation Dark Side of the Sword (PLASMEK-005)   released on Plasmek records in 1997:

  • Entereg
  • From the single Goblin101 (Balance01) :
  • goblin101 coverClick here to view Goblin101 cover

    more tracks & samples will be out soon...


    1999 live show dates:

    30/01 Link - Bologna - Italy

    17/04 Pecci - Prato - Italy

    04/09 Ultra Schall - Munich - Germany

    06/11 Magma - Naples - Italy

    03/12 Dynamo - Zurich - Switzerland

    27/12 Zulu - Gaeta - Italy

    2000 live show dates:

    13/05 Selectricity - Aarhus - Denmark

    we are looking for new dates,
    contact us for further information

    Here are some pics from our live last year in Bologna:

    Mat101 live at the Link - 1Mat101 live at the Link - 2


    Write to Mat101 email :

    Or write to Final Frontier

     this website is designed & mantained by Mario Pierro (i know it's not that great but... :) - artwork by Infidel (Enrico D'Elia)
    people have been there since May, 2000