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The Adventures of Pete & Pete Related Links

The official site of the Mezzotint Label. This is the label for Miracle Legion, Polaris, & Mark Mulchay.

The CD we've all been waiting for POLARIS - Music From The Adventures of Pete and Pete was released back on 21-Jan-1999 and is available for $14 for US domestic orders or $17 for international orders.

Check out my own Pete & Pete pages for my odyssey, or adventure, if you will, in trying to get this CD and others. It has a very happy ending. Pipe!
The Website of Pete & Pete
Find out all the news of two brothers named Pete.
Includes video stills of the opening!
Wellsville Home Page
Richard Foster's Site.
The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Artie Pipe's site, featuring info on Polaris & Miracle Legion.
Aaron's Pete and Pete Web Site
(Formerly at http://www.webpagedepot.com/aaron/petehome.htm)
Bob Williams' Pete & Pete Page - GONE
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Star Wars Related Links

Star Wars Trilogy: Official Website
The one and only official site. Great graphics of the new computer-generated scenes.
Beware - Spoilers here. Don't go unless you want to see them.

Cut Star Wars scenes
Evan Reynolds' page of cut scenes.

Ryan Silva's Compendium
Ryan Silva's Compendium of Lost Footage. Get it. Read it.

Talkytoast Studio's front door. - GONE
Ryan Silva's page. Updates of the Compendium.

Star Wars Trivia Results - GONE
The Star Wars AOL Fan Club Trivia. Lists the current results.
Can someone please send me the correct URL?

The Star Wars Online Fan Club Home Page - REDIRECT
The Star Wars Fan Club on America Online.
Redirects to www.uncleowen.org - Uncle Owen & AOL Star Wars Fan Club

The HoloCroN Web-Page - GONE
The Star Wars AOL Fan Club electronic magazine on Star Wars.
Can someone please send me the correct URL?

The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing - GONE
A very large and well organized list of Star Wars sites on the WWW.
My site is listed here under Miscellaneous. I'm famous!

The Star Wars Collectors Archive
Gus Lopez's site of Toys. See photos of fan-made figures that you can't get in the stores.

Dagobah - GONE
See Quicktime commercials for the trilogy from SCI-FI channel
*IF* you can get through. This one never seems to come back.

Chris's Star Wars Page - GONE
Great pictures of toys and fan club patches.

LucasArts Entertainment Company - Official Site
Get the scoop on all the Lucas Arts software.

The Boba Fett Multimedia Vault - GONE
See a widescreen AVI of Slave-I departing Cloud City.

Ralph McQaurie Portfolios
Clam's excellent site. Great artwork here.

Star Wars Home Page at UPENN - GONE
Justin Ruspini's site. Lots of stuff.

Star Wars SE site - GONE
Go and see a Quicktime movie of the Star Wars Special Edition trailer.

Red 5 The Ultimate Special Edition Page - GONE
An incredible collection of images from the Special Edition films. This rocks!

The Star Wars Reference Page - GONE
Jeremy Frost's growing list of references of anything Star Wars related in our daily lives (i.e. on TV, in the movies, or in print). A very unique idea. Plus other stuff, including some links to some great sites.

The Star Wars Archive - CLOSED 9/16/1996
This site had some really cool stuff. I managed to back it all up. I need to write to the former owner and ask for permission to share the content. Lots of game files and 4 dozen pieces of fan fiction.
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Dark Star Links

The Dark Star Resort
Sergio Nasi's very nice Dark Star Page. Excellent pictures and an Italian translation of Doolittle's conversation with Bomb #20.
Formerly at (http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/9193/)
and at (http://www.mediacom.it/~sna/index.html)

Richard Mobbs' Themesters! site for Desktop themes. Includes a theme for Dark Star and many other genres.
Note: you must have Mircosoft Plus for Desktop themes. Well, for most of it!
Formerly at ( http://home.talkcity.com/HardDiskDr/mobbster/index.html)

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Web Searching Links

Lycos Search Engine
AOL Webcrawler

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Other Links

Tucows Software
The List - find your own local ISP.

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