In Memory of

                     Laura (Lane) Crawford

                            Daughter of George and Martha (Doyle) Lane

                             This is a story told to me by my Great-Aunt Dorthy Lane.  Laura
                           and Nobe Crawford had a daughter named Faye.  When Faye
                               was about 9 months old, Laura had a dream that she would never
                                  live to see her daughter be 1 year old.  She told her mother, Martha
                               Lane, that if anything happened, she wanted her to rear her as her
                               own, because Nobe couldn't take good care of her.  A few weeks
                                  after this, on a snowy winters night, Laura was sitting by the fire with
                                    Faye on her lap.  She got her skirts too close to the fire and they were
                                 burning.  She tried to pat out the fire, then she took Faye and tossed
                              her onto the bed.  Faye screamed, because she didn't  know what
                             was happening.  When Laura raised her skirt to put out the fire, it
                              just flamed up.  She went outside in the snow and started running.
                           Her Father-in-law chased after her and rolled her in the snow to
                                 put out the flames.  She was badly burned, but could still write. She
                                     wrote a note and gave it to her dog, Boy, and told him to take it to her
                               Mother.  He went to her Mother's house.  Even with a room full of
     people, Boy took the note straight to her Mother.
                                   Just a while before Laura died, Boy was outside her window howling.
                                   Laura said, "He knows what is going to happen."  Not long after that,
                                   she died.  Faye was reared as a Lane, and went by the name of Lane
                              for a long time.  Martha had a baby of her own at that time named
                    Susie.  She nursed Faye on one side and Susie on the other

                 Contributed by  Edith (Lane) Fuller

                                                           Great-niece of Laura and Great Grandaughter of George and                                                                                             Martha Lane.

                                                                      Contributed on 11 November 1999

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