In Memory of

George Washington Lane

9 Jan 1859 - 4 Mar 1920

This is a story told to me by my Great-Aunt Dorthy Lane.
      One day the doctor was at George's house checking on him.  
       George sort of laughed  Martha asked him what he was up to.
He said, "I will tell you after the doctor leaves."  After the
   doctor left, he said that he and the Lord had a talk while the
  doctor was there.  He said the Lord asked him if he wanted
  to draw three breaths and die or if he wanted to live a little
longer.  George said he wanted to live for one more year.
This was granted to him.  He wanted to teach Bill about
     business. (George had always taken care of things.)  Exactly
one year from that day, he said, "My year's up."  He told
        them, up to the minute, what time he was going to die. He told
     Martha that Bill and Dorthy, and Susie and Virgil were going
   to get married and for her not to hinder them, because they
were the ones for each other.  Martha turned the clock
   around, hoping he wouldn't see, George said "You did that,
    didn't you?"  When the time came that he said he would die,
George passed on to be with the Lord.

Contributed by Edith (Lane) Fuller

Great Granddaughter of George and Martha


Contributed  11 November 1999

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