Genealogy  Goodies

On these pages you will find some Genealogy goodies that you might want to try.  Some may be very helpful to you.  If you find any such goodies and would like to put their link here just send it to me.  I will try to put these in catagories. One thing I will stress is that on these pages the items are to be free for download and must be for genealogy.   Debbie

10 May 2000

Genealogy  Software

(These are programs for keeping your genealogy information on your computer)

Family Search   This is the LDS genealogy program. It is free for download as well as a free downloadable manual.  It is a Windows based program and is a lot easier to use than the old DOS program was.  With this program it has the built in capabilities of making and creating your genealogy pages using the database. This program also has the capabilities of removing the information for living individuals.  To see what the family pages look like visit our Reporters family pages here and take a look.  Edith's Family Pages   This link will take you to the main page, you will then click on the Order Family History Resources link on the left, then click on Paf 4.04 multi language, this is the first one.  You will have to register but this is free software.  Be sure and download the manual from this same page, it is in Adobe Acrobat Format.

GenoPro  GenoPro is intuitively easy to learn, simple to use, yet capable to handle the most complex genealogy tree.

GeneWeb  GeneWeb is a genealogy software with a Web interface. It can be used off-line or as a Web service. It uses very efficient techniques of relationship and consanguinity computing, developed in collaboration with Didier Rémy, researcher at INRIA.  GeneWeb free software with GNU license is available for Unix and Windows 95/98/NT.   Information site

Kindred Konnections Genealogy Program  A New Approach to Family History Genealogy Software and its FREE.

Printable Genealogy Forms and Charts

(These links are for printable forms and charts)

Family Tree Magazines Downloadable Forms and Charts   A chart or form for about everything you need. Very excellant site with many, many items. Be sure and check this one out.

Ancestry Corner Free Forms    Includes forms for marriage and individual compiler forms, census and soundex charts, family group sheets, pedigree charts and many more. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view forms and charts, available for download on the site.

Charts   A few census forms, Family Group Record and Pedigree Chart.

Family Tree Makers Census Sheets  Census sheets for all census years.

Family Tree Makers Form Letters and More   Form letters and correspondence logs.

Everton's Charts and Forms  Printable from site or downloadable, Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

Ancestors Charts and Records   From the PBS site that aired the program.

Family History Source Guide  Includes Family Group Charts, Pedigree Charts,and many others to use

Deed Research Form   Fill in Deed information, such as you find on the BLM site.

Interview Chart  Keep track of interviews.

Lineages First Basics Toolkit  This toolkit gives you charts to get you started. These are not printable from the site, you click on Toolkit and enter your email and the file is sent to you.

General and Source Notes Forms  Use these forms to record General notes while researching and Source Notes as well.

Ancestry Downloadable Forms and Charts  Many forms to use.

Gateway To Genealogy Forms   Many forms and charts to choose from.

Genealogy Forms   A few forms here to use in your research.

AllCensus Forms   Census forms and group sheets in 2 different formats. One you just type the info in

HTML  Pedigree Chart and Family Group Sheet   Just paste the codes into your word processing program, fill in then follow upload directions.

Miscellaneous Genealogy  Help

(This is programs that are useful in your genealogy)

Birthdate Calculator  Calculate an ancestors birthday from information found on their headstone.

Calculating Birth Year Based on Census  Find a birth year based on the census.

Soundex Machine   Use this to find the soundex of a surname.

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