I - J Surnames

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I - J


Iker, Mitchel Son of William & Ester ; Hoyt

Iness, Arley Father ; Sans Bois

Iness, Beloved Mother ; Sans Bois

Iness, Milford ; Star

Iness, R.H. ; Hoyt

Inge, George (h/o Mary) ; Miners

Ingrum, John ; Star

Inman, Bruce, Dr. ; Old Cache

Inman,Ollie"Doc" ;Keota

Inman, Laura E. ; Old Cache

Inman,Madge Martindale;Keota

Inness, Luther Son of J.W. & V.L. ; Hoyt

Intelmann, I.E. (Major) ; Sans Bois

Irvin, "Chigger" ; Sans Bois

Irvin, Beulah L. (Wife of Floyd A.) ; Keota

Irvin, Floyd A. (Husb of Beulah L.) ; Keota

Irvin, Jewell V. Shelton ; Stigler

Isaac, Ida ; Simon Isaac

Isaac, Jim ; Simon Isaac

Isaac, Kizzie ; Simon Isaac

Isaac, Simon ; Simon Isaac

Isborn, May ; Keota

Isom, Alice Roosevelt ; Old Cache

Isom, F.L. ; Old Cache

Isom, Gertrude ; Old Cache

Isom, Nennie ; Old Cache

Isom, Ocie ; Old Cache

Isom, Ocie ; Old Cache

Isom, Ocie O. Cook ; Old Cache

Isom, Vernon H. Jr. ; Old Cache

Istus, May ; Antioch

Ivey,Brenda Joyce ; Stigler

Ivey, Cynthia Estelle ; Old Panther

Ivey, J.E. ; Whitefield

Ivey, Sylvester ; Old Panther

Ivy, J.C. ; Hoyt

Izett, Thomas J. ; Miners

Jackson, Alva R. ; Whitefield

Jackson, Ana Louise ; Whitefield

Jackson, B.G. ; Simon Isaac

Jackson, Berry (h/o Clara) ; Whitefield

Jackson, Berry Jean (twin to Jery Don) ; Whitefield

Jackson, Betty Joe ; Whitefield

Jackson, Bill (h/o Tenna Beal) ; Whitefield

Jackson, Caroline (w/o Joseph) ; Whitefield

Jackson, Clara (w/o Berry) ; Whitefield

Jackson, Clarence ; Antioch

Jackson, Cooper (s/o Joseph & Caroline) ; Whitefield

Jackson, David (s/o Susie Ann Jackson) ; Keota

Jackson, David C. ; Stigler

Jackson, David Daniel ; Tamaha

Jackson, David Wayne Age 60 ; Tamaha

Jackson, Earl W. ; Stigler

Jackson, Elise ; Little Sans Bois

Jackson,Garrett Riley: Antioch

Jackson, Gladys ; Stigler

Jackson, Jack ; Simon Isaac

Jackson, James O. ; Stigler

Jackson, Jerry Don (twin to Berry Jean) ; Whitefield

Jackson, Jimpson ; Simon Isaac

Jackson, Joseph (h/o Caroline) ; Whitefield

Jackson, Lavona M. ; Whitefield

Jackson, Lorena Martin ; Stigler

Jackson, M.W. ; Antioch

Jackson, Mace ; Whitefield

Jackson, Ora E. ; Stigler

Jackson, Phenie ; Whitefield

Jackson, Sherman ; Whitefield

Jackson, Sophia ; Simon Isaac

Jackson, Susie Ann ; Stigler

Jackson, Tenna Beal ; Whitefield

Jackson, Turner ; Stigler

Jackson, Virgie M. ; Whitefield

Jackson, W.L. ; Old Cache

Jackson, W.T. ; Whitefield

Jacob, Minnie ; Little Sans Bois

Jacobus, Alphonse ; Miners

Jacobus, Elva Vivian (w/o Earnest) ; Miners

Jacobus, Ernest (h/o Elva Vivian) ; Miners

Jacobus, Ernest (s/o Lucian and Madeline (Constinteno), h/o Elva Brown on 16 June 1956) ; Miners

James, Adelle ; Iron Bridge

James, Artemissa ; Simon Isaac

James, Aubrey R. ; Whitefield

James, Bernard Monroe ; Garland

James, Beulah ; Enterprise

James, Beulah E. ; Old Cache

James, Carl Jasper ; Stigler

James, Charles E. ; Enterprise

James, Charles M. ; Simon Isaac

James, Dan W. (h/o Della L.) ; Whitefield

James, Davey Jean ; Stigler

James, Della L. (w/o Den W.) ; Whitefield

James, Elbie F. (Whiteley) (born in Quinton, OK, died at Houston, TX) ; Enterprise

James, Eleanora J. (Rose) (w/o Paul, d/o James & Annie (Gregory) ; Garland

James, Ester (Spencer) (w/o Albert, d/o James & Lizzie) ; Garland

James, Ethel ; Quinton

James, Ethel (Fudge) (w/o Norman) ; Enterprise

James, Evalena ; Whitefield

James, George W. ; Stigler

James, Inez Juanita (d/o Charles Mac & Artemissa (Takkubbee)) ; Simon Isaac

James, Isaac (h/o Lucinda) ; Old Enterprise

James, Jackson Jessie ; Martin

James, Jane ; Stigler

James, Jane W/of John R. ; Sans Bois

James, Jesse Harvey ; Iron Bridge

James, Jessey E. ; Garland

James, Jim Wayne ; Sans Bois

James, Jimmy G. (s/o Paul & Eleanor (Rose) James) ; Garland

James, John ; Whitefield

James, John B. ; Enterprise

James, Leon W. ; Quinton

James, Leroy ; Enterprise

James, Leroy Murrow;Antioch

James, Lillian T. ; Antioch

James, Lizzie ; Siloam Springs

James, Lizzie Pope ; Martin

James, Lucinda (Williams) (w/o James) ; Old Enterprise

James, Mamie O. ; Stigler

James, Mary ; Antioch

James, Mary (s/o William S. & Tillian (Tickness)) ; Antioch

James, Nancy Elizabeth (w/o Thomas Jefferson) ; Enterprise

James, Norman ; Enterprise

James, Paul Amos (h/o Eleanora J., s/o Russell & Mamie (Scott)) ; Garland

James, Pauline ; Whitefield

James,Robert L."Bob" ;Brooken

James, Thomas Jefferson, Rev. (h/o Nancy Elizabeth) ; Enterprise

James, William R. ; Stigler

James, William S. ; Antioch

James, Williams (h/o Jucinda (Williams)) ; Old Enterprise

James, Willie E. ; Old Cache

Jameson, Ebenezar B. (h/o Charity (Workman)) ; Tamaha

Jameson, John ; Tamaha

Jameson, Nettie ; Miners

Janeway, Emma C. (w/o James J.) ; Enterprise

Janeway, Estes (twin bro of Festes) ; Enterprise

Janeway,Eugene ; Enterprise

Janeway, Maudei May ; Enterprise

Janeway, Melvina (w/o Will) ; Enterprise

Janeway, Rachel D. (d/o J.F. & M.C.) ; Miners

Janeway, Will (h/o Melvina) ; Enterprise

Janway, Albert Norman (h/o Hazel ; Enterprise

Janway, Arnel (h/o Maudie) ; Enterprise

Janway, Benton ; Enterprise

Janway, Betty L. (w/o Marvin) ; Enterprise

Janway, Festes (h/o Grtude) ; Enterprise

Janway, Grtude (w/o Festes) ; Enterprise

Janway, Hazel (McKinney) (w/o Albert Norman) ; Enterprise

Janway, Infant son of M.R. & Mrs. Festes Janway) ; Enterprise

Janway, James J. (h/o Emma C.) ; Enterprise

Janway, John (h/o Lottie) ; Enterprise

Janway, Lida (Garner) (w/o Benton) ; Enterprise

Janway, Lottie (Smith) (w/o John, d/o Arnold Porter Smith & Nancy Parilee (Snow) Smith)) ; Enterprise

Janway, Lue Genie (d/o John & Lottie) ; Enterprise

Janway, Marvin (h/o Betty L.) ; Enterprise

Janway, Mary (d/o Benton) ; Enterprise

Janway, Maudie (Phillips) (w/o Arnel) ; Enterprise

Janway, Sarah (d/o Benton) ; Enterprise

Jarrad, David Robertson (h/o Margaret Emma (Swift)) ; Stigler

Jarrard, Delores J. ; Stigler

Jarrard, Elsie May (Neely) (w/o David H., 1st husb James Allen Quick, d/o David Robertson Neely & Margaret Emma (Swift) ; Stigler

Jarrard, Harold D. ; Stigler

Jarrard, I. Pearl ; Stigler

Jarrard, John A. (bro/o David Robertson Jarrard) ; Stigler

Jarrard, Leon R. (s/o David Robertson & Margaret Emma (Swift)) ; Stigler

Jarrard, Margaret Emma (Swift) (w/o David Robertson Jarrad) ; Stigler

Jarrard, Minnie E. ; Stigler

Jefferies, M.L. W/of E.F. ; Sans Bois

Jefford, John ; Miners

Jenkins, Annie (Birdsong) ; Whitefield

Jenkins, Charley ; Quinton

Jenkins, Euel ; Enterprise

Jenkins, George Lester ; Hoyt

Jenkins, George W. ; Old Cache

Jenkins, George W. (h/o Lousia) ; Lona

Jenkins, Lousia (w/o George W.) ; Lona

Jenkins, Lulu (Brashears) (1st w/o Brady) ; Lona

Jenkins, Mae P. ; Whitefield

Jenkins, Opal ; Quinton

Jenkins, Ruby ; Lona


Jennings, Benjamin F. (Husb of Mary E.) ; Brooken

Jennings, Mary ; Brooken

Jennings, Mary E. (Wife of Benjamin F.) ; Brooken

Jennings, Stella Ann Burns (Sister of Nellie) ; Brooken

Jennings, William Earl ; Brooken

Jennings, A. Pearl ; Old Cache

Jennings, A.G. ; Old Cache

Jennings, Addie Pearl Vaught ; Old Cache

Jennings, Bernice D/of Verna McKibben Jen ; Mountain Home

Jennings, Bud ; Old Cache

Jennings, Burney ; Old Cache

Jennings, E.A. ; Iron Bridge

Jennings, Effie (McRee) (w/o William "Bud", d/o Walter McRee, sis/o Henrietter (McRee)Perry)(died in childbirth) ; Star

Jennings, Effie (McRee) (w/o William "Bud", d/o Walter McRee, sis/o Henrietter (McRee)Perry)(died in childbirth) ; Star

Jennings, G.A. ; Iron Bridge

Jennings, Hiram F. ; West Liberty

Jennings, J.G. ; Iron Bridge

Jennings, Laura ; Old Cache

Jennings, Merle Shannon S/of Elmer&Hazel ; Mountain Home

Jennings, Nellie Bernice (Sister of Stella Ann) ; Brooken

Jennings, Olive Jo ; Enterprise

Jennings, Patsy ; West Liberty

Jennings, Ralph ; Old Cache

Jennings, Susan Jane ; Quinton

Jennings, William Bryan ; Quinton

Jennings, William Franklin ; Quinton

Jenson, L.L. (Hillhouse) ; Whitefield

Jerrells, Michael E. ; Star

Jetton, Bessie ; Stigler

Jetton, Grace Lee ; Quinton

Jetton, I.J. ; Stigler

Jetton, Irie Z. (w/o Thomas Z.) ; Tamaha

Jetton, Kathleen (w/o Thurman A.) ; Tamaha

Jetton, Thomas Z. (h/o Irie A. md 11 Mar 1910) ; Tamaha

Jetton, Thurman A. (h/o Kathleen) ; Tamaha

Jewell, Girthlee E. (w/o Thomas B.) ; Lona

Jewell, Theadore ; Lona

Jewell, Thomas B. (h/o Girthlee E.) ; Lona

Jiles, Callie ; Antioch

Jiles, Jim ; Antioch

Jinks, H.E. ; Stigler

Jinks, Pearle May ; Stigler

Jobe, Abe ; Old Panther

Jobe, Billy Dean ; Old Panther

Jobe, Elizabeth ; Old Panther

Jobe, P.K. ; Old Panther

Jobe, Tony M. ; Old Panther

Johnnie, Raymond Michael (S/of Bill & Betty) ; Keota

Johns, Mrs. ; Miners

Johnson, A.S.H. ; Old Cache

Johnson, Ada O. ; Old Cache

Johnson, Ajva A. (s/o T. & E.) ; Iron Bridge

Johnson, Albert ; Antioch

Johnson, Albert S. ; Sans Bois

Johnson, Alice ; Old Cache

Johnson, Anna Katherine (Bryant) ; Mountain Home

Johnson, Arley Layfette ; Old Cache

Johnson,Arvela ; Mountain Home

Johnson, Avis E. ; Quinton

Johnson, Barbara ; Enterprise

Johnson, Barbara (Keith) (d/o Clarence & Evelyn) ; Garland

Johnson, Bevely M. ; Tamaha

Johnson, Bill ; Antioch

Johnson, Bill ; Enterprise

Johnson, Billy R. ; Iron Bridge

Johnson, Carl (s/o T.S. & S.J.) ; Tamaha

Johnson, Carrol Edith ; West Liberty

Johnson, Charley ; Old Cache

Johnson,Charlie;(s/o Allen&Teresa) Brooken

Johnson, China A. (Wife of J.W.) ; Quinton

Johnson, Clara ; Miners

Johnson, Cleo ; Iron Bridge

Johnson, Dan ; Keota

Johnson,Danny Carl; Keota

Johnson, Douglas ; Quinton

Johnson, Doyle Lean ; Lona

Johnson, Earl W. ; Mountain Home

Johnson, Edith (Coble) (w/o Gene, d/o Arch & Minnie (Taylor)) ; Tamaha

Johnson, Edna ; Miners

Johnson, Elda Nevada W/of E.L. ; Hoyt

Johnson, Elisha ; Enterprise

Johnson, Elmer ; Brooken

Johnson, Emzy Marion ; Quinton

Johnson, Ethel (w/o Jim) ; Iron Bridge

Johnson, Floyd ; Old Cache

Johnson, Foster S. ; Tamaha

Johnson, Francis C. (Wiles) (w/o Wilson D., d/o Lewis & Margaret) ; Enterprise

Johnson, Galey Silas (h/o Rosa Anna) ; Tamaha

Johnson, Geneva (Parsons) (w/o John Reuben, d/o J.H. & Grace (Hayes)) ; Garland

Johnson, Geneva B. ; Keota

Johnson, George W. (s/o T.J. & E.L.) ; Iron Bridge

Johnson, Grace M. ; Lona

Johnson, Grover C. ; Old Cache

Johnson, Gus ; Antioch

Johnson, H.S. ; Antioch

Johnson, Harlon ; Iron Bridge

Johnson, Hattie (w/o John H.) ; Miners

Johnson, Hattie M. ; Hoyt

Johnson, Herman Jay ; Enterprise

Johnson, Ida W. ; Tamaha

Johnson, Imogene Melba ; Iron Bridge

Johnson, Infant ; Lona

Johnson, Infant child of W.D. & Francis) ; Enterprise

Johnson, Infant d/o Jasper & Grace M. ; Lona

Johnson, Infant Dau of P.J. & Lucy ; Tamaha

Johnson, Infant s/o Jasper & Grace M. ; Lona

Johnson, Infant son of Wilson & Olson ; Mt. Zion

Johnson, J.T. ; Sans Bois

Johnson, J.W. ; Sans Bois

Johnson, Jack J. (h/o L. Joanna) ; Tamaha

Johnson, Jacqueline (d/o Coy & Vera (Cole)) ; Siloam Springs

Johnson, James ; Brooken

Johnson, James ; Enterprise

Johnson, James L. Fate ; Tamaha

Johnson, James "Smiley" Liberty

Johnson, Janie (Brown) (w/o Ben, d/o John Thomas & Mary Ann (Noah)) ; Siloam Springs

Johnson, Jasper (h/o Grace M.) ; Lona

Johnson, Jesse McKinley (s/o J.H. & Hattie) ; Miners

Johnson, Jessie Ellen ; Quinton

Johnson, Jim ; Keota

Johnson, Jim ; Stigler

Johnson, Jimmy Ray ; Iron Bridge

Johnson, John H. ; Miners

Johnson, John Reuben (h/o Geneva, md 20 Jun 1953) ; Garland

Johnson, John S. ; Miners

Johnson, Kenneth E. ; Brooken

Johnson, L. Joanna (w/o Jack J., md 9 Jun 1946) ; Tamaha

Johnson, Laura W/of A.J. ; Sans Bois

Johnson, Leslie F. ; Mountain Home

Johnson, Leslie F. "Les" (s/o William Joe & Nannie (Foremen) Johnson, h/o Evelyn) ; Mountain Home

Johnson, Levina ; Sans Bois

Johnson, Lila May ; Hoyt

Johnson, Lillie Mae (d/o E.M. & H.M.) ; Whitefield

Johnson, Lillie May ; Hoyt

Johnson, Lora P. ; Miners

Johnson, M.A. ; Iron Bridge

Johnson, M.J. Mollie ; Quinton

Johnson, Malinda T. ; Miners

Johnson, Marcell ; West Liberty

Johnson, Martha J. (w/o P.R.) ; Tamaha

Johnson, Mary ; Antioch

Johnson, Mary (w/o Willard L.) ; Enterprise

Johnson, Mary Frances ; Miners

Johnson, Mary J. ; Quinton

Johnson, Milo ; Antioch

Johnson, Minnie A. (d/o Florence) ; Garland

Johnson, Nannie E. ; Mountain Home

Johnson, Nellie M. ; Quinton

Johnson, Ola (Gray) (w/o Wilson O., md 19 May 1934, d/o Newt & Edith (Pearson)) ; West Liberty

Johnson, Olivia Newman ; Antioch

Johnson, Opal E. ; Old Panther

Johnson,Oral Ray; Old Cache

Johnson, Othor (s/o T.S. & S.J.) ; Tamaha

Johnson, Pauline ; Antioch

Johnson, Pearl I. ; Old Cache

Johnson, Peggy Ann ; Garland

Johnson, Reba (Vineyard) ; Keota

Johnson, Rebecca ; Stigler

Johnson, Robert L. ; Enterprise

Johnson, Rosa Anna (w/o Galey Silas) ; Tamaha

Johnson, Rowena ; Garland

Johnson, Russell H. ; Quinton

Johnson,Ruth (Dewitt) Old Cache

Johnson, Rutha ; Lewisville

Johnson, Shaderick B. (h/o Nancy) ; Sans Bois

Johnson, Sidney E. ; Quinton

Johnson, Simon ; Keota

Johnson, Simon ; Sans Bois

Johnson, Spy Son of W.P. & M.B. ; Sans Bois

Johnson, Sybil Anglin ; Antioch

Johnson, Thomas ; Garland

Johnson, Torrance J. ; Antioch

Johnson, Trenton Royce ; Old Panther

Johnson, Van B. ; Tamaha

Johnson, Vera Edith ; Stigler

Johnson, Vernon ; Enterprise

Johnson, Virgie ; Garland

Johnson, W.D. ; Stigler

Johnson, W.D. (s/o C.N. & M.E.) ; Whitefield

Johnson, Wanda ; Antioch

Johnson, Wanda L. ; Mountain Home

Johnson, Wilber ; Enterprise

Johnson, Willard L. (h/o Mary) ; Enterprise

Johnson, William J. ; Mountain Home

Johnson, Willie ; Tamaha

Johnson, Wilson D. (h/o Francis C. (Wiles)) ; Enterprise

Johnson, Wilson O. (h/o Ola (Gray) ; West Liberty

Johnston, Billey Ray ; Iron Bridge

Johnston,Cynthia (Cindy); Quinton

Jones, Alonzo ; Stigler

Jones, Amon A. (on double stone with Willis A. Jones) ; Iron Bridge

Jones, Andrew J. ; Whitefield

Jones, Archie ; Sans Bois

Jones, Baby Ed ; Brooken

Jones, Benjamin Franklin (h/o Mary M. (Cox)) ; Whitefield

Jones, Bill R. ; Antioch

Jones, Billy (s/o William Amery & Sara Bell (Kuhn) Jones, h/o Margaret Ann (Lewis), md 1969 in Idabel); Enterprise

Jones, Billy R. ; Hoyt

Jones, C.E. ; Enterprise

Jones, Carl ; Hoyt

Jones, Carolina (Trowler) ; Quinton

Jones, Chalthen ; Stigler

Jones, Charles Alexander ; Hoyt

Jones, Chester ; Old Cache

Jones, Cicero ; Stigler

Jones, Clauda (Child of Charlie Jones) ; Enterprise

Jones, Clemett (Child of Charlie Jones) ; Enterprise

Jones, Cora Mae ; Old Cache

Jones, Cymbeline ; Enterprise

Jones, Daisy (d/o B.L. & Ider F. (Jones)) ; Whitefield

Jones, Davis Edward (s/o Fred W. & Nancy (Carpenter)) ; Enterprise

Jones, Edgar ; Antioch

Jones, Edward ; Stigler

Jones, Edward E. ; Old Cache

Jones, Elbert J. (h/o Zadah M., md 1909) ; Garland

Jones, Ella Mae ; Stigler

Jones, Emma ; Simon Isaac

Jones, Emmett F. ; Shady Grove

Jones, Esther L. ; Miners

Jones, Fannie E. ; Garland

Jones, Fennie ; Stigler

Jones, Florence ; Sans Bois

Jones, Floyd ; Old Cache

Jones, Floyd Thomas (Son of Andrew R.&Harriett) ; Brooken

Jones, Fredrick W. ; Enterprise

Jones, G.L. (w/o John Jones) ; Tamaha

Jones, Garnelia ; Garland

Jones, Garner ; Antioch

Jones, Georgia ; Lamon Perry

Jones, Gladys ; Old Cache

Jones, Harris W. "Judge" (s/o Fred W. & Nancy (Carpenter)) ; Enterprise

Jones, Hattie Lourinda (Spurgeon) ( w/o James Columbus) ; Garland

Jones, Helen Marie (Kelley) (w/o Olen) ; Garland

Jones, Henry ; Antioch

Jones, Henry Jr. ; Antioch

Jones, Homer ; Garland

Jones, Huldah E. ; Sans Bois

Jones, Idus ; Garland

Jones, Ila Idell (w/o Roland Lee) ; Whitefield

Jones, Ima Jean (w/o Kenneth) ; Garland

Jones, James ; Antioch

Jones, James Columbus (h/o Hattie Lourinda, md 1907, s/o W.S. & J.M.) ; Garland

Jones, James Elbert (s/o Elbert J. & Zadah M.) ; Garland

Jones, Janet Sue ; Old Cache

Jones, Jim B. (h/o Mary) ; Whitefield

Jones, John Franklin ; Hoyt

Jones, John W. ; Stigler

Jones, John W. (s/o F.M. & S.I.) ; Whitefield

Jones, Johnie Lee Husb of Florence ; Sans Bois

Jones, Johnny ; Simon Isaac

Jones, Julia Ann (Pearson) (w/o Fredrick, sis of Rachel Bohannan) ; Enterprise

Jones, Julia Matilda (Cox) (md 24 Feb 1879 to Winfred Scott Jones, d/o John & Mary) ; Garland

Jones, Justin J. ; Iron Bridge

Jones, Katherin A. ; Stigler

Jones, Kenneth A. (h/o Ima Jean) ; Garland

Jones, Kizie (w/o D.E.) ; Iron Bridge

Jones,L.B.; Keota

Jones, Lena (Bascom) ; Simon Isaac

Jones, Lena T. ; Quinton

Jones,Leva; Garland

Jones, Liede N. ; Whitefield

Jones, Lillie Mae ; Stigler

Jones, Majellon ; Stigler

Jones, Marion ; Whitefield

Jones, Martha ; Antioch

Jones, Martha J. ; Stigler

Jones, Mary (w/o Jim) ; Whitefield

Jones, Mary M. (w/o B.F.) ; Whitefield

Jones, Maudie Cox ; Tamaha

Jones, Mike ; Simon Isaac

Jones, Mildred ; Antioch

Jones, Millie F. ; Stigler

Jones, Myrtle ; Iron Bridge

Jones, Olen (w/o Helen Marie, md 23 Dec 1964, s/o E.J. & Zadah (Garland) ; Garland

Jones, Olive ; Brooken

Jones, Paul ; Whitefield

Jones, R.I., Dr. ; Old Cache

Jones, Raymond ; Hoyt

Jones, Rebecce Ray ; Simon Isaac

Jones, Riley ; Sans Bois

Jones, Robert Loyd (s/o Robert L.) ; Enterprise

Jones, Roland Lee (h/o Ila Idell) ; Whitefield

Jones, Roland Med (h/o Thelma, md 1 Dec 1934, s/o E.J. & Zadah (Garland)) ; Garland

Jones,Ronald Glenn; Garland

Jones, Ruby L. ; Hoyt

Jones, S.M. Father & Husband ; Sans Bois

Jones, S.P. ; Old Cache

Jones, Sallie ; Hoyt

Jones, Sam (child of Charlie Jones) ; Enterprise

Jones, Sarah M. ; Stigler

Jones, Sealy (w/o Marion) ; Whitefield

Jones,Sharon; Quinton

Jones, Tennie ; Stigler

Jones, Thelma (Spain) (w/o Roland, s/o Alonzo & Lucy (Phillips)) ; Garland

Jones, Thomas B. ; Stigler

Jones, Vera ; Antioch

Jones, W.T. ; Iron Bridge

Jones, Warren ; Stigler

Jones, Wesley Ann (buried beside Elbert Jones) ; Garland

Jones, William ; Antioch

Jones, William A. ; Stigler

Jones, William H. ; Quinton

Jones, William N. (s/o Jake & Mollie) ; Miners

Jones, William R. ; Stigler

Jones, Willie Mike ; Simon Isaac

Jones, Willis A. (on double stone with Amon A. Jones) ; Iron Bridge

Jones, Zadah M. (Garland) (w/o Elbert, d/o Joseph G. & Ida (Beller)) ; Garland

Jones,Zula Irene;Iron Bridge

Joplin, James R. Jr. (Son of James Robert & Emma) ; Brooken

Jordan, Albert ; Mountain Home

Jordan, Bertha L. ; Keota

Jordan, Betty Kathleen (w/o Kenneth E.) ; Whitefield

Jordan,Brent; Garland

Jordan, Chester O. ; Martin

Jordan, E.W. ; Old Panther

Jordan,James(Knox); Stigler

Jordan, Joseph H. (Husb of Lillie B.) ; Quinton

Jordan, Kenneth Eugene (h/o Betty Kathleen) ; Whitefield

Jordan, Lillie B. (Wife of Joseph H.) ; Quinton

Jordan, M.J. ; Old Panther

Jordan, Mable V. ; Stigler

Jordan, Randall Eugene ; Whitefield

Jordan, Vesta Wife of Albert ; Mountain Home

Jordan, William D. ; Stigler

Jordan, Zinga L. ; Old Panther

Jordon, Bertha ; Antioch

Jordon, Clarence ; Antioch

Jordon, Clarence Lee ; Antioch

Jordon, Dora Daphene ; Antioch

Jordon, Norman Joe ; Antioch

Jordon, Ora Pearl ; Antioch

Jordon, Toby Jane ; Antioch

Judkins, Elveta (Lambert) (w/o William) ; Garland

Judkins, William H. (h/o Elveta) ; Garland

Judy, Alice L. ; Whitefield

Julius, Rubie Levon ; Keota

Justice,Tommy Earl; Miners

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