L Surnames

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Labor, Son of L.H. & Youil) ; Miners

Labor,Luvena; Miners

Lacefield, John W. ; Quinton

Lackey, Bertha Marie ; Stigler

Lackey, George W. ; West Liberty

Ladd, Ada May ; Tamaha

Ladd, Alfred Jackson (h/o Mary) ; Tamaha

Ladd, Baby of Robert & Jessie ; Tamaha

Ladd, Ellen (w/o P.E.) ; Tamaha

Ladd, Infant son of David & Alice (Moore) ; Garland

Ladd, Jessie (w/o Robert, md 22 Dec 1929) ; Tamaha

Ladd, Johnny Lee ; Tamaha

Ladd, Mary (w/o Alfred Jackson) ; Tamaha

Ladd, P.E. (h/o Ellen) ; Tamaha

Ladd, Robert (h/o Jessie) ; Tamaha

Ladd, Ruth Ann (h/o David, md 30 Aug 1960, d/o Edis & Lovada (Cravens) Moore) ; Tamaha

LaFave, Charles L. Jr. (h/o Ruby, s/o C.L. Sr. & Alice) ; Garland

LaFave, Charles L. Sr. ; Garland

LaFave, Clifton Wayne (h/o Louise Lenora, s/o Wm & Nellie (McCaslin)) ; Garland

LaFave, Dovie Lee ; Stigler

LaFave,Eulis ;Stigler

LaFave, Hattie (twin to Ila, dau of Wm & Nellie) ; Garland

LaFave, Ila (twin to Hattie, dau of Wm & Nellie) ; Garland

LaFave, Infant son of J.C. & S.L. ; Garland

LaFave, Louise Lenore (w/o Clifton Wayne) ; Garland

LaFave, Loyd W. (h/o Ruby, s/o Wm & Nellie (McCaslin)) ; Garland

LaFave, Mary Alice (Hill) (w/o Charles, Sr.) ; Garland

LaFave, Merle James (s/o Charles & Alice) ; Garland

LaFave, Nellie May (w/o William Monroe) ; Garland

LaFave, Ruby (Hale) (w/o Loyd, md 28 May 1928, d/o Andrew &Addie Bell (Porter) Hale; Garland

LaFave, Ruby (Jones) (w/o Charles, d/o William Andrew & Lizzie (Beal)) ; Garland

LaFave, Ruby (w/o Charles Jr.) ; Garland

LaFave, William Monroe (h/o Nellie May, bro of Charles, Sr.) ; Garland

Lafferry, John W. (Husb of Sally J.) ; Brooken

Lafferry, Sally J. (Smith) (Wife of John W.) ; Brooken

Laffery, Arthur (Son of J.W. & E.P.) ; Brooken

Lamar, Infant Son ; Antioch

Lamb, Dolphus Homer ; Garland

Lamb, Esther V. ; Quinton

Lambert, Arlin L. (h/o Louella) ; Garland

Lambert, Eleene (Howell) (w/o A.M.) ; Miners

Lambert, Louella (Folsom) (w/o Arlin L., d/o George D. & Linnie D. (Gilstrap) ; Garland

Lambert, Marion S. ; Old Cache

Landon, Vonley L. (s/o F. & A.F.) ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Allie Wall ; Stigler

Lane, Anna ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Anna B. (w/o George Frank) ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Bessie Lee (Short) (1st w/o George Franklin) ; Iron Bridge

Lane, C.O. ; Old Cache

Lane, Carl Lee (h/o Jackie Inez) ; Whitefield

Lane, Charles (h/o Lillie Mae) ; West Liberty

Lane, Charles Edward ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Charlie ; Star

Lane, Dorthy (w/o William H.) ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Dustin Kyle ; Iron Bridge

Lane, E.R. (w/o of Persey) ; Old Quinton

Lane, Floyd W. (h/o Thelma T.) ; Iron Bridge

Lane, G.W. ; Iron Bridge

Lane, George C. ; Keota

Lane, George Frank (h/o Anna B.) ; Iron Bridge

Lane, George W. ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Harvey (h/o Elsie, s/o Charlie & Lilly) ; West Liberty

Lane, J.C. ; Old Cache

Lane, Jackie Inez (w/o Carl Lee) ; Whitefield

Lane, John P. ; Stigler

Lane, Lillie Mae (w/o Charles) ; West Liberty

Lane, Lindsay Dee (s/o William H. & Dorthy) ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Lizzie ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Martha ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Persey (h/o E.R.) ; Old Quinton

Lane, Purshing ; Stigler

Lane, R.L. ; Keota

Lane, Robert Lee ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Samuel P. ; Keota

Lane, Senia ; Keota

Lane, Theadra Sue (McMast) ; Whitefield

Lane, Thelma T. (w/o Floyd md 12 Mar 1936) ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Walter Lee (s/o W.H. and Dorothy) ; Iron Bridge

Lane, William ; Enterprise

Lane, William H. ; Iron Bridge

Lane, Woodrow W. ; Iron Bridge

Laney, Leroy ; Enterprise

Laney, Paul (s/o Benjamin Frank & Florence (Stewart)) ; Enterprise

Lang, Alvin (h/o Eva, s/o Joseph & Maudie) ; Enterprise

Lang, Arlin (h/o Bessie, s/o Joe Emmitt & Maudie (Kelly)) ; Enterprise

Lang, Averona (d/o Joseph & Ethel) ; Old Enterprise

Lang, Averona Mae ; Enterprise

Lang, Edd U. (s/o Joseph & Ethel) ; Old Enterprise

Lang, Ethel B. (w/o Joseph Emmit) ; Old Enterprise

Lang, Ethel Mae ; Enterprise

Lang, Eva (Elliott) ; Enterprise

Lang, Infant child of Alvin V. & Eva Lang ; Enterprise

Lang, Joseph Emmit (h/o Ethel B.) ; Old Enterprise

Lang, Joseph Emmitt (h/o Maudie) ; Enterprise

Lang, O.B. ; Old Enterprise

Lang, Orles ; Old Enterprise

Lang, William Martin ; Lona

Lanham-Randolph,Kaidynce Leona; Brooken

Lanham, Sammy D. (H/of Terry, S/of William&Lula) ; Brooken

Lankford, Cal (h/o Ella) ; Miners

Lankford, Marvin (h/o Velma M., s/o Ed & Lulu (Silvant)) ; Miners

Lankford, Velma M. (w/o Marvin, d/o William Y. & Elizabeth M. (Gaylor) Pinnell) ; Miners

Lantz, Emily ; Old Cache

Lantz, James C. ; Old Cache

Lantz, L.J. ; Stigler

Lantz, Verna E. ; Stigler

Laporte, J. B. (h/o F.L.) ; Miners

Larson, Myrtle S. ; Stigler

Larson, Van A. ; Stigler

Larue, Belle (Beck) (w/o John L. d/o J.M. & Arrena) ; Garland

Larue, Mary Lee (d/o John L. & Belle (Beck) ; Garland

Lashley, James E. ; Keota

Lasley, John Allen ; Stigler

Lasley, John H. ; Stigler

Lasley, Lilly M. ; Stigler

Lashley,Michelle Deon; Keota

Lassiter, Bruce M. ; Stigler

Lassiter, Elmer ; Whitefield

Lassiter, Sallie (w/o Willie) ; Whitefield

Lassiter, William H. ; Stigler

Lassiter, Willie (h/o Sallie) ; Whitefield

Laudermilk, Leetie ; Lona

Laudermilk, Sarah ; Hoyt

Laughlin, Arthur (s/o Jesse & Martha) ; Enterprise

Laughlin, Hugh L. (h/o Myrtle M., f/o Lucy & Reba) ; Garland

Laughlin, Jefferson M. (h/o Martha A.) ; Enterprise

Laughlin, Juel (d/o Jesse & Martha) ; Enterprise

Laughlin, Maggie (Bond) (w/o T.J., m/o Rickeye, d/o Dave & Lora) ; Garland

Laughlin, Myrtle M. (McCaslin) (w/o Hugh) ; Garland

Laughlin, T.J. (h/o Maggie, s/o Hugh L. & Myrtle M.) I ; Garland

Lavanway, Clara ; Stigler

Lavanway, Merton J. ; Stigler

Lavarnway, Joseph W. ; Quinton

Lawler, Nathan ; Old Panther

Lawrence, Roy ; Stigler

Lawson, Derrick Glen ; Old Cache

Lawson, E.A. ; Sans Bois

Lawson, James C. ; Keota

Lawson, James F. ; Keota

Lawson, Leona ; Antioch

Lawson, Lonzo E. ; Old Cache

Lawson, Martha E. ; Stigler

Lawson, Monroe (Husb of Nellie) ; Keota

Lawson, Nellie (Wife of Monroe) ; Keota

Lawson, Susane ; Keota

Lawson, Thomas ; Antioch

Lawson, William T. ; Stigler

Lay, Maude Pugh ; Stigler

Lay, C.F. ; Keota

Lay, Veria (d/o T.C. & B.C.) ; Miners

Layne, Carrie (w/o Noah) ; Hoyt

Leach, J.E. ; Lona

Leach, J.E. ; Lona

Leatherberry, Susan Ellen (Terrell) (1st h Henry Byington, 2nd h Leatherberry) ; Siloam Springs

Leatherwood, James J. ; Old Cache

Ledbetter, Beulah (Ervin) (w/o James, d/o Thos & Alice (Yarborgh) ; Garland

Ledbetter, Charles ; Whitefield

Ledbetter, Cora Elieen ; Whitefield

Ledbetter, George W. (h/o Mae (Barnett)) ; Whitefield

Ledbetter, Infant ; Hoyt

Ledbetter, James Carl ; Whitefield

Ledbetter, James Edward (h/o Beulah, md 30 Oct 1921) ; Garland

Ledbetter, Leon ; Whitefield

Ledbetter, Mae (Barnett) (w/o George W.) ; Whitefield

Ledford, Boyd ; Antioch

Ledford, Harvey James ; Stigler

Ledford, Jackie E. ; Miners

Ledford, Jasper ; Star

Ledford, Joe E. ; Antioch

Ledford, Maggie ; Antioch

Lee, Arch Clifton (h/o Dora) ; Garland

Lee, Beatrice (d/o Andrew Jackson & Vada (Baldwin) Nixon, w/o Frank) ; Keota

Lee, Buck Clark ; Keota

Lee, David Martin ; Antioch

Lee, Donald ; Star

Lee, Donald Ted ; Antioch

Lee, Dondal E. ; Star

Lee, Dora (Robinson) (w/o Arch, d/o Elisha & Lula) ; Garland

Lee, Homer Charles (s/o Frank & Beatrice (Nixon) Lee) ; Keota

Lee, Iva ; Sans Bois

Lee, Joe B. ; Antioch

Lee,Linda Jo (Coble); Garland

Lee, Lon ; Antioch

Lee, Mary ; Antioch

Lee, Sary J. ; Star

Lee, William ; Lona

Lees, Alfred (Son of Willie E.) ; Quinton

Lefkowsky, Carmen Pipps ; Miners

LeFler,Bill ;Sans Bois ;

LeFler, Edd ; Sans Bois

LeFler, Freda ; Stigler

LeFler, George W. ; Sans Bois

LeFler, Gerald T. ; Sans Bois

LeFler, Jackie Ray ; Sans Bois

LeFler, Jess ; Sans Bois

LeFler, Leon ; Stigler

Lefler, Rayburn Jim (s/o George & Lucy (Goodson) Lefler; h/o Janice Baker; md 2 Jan 1979) ; Stigler

LeFler, Lucy L. ; Sans Bois

LeFler,Robbie Leird ; Sans Bois

LeFler, Sandra Kay ; Sans Bois

LeFler, Vista M. ; Sans Bois

LeFlore, Artemisse ; Little Sans Bois

LeFlore, Carolyn Joyce ; Stigler

LeFlore, Chester H. ; Stigler

LeFlore, Infant ; Sans Bois

LeFlore, John Junior (s/o John Sr., & Josephine (Baker) LeFlore, h/o Kathy) ; Siloam Springs

LeFlore, Louis ; Little Sans Bois

Leflore, Louisa ; Tamaha

LeFlore, Lula Duke ; Stigler

LeFlore, Mary ; Simon Isaac

LeFlore, Myrtle ; Simon Isaac

LeFlore, Tom E. ; Little Sans Bois

LeFlore, Wallace ; Little Sans Bois

LeForce, Debra (Wilhite) (d/o Fred & Billie (Newcomb) Wilhite, w/o Gary) ; Quinton

Leird, George D. (h/o Vivian C.) ; Whitefield

Leird, Onnie ; Sans Bois

Leird, Vinita ; Sans Bois

Leird, Vivian G. (w/o George D.) ; Whitefield

Leird, Wallace Marlin ; Whitefield

Lemler, Betty James (Erven) (w/o Russell, d/o Charles & Thelma (Houston)) ; Brooken

Lemler, Russell George II (Son of Russell) ; Brooken

Lemley, Felix D. (h/o Martha O.) ; Miners

Lemley, George M. ; Stigler

Lemley, Joseph M. ; Old Panther

Lemley, Leota ; Old Panther

Lemley, Lydia (w/o H.T.) ; Miners

Lemley, Martha O. (w/o Felix D.) ; Miners

Lemley, Nell L. ; Stigler

Lemley, Samantha A. ; Old Panther

Lemon, Evelyn M. ; Brooken

Lemon, Gene R. ; Brooken

Lemon, Infant s/o F.G. & N.B. ; Lona

LeNaire, Anne T. ; Old Cache

LeNaire, Lewis T. ; Old Cache

Lentz, John Milton ; Brooken

Lentz, John William ; Brooken

Lentz, Rosella (Freeman)(W/of J.M.) ; Brooken

Leonard, Bertha ; Old Panther

Lequire, son of W.H. & C.O. ; Star

LeQuire, Velma ; Stigler

LeQuire, Velma Grose Moss ; Sans Bois

LeQuire, W.J. ; Stigler

Leroy, Florence ; Stigler

Leroy, Frank F. ; Stigler

Lester, J. Leon (h/o June A., md 20 Jun 1958, s/o Edard & Lella (Morrow) ; Garland

Lester, June A. (Richards) (w/o Leon) ; Garland

Lett, M.L. (d/o W.L. & M) ; Iron Bridge

Levi, L.L. ; Antioch

Levi, Mary ; Antioch

Levingston, Ernest (Husb of Oleta) ; Keota

Levingston, Goldie Mae ; Keota

Levingston, Jim ; Old Cache

Levingston, John L. ; Old Cache

Levingston, Minnie ; Old Cache

Levingston, Oleta (Wife of Ernest) ; Keota

Levingston, Rebecca (Wife of Daniel) ; West Liberty

Lewallen, John Arthur ; Enterprise

Lewellen, Lewis ; Old Enterprise

Lewis, Alma G. ; Quinton

Lewis, Alton S. ; Quinton

Lewis, Arthur Lindsey (h/o Wilma Chloe, md 15 Apr 1929, s/o James & Margaret) ; Garland

Lewis, Bigs Eugene ; Quinton

Lewis, Billye E. (Boger) (w/o Walter, d/o C.E. & Ellen (Byrd)) ; Garland

Lewis, Charles (s/o A.L. & Wilma) ; Garland

Lewis, Cordie M. (Nance) (w/o Thomas Lester, md 19 Apr 1911) ; Garland

Lewis, Danny Gordon ; Stigler

Lewis, Davie S. ; Brooken

Lewis, Dewey ; Garland

Lewis, Dixon ; Simon Isaac

Lewis, Edith Mattie ; Keota

Lewis, Ellen ; Lewisville

Lewis, Floyd Franklin ; Quinton

Lewis,Ima"Lavern; Garland

Lewis, Infant ; Garland

Lewis, Infant ; Garland

Lewis, Infant (Dau of J. & M.) ; Brooken

Lewis, Irene ; Garland

Lewis, J.T. ; Stigler

Lewis, James Edward (s/o Walter & Billye (Boger)) ; Garland

Lewis, James M. ; Brooken

Lewis, James Van ; Mountain Home

Lewis, James W. (h/o Margaret Katherine, md 28 Jul 1889) ; Garland

Lewis, Jessie C. (h/o Margaret E., s/o Thomas L. & Cordie M.) ; Garland

Lewis, Joe H. ; Stigler

Lewis, John ; Lewisville

Lewis, John Wayne ; Simon Isaac

Lewis, Joseph A. ; Brooken

Lewis, L.P. (Dau of W.A. & M.A.) ; Brooken

Lewis, Lavern (w/o Leamon, md 26 May 1940) ; Garland

Lewis, Leamon E. (s/o James W. & Margaret (Powell)) ; Garland

Lewis,Linda Lee ; Garland

Lewis, Levin (Son of J. & M.) ; Brooken

Lewis, Lucy Nell Wilson ; Sans Bois

Lewis, Margaret E. (McClain) (w/o Jessie, d/o J.L. & Eliza Dooley) ; Garland

Lewis, Margaret Katherine (Powell) (w/o J.W.) ; Garland

Lewis, Mark ; Hoyt

Lewis, Martha A. (Wife of W.A.) ; Brooken

Lewis, Matilda Jane ; Simon Isaac

Lewis, Melvin Leon ; Simon Isaac

Lewis, Modesie ; Lewisville

Lewis, Mrs Leamon (Harrell) (w/o Leamon) ; Garland

Lewis, Naoma ; Keota

Lewis, Nora ; Stigler

Lewis, Norma Lola ; Quinton

Lewis, Oleta ; Quinton

Lewis, Peter ; Brooken

Lewis, Rebekah Ruth ; Quinton

Lewis, Romoe G. R. ; Lewisville

Lewis, Ronald Glynn ; Quinton

Lewis, Rosa Lee ; Mountain Home

Lewis, Sarah Eunice ; Simon Isaac

Lewis, Sherman (s/o Thomas L. & Cordie) ; Garland

Lewis, Theodocia A. (Dau of J & M) ; Brooken

Lewis, Thomas Lester (s/o James W. & Margaret) ; Garland

Lewis, W.E. ; Old Cache

Lewis, W.J. ; Keota

Lewis, Walter Morris (h/o Billye E., md 12 Jan 1918, s/o James W, & Margaret) ; Garland

Lewis, William F. ; Quinton

Lewis, Wilma Chloe (Matthews) (w/o Arthur, d/o Oscar & Mary O. (Morrow)) ; Garland

Lewis, Zora P. ; Old Cache

Life, Mary Elizabeth (Brown) ; Lona

Lightle, Thevor Lee (s/o Terry & Shela (Hamlin)) ; Mt. Zion

Ligion, A.J. ; West Liberty

Ligon, A.H. Husb of E.S. ; Hoyt

Ligon, Billie J. ; Mountain Home

Ligon, Bobby E. ; Mountain Home

Ligon, Earl E. ; Whitefield

Ligon, Ethel L. (Green-Barbee) (Wife of Lester P.) ; Brooken

Ligon, Finley A. ; Lona

Ligon, James P. ; Whitefield

Ligon, Jerry E. ; Mountain Home

Ligon, Leroy A. (s/o Finley) ; Lona

Ligon, Lester P. (Husb of Ethel L.) ; Brooken

Ligon, Nancy A. ; Hoyt

Ligon, Samuel A. ; Hoyt

Lindahl, Arthur B. (h/o Juanita, f/o Kenneth Gene) ; Tamaha

Lindahl, Juanita (w/o Arthur B., m/o Kenneth Gene) ; Tamaha

Linder, James A. ; Quinton

Linder, Lamanda J. ; Quinton

Lindsey, Elza G. ; Old Panther

Lindsey, Ethel Fern ; Old Panther

Lindsey, James C. ; Old Panther

Lindsey, James H. ; Old Panther

Lindsey, Samuel T. ; Old Panther

Line, E.A. (Edwin) ; Brooken

Linebarger, Wilburn R. ; Stigler

Liney, J.H. ; Tamaha

Linton, James F. ; Hoyt

Linton, James L. ; Hoyt

Linton, Martha Jane ; Hoyt

Linton, Stanley C. (s/o J.L.) ; Hoyt

Linton, William C. ; Hoyt

Lipscomb, Annie Elizabeth (Page) ; Enterprise

Lipscomb, John Harvey "Jack" ; Enterprise

Lish, Baby ; Old Panther

Lish, Baby ; Old Panther

Lish, John S. (Rev) (h/o Mary J.) ; Old Panther

Lish, M.B. ; Old Panther

Lish, Mary J. (w/o John S.) ; Old Panther

Lish, Odis Milton ; Old Panther

Lish, Raymond Boyd ; Old Panther

Lish, Roy A. ; Old Panther

Lish, William H. ; Old Panther

Little, Sandra (Dau of Barrett Little, Jr.) ; Keota

Littrell, Elbert Lee (s/o Lewis & Belle (Wilson), grave beside his Grandmother Timaan) ; Enterprise

Littrell, Mary (d/o Will) ; Enterprise

Littrell, P.H.A. "Timaan" (w/o Greenbrier, m/o Lewis & Will) ; Enterprise

Livesay, Cora Mae (Brooks) (w/o James L.) ; Garland

Livesay, George L. (s/o James L. & Cora Mae) ; Garland

Livesay, J.H. (h/o Lear A.) ; Garland

Livesay, James L. (h/o Cora Mae) ; Garland

Livesay,Jerald Boyd ; Garland

Livesay, Jesse (h/o Maud) ; Tamaha

Livesay, Lear A. (w/o J.H.) ; Garland

Livesay, Leonard W. (h/o Ottice) ; Tamaha

Livesay, Newt H. ; Tamaha

Livesay, Ottice (Bill) (w/o Leonard W.) ; Tamaha

Livesay, Ruth ; Stigler

Livesay, W.D. ; Stigler

Livingston, Cynthia V. (w/o Isaac H.) ; Tamaha

Livingston, Isaac H. (h/o Cynthia V.) ; Tamaha

Livingston, Milt ; Old Cache

Lloyd, Bertha (Wife of James H.) ; Keota

Lloyd, Dewight C. ; Keota

Lloyd, Eugene ; Keota

Lloyd, James H. (Husb of Bertha) ; Keota

Lock, Euna (Freeman) (Wife of Thomas B.) ; Brooken

Lock, James Madison ; Brooken

Lock, Thomas B. (Husb of Euna) ; Brooken

Lockwood, Lettie ; Lona

Lockwood, Lindsey (s/o Lewis & Lucy) ; Lona

Lockwood, Lowell ; Lona

Lockwood, Loyd E. (s/o Lewis & Lucy) ; Lona

Lockwood, Nettie ; Lona

Loftis, Anna May ; Whitefield

Loftis, dau of Earl J. ; Whitefield

Loftis, Earl J. ; Whitefield

Loftis, Earnest ; Whitefield

Loftis, Fenniet (s/o Earl) ; Whitefield

Loftis, Jim Mark (s/o Earl) ; Whitefield

Loftis, Violene (Howard) ; Whitefield

Logan, R.C. ; Whitefield

Logan, Ruth L. ; Stigler

Logan, Wallace E. ; Stigler

Logel, Cordie Mae ; Garland

Loggins, Etta (Butler) ; West Liberty

Loggins, John William ; Whitefield

Loggins, Malcolm A. (h/o Marie) ; Whitefield

Loggins, Marie (w/o Malcolm A.) ; Whitefield

Lollis, Anna Helen ; Keota

Lollis, Anna Wanda ; Stigler

Lollis, Benjamin Tearl ; Stigler

Lollis, Eda Ethel ; Stigler

Lollis, Guy ; Stigler

Lollis, LeRoy ;Keota

Lollis, Richard ; Old Panther

London, Earl Eugene ; Sans Bois

London, Obdie ; Quinton

London, Sam L. ; Quinton

Long, Anita ; Brooken

Long, Arthur Lee; Keota

Long, Beatrice L. (Wife of William M.) ; Keota

Long, Clyde A. ; Old Cache

Long, Cynthia J. Rogers ; Old Cache

Long, Dora ; Old Panther

Long, Earl Dell ; Keota

Long, Eddie Ray ; Sans Bois

Long, Elbada ; Star

Long, Estelle Susan ; Keota

Long, Ferrel ; Brooken

Long, Gary Jack (Twin of Larry Don) ; Keota

Long, Henry A. ; Keota

Long, Henry C. (Rev) ; Old Panther

Long, Infant Dau of J.R. ; Keota

Long, J.T. ; Old Cache

Long, Jim R. (Husb of Oshie) ; Keota

Long, Joe D. ; Stigler

Long, John Henry (h/o Rebecca J.) ; Garland

Long, Julius D. ; Old Cache

Long, Larry Don ; Keota

Long, Lillian Kemp ; Keota

Long, Lina ; Keota

Long, Lucinda ; Old Panther

Long, Mamie Cleo ; Miners

Long,Marie; Keota

Long, Mary E. ; Keota

Long, Mary E. Lemmons (Beck) (w/o John, d/o J.M. & Arrena) ; Garland

Long, Nancy Davis ; Stigler

Long, Oshie (Wife of Jim R.) ; Keota

Long, Patricia Sue (Dau of Earl) ; Keota

Long, Rebecca J. (Walters) (w/o John Henry) ; Garland

Long, Robert Lee ; Stigler

Long, Vonetta ; Keota

Long, William Henry ; Old Cache

Long, William M. "Bill" (Husb of Beatrice L.) ; Keota

Longcrier, Ellen Talitha (Williams) (w/o Vestal, md 1940, d/o Elisha & Rosa (McGurie)) ; Garland

Longcrier, Vestal Owen (h/o Ellen Talitha (Willims), s/o Walter & (Dora Marler)) ; Garland

Lonson, Gene O. ; Sans Bois

Lonson, Julia A. ; Sans Bois

Looper, Clayton W. ; Iron Bridge

Looper, Clayton W. ; Iron Bridge

Looper, H.A. ; Brooken

Looper, Rolan T. ; Iron Bridge

Lottis, Harley (Husb of Maudie) ; Keota

Lottis, Maudie (Wife of Harley) ; Keota

Lottis, Wanda ; Keota

Loudermilk, Ben Arlie ; Whitefield

Loudermilk, Davy (s/o J.A. & Sarah) ; Whitefield

Loudermilk, Floyd H. ; Whitefield

Loudermilk, Jane L. ; Whitefield

Loudermilk, Jessie ; Antioch

Loudermilk, Len ; Old Cache

Loudermilk, Myrtle ; Old Cache

Loudermilk, Ralph G. ; Whitefield

Loudermilk, Ronnie Terrill ; Old Cache

Loudermilk, Ruby (d/o Ben & Bessie) ; Whitefield

Loudermilk, S.E. ; Whitefield

Loudermilk, Sarah (w/o J.A.) ; Whitefield

Loudermilk, Walter O. ; Old Cache

Love, Beckie ; Whitefield

Love, Clyde R. ; Keota

Lovelace, Albert ; Schroughout

Lovelace, Corniding ; Schroughout


Lovelace, Jessie ; Schroughout

Lovelace, Lee ; Schroughout

Lovelace, Thomas ; Schroughout

Loveless, Charles Fred (h/o Ocie Inez) ; Garland

Loveless, Dollie ; Antioch

Loveless, George V. stillborn s/o T.L.) ; Whitefield

Loveless, James (h/o Lillie) ; Whitefield

Loveless, Joan ; Old Enterprise

Loveless, Lee ; Antioch

Loveless, Lillie (w/o James) ; Whitefield

Loveless, Ocie Inez (Stamps) (w/o Charles Fred) ; Garland

Loveless, William M. ; Stigler

Loveless, Willie L. ; Stigler

Lovett, Bonita (s/o Charles) ; Tamaha

Lovett, Charles (b/o Bonita) ; Tamaha

Lovias, Hezikiak M. ; Old Panther

Lovitt, Beulah Louise ; Stigler

Lovitt, Earnest T. ; Stigler

Lovitt, Harvey J. (h/o Mary) ; Miners

Lovitt, Hazel ; Miners

Lovitt, Mary (w/o Harvey J.) ; Miners

Lowder, Wahneta ; Quinton

Lowe, Artie ; Keota

Lowe, Baby of D.G. & E.E. ; Keota

Lowe, Cansada ; Star

Lowe, Clarence C. (h/o Ida M. (Childers)) ; Iron Bridge

Lowe, Dalton G. (Husb of Eathiel E.) ; Keota

Lowe, Dempsey Eugene ; Keota

Lowe, Eathiel E. (Wife of Dalton G.) ; Keota

Lowe, Ethell ; Antioch

Lowe, Eugene ; Antioch

Lowe, Helen Nadine (Lankford) (d/o Marvin & Velma M.) ; Miners

Lowe, Ida M. Childers (w/o Clarence C.) ; Iron Bridge

Lowe, John R. (h/o Mattie Lou) ; Star

Lowe, Lorene ; Keota

Lowe, Luther Robert, Jr. ; Keota

Lowe, Mattie Lou (w/o John R.) ; Star

Lowe, Ora P. ; Star

Lowe, Robert L. ; Miners

Lowe, Robert Pug ; Simon Isaac

Lowe, T.A. ; Keota

Lowe, Verder ; Antioch

Lowe, William Walter ; Miners

Lowery, Bonnie ; Stigler

Lowery,Carl ; Mountain Home

Lowery, J.J. ; Antioch

Lowery, Jess ; Stigler

Lowery, Nancy ; Keota

Lowery, Verlia Mae ; Mountain Home

Lowrie, R.B. ; Old Cache

Lowrimore, Alvin (s/o Charles & Lela) ; Lona

Lowrimore, Billy Leo ; Quinton

Lowrimore, Charles ; Quinton

Lowrimore, Henry Wiley (h/o Viola (Brashears), f/o Sybil, Juanita, Forest, Leo & Jay) ; Lona

Lowrimore, Mattie H. ; Mountain Home

Lowrimore, Rhoda A. ; Mountain Home

Lowrimore, Rubye ; Quinton

Lowrimore, S.W. ; Mountain Home

Lowrimore, Viola (Brashears) (w/o Henry Wiley, md 11 Jul 1924, f/o Sybil, Juanita, Forest, Leo & Jay) ; Lona

Loyd, Agnes L. ; Stigler

Loyd, E. Alex ; Stigler

Loyd, Joe M. ; Stigler

Loyd, Warren G. ; Stigler

Lucas, Allen ; Stigler

Lucas, Infant Son ; Sans Bois

Lucas, Jennie ; Simon Isaac

Lucas, Josh ; Stigler

Lucas, Joshua ; Simon Isaac

Lucas, Lorene Carolina ; Simon Isaac

Luce, Calvin Clifton ; Keota

Lucker, James ; Old Enterprise

Lucker, Lyda ; Old Enterprise

Lucker, Mary ; Old Enterprise

Lucker, Robert ; Old Enterprise

Lucus, Lewis ; Sans Bois

Lucus, Madge ; Antioch

Lucus, Theresa B. ; Hoyt

Ludlow, Wanda ; Antioch

Lukacs, Stef ; Miners

Luna,Bernice Lynn; Sans Bois

Lunsford, Eula - Sister ; Sans Bois

Lunt,Robert Keith ; Sans Bois

Luster, Bell ; Antioch

Luster, Georgia ; Star

Luster, Jane ; Antioch

Luster, John ; Antioch

Luster, Sutton F. ; Antioch

Luther, J. ; Sans Bois

Lynch, Bob L. (s/o Claude F. & Martha E. McCardy Lynch, h/o JoAnne( Apple), md 1951) ; Antioch

Lynch, O.W. ; Old Panther

Lynges, J.D. ; Hoyt

Lynges, M.W. ; Hoyt

Lynn, Dorothy F. ; Whitefield

Lytle, Albert ; Mountain Home

Lytle, Arron ; Mountain Home

Lytle, Earl L. Dau of Alfred & Dosha ; Mountain Home

Lytle, Edward (Son of George W. & Mary A.) ; Brooken

Lytle, Enoch (h/o Mildred Palistine (Bailey) ; Mountain Home

Lytle, George Washington (h/o Mary A.) ; Brooken

Lytle, George Washington, Jr. (h/o Viola (Scott), s/o Geroge W. & Mary A. Martindale)) ; Enterprise

Lytle, Jewell Dau of Albert & Willie ; Mountain Home

Lytle, Leroy ; Mountain Home

Lytle, Mildred Dau of Alfred & Dosha ; Mountain Home

Lytle, Mildred Palistine (Bailey) (w/o Enoch) ; Mountain Home

Lytle, Pearl Imogene D/of Alfred&Dosha ; Mountain Home

Lytle, Ruby Marie ; Mountain Home

Lytle, Tenie Nerea (Wilson) ; Mountain Home

Lytle, Willie A. (Huggins) ; Mountain Home

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