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Sraons, William ; Brooken

Srode, Doris A. ; Quinton

St Clair, Estel ; Stigler

Stabio, Charles (Born in Civie, Italy) ; Miners

Stacy, Andrew J. ; Old Cache

Stacy, Julian ; Old Cache

Stacy, Susie ; Old Cache

Stafford, Daisy (Downs) (w/o William T.) ; Enterprise

Staggs, Andy ; Antioch

Staggs, Bonnie L. ; Antioch

Staggs, Mickie ; Antioch

Staggs, Pearlie ; Antioch

Staggs, Samuel Henry ; Antioch

Staggs, Thomas Connie ; Antioch

Stalcup, Frances N. ; Stigler

Stalcup, Robert E. ; Stigler

Stallaby, Hattie ; Simon Isaac

Stallaby, Thomas ; Simon Isaac

Stamford, F.M. ; Sans Bois

Stamford, G.E. ; Sans Bois

Stamper, Aamander (s/o James B. & Elizabeth) I ; Enterprise

Stamper, Elizabeth (w/o James B.) ; Enterprise

Stamper, James Benjamin (h/o Elizabeth) ; Enterprise

Stamper, James Harvey ; Enterprise

Stamper, John D. (twin to Alamander) ; Enterprise

Stamper, Lavada Dorse (Westbrook) ; Brooken

Stamper, Mannie ; Enterprise

Stamps, Ben F. (h/o Mary) ; Iron Bridge

Stamps, Edgar (h/o Ether) ; Iron Bridge

Stamps, Ethel L. (d/o B.F. and Mary) ; Iron Bridge

Stamps, Ether (w/o Edgar) ; Iron Bridge

Stamps, Mary (w/o Ben F.) ; Iron Bridge

Stamps, Myrtle ; Iron Bridge

Stamps, Tishie ; Iron Bridge

Stancampiano, Joseph Harper (s/o Michael) ; Garland

Stancampiano, Joseph Jeremiah (h/o Maxine, md 4 Oct 1944) ; Garland

Stancampiano, Maxine (Folsom) (w/o Joseph Jeremiah, d/o George & Linnie (Gilstrap)) ; Garland

Stancell, Aggie ; Iron Bridge

Stancell, Almedia ; Tamaha

Stancell, Baby ; Tamaha

Stancell, Baby ; Tamaha

Stancell, Colyene ; Tamaha

Stancell, Dona (Nance) (w/o Sam, md 1906, d/o T.C. & Martha (Thompson)) ; Garland

Stancell, Dovie Ann (Miller) (2nd w/o John Jack, d/o George & Polly (Wilson)) ; Garland

Stancell, Fearby ; Iron Bridge

Stancell, Floyd ; Tamaha

Stancell, G. M. ; Tamaha

Stancell, Ira (h/o Pearl, s/o J.J. & Nora) ; Garland

Stancell, Ira Cecil (h/o Violet M., md 19 Dec 1955, s/o Ira & Pearl) ; Garland

Stancell, John Jack (s/o Mizell) ; Garland

Stancell, Loyd ; Tamaha

Stancell, Nora (w/o of J.J.) ; Tamaha

Stancell, Ora M. ; Tamaha

Stancell, Pearl (Robins) (w/o Ira, d/o L.L. & Maud McKinzie) ; Garland

Stancell, Violet M. (Lowery) (w/o Ira C.) ; Garland

Standfer, John Carl ; Sans Bois

Standfield, Ruth ; Quinton

Standifer, Ray (s/o Newt & Odessa (Ferris), h/o Betty (Hamby)) ; Brooken

Standlee, Edna ; Whitefield

Standley, Ethel ; Stigler

Standridge, Paul (s/o Luther Lee & Edith Mae (Kinnebrew) Standridge, h/o Linda) ; Garland

Staner, L.M. ; Keota

Stanfield, Agustus A. ; Quinton

Stanford, J.E., Jr. ; Stigler

Stanford, Joseph E. ; Stigler

Stanford, Martha ; Hoyt

Stanford, Myrtle ; Stigler

Stanford, Pearl Dau of Martha & CJ ; Hoyt

Stanger, Nellie ; Miners

Stank, Peter (beside Stancampiano) ; Garland

Stanley, Eliza A. ; Old Cache

Stanley, Jack E. ; Old Cache

Stanley, James D. ; Old Cache

Stanley, Leda J. (Wife of Mack C.) ; Keota

Stanley, Mack ; Whitefield

Stanley, Mack C. (Husb of Leda J.) ; Keota

Stanley, Minervly ; Old Cache

Stanley, Mont S. ; Old Cache

Staples, Hettie ; Old Cache

Stapleton, Annie Mae ; Stigler

Stapleton, James Wesley ; Stigler

Starr, Dual ; Lona

Starr. Aron ; Lona

Staton, DelFloyd s/o Reuben & Mary (Simpson-Young) ; Old Cache

Staton, Walter s/o Reuben & Laura (Winfrey) ; Old Cache

StClair, Ava ; Antioch

StClair, Earl W. ; Antioch

StClair, George W. ; Antioch

StClair, Lawson ; Antioch

StClair, Sara J. ; Antioch

Steel, Miner N. ; Mountain Home

Steele, B.J. ; Whitefield

Steele, Carl F. ; Sans Bois

Steele, Delma (Boling) (Wife of William Homer) ; Brooken

Steele, Gertrude Pearson ; West Liberty

Steele, Infant (Son of Doyal Wayne) ; Brooken

Steele,Mindy Ann; Stigler

Steele, Myrtle J. ; Sans Bois

Steele, Myrtle J. Reasnor ; Sans Bois

Steele, S.B. (Mrs.) ; Whitefield

Steele, William Homer (Husb of Delma) ; Brooken

Steelman, Effey ; Antioch

Steinhauer, Ralph (s/o Peter & Theresa Steinhauer) ; Brooken

Stembridge, Nolan (h/o Rosa M. (Mangrum)) ; Old Cache

Stembridge, Roselphia ; Old Cache

Stembridge, Walter L. ; Old Cache

Stephen, Saeir ; Tamaha

Stephens, Allie Gertrude Dau of W.S. & L.A. ; Mountain Home

Stephens, Amie Charlene ; Quinton

Stephens, Andrew ; Mountain Home

Stephens, Andrew C. ; Quinton

Stephens, Anna (Hill) (w/o J.A., d/o W.A. & M.A.) ; Whitefield

Stephens, Blake ; Quinton

Stephens, Charles J. ; Miners

Stephens, Charlie O. S/of T.W. & M.L. ; Mountain Home

Stephens, Clara (Atkins) ; Mountain Home

Stephens, Dale M. (Wife of John O.) ; Quinton

Stephens, Dave Edward (s/of Andrew & Daisy Mae (Henson)) ; Mountain Home

Stephens, Eunice M. (w/o L.A.) ; Miners

Stephens, Hezekiah ; Vance

Stephens, James ; Mountain Home

Stephens, Jefferson W. ; Mountain Home

Stephens,Jess; quinton

Stephens, Jessie ; Miners

Stephens, Jessie E. ; Mountain Home

Stephens, Jimmie Leroy ; Stigler

Stephens, John O. ; Quinton

Stephens, John S. (h/o Ruby Mae (Justice), s/o Billy D. & Annie (Clementien)) ; Garland

Stephens, L.A. (h/o Eunice M.) ; Miners

Stephens, Lillie Vay ; Mountain Home

Stephens, Lydia ; Mountain Home

Stephens, M.L. ; Quinton

Stephens, N.L. Dau of W.S. & L.A. ; Mountain Home

Stephens, Norma Katherine ; Quinton

Stephens, Robin Renae (D/of Wayne & Glenda) ; Brooken

Stephens, Sam ; Mountain Home

Stephens, Sister of Hiram Hammontree ; Miners

Stephens, Telitha ; Mountain Home

Stephenson, Betsy (w/o Skip) ; Whitefield

Stephenson, Floyd ; Brooken

Stephenson, Irene Belle (Maddox)(W/of William) ; Brooken

Stephenson, John C. ; Stigler

Stephenson, Mary Susan ; Stigler

Stephenson, Shirley Ann ; Brooken

Stephenson, Skip (h/o Betsy) ; Whitefield

Stephenson, Thelma (d/o Mid & Maggie (White) Wynn) ;Brooken

Stephenson, Thomas G. ; Stigler

Stephenson, Tommy ; Whitefield

Stephenson, Tommy ; Whitefield

Stephenson, William Edward (Husb of Irene Belle) ; Brooken

Steriencon, Vera Lee ; Brooken

Stevens, Clinnie Christopher ; Stigler

Stevens, Daniel P. (h/o Roberta Sue, md 20 Jul 1957) ; Garland

Stevens, Ernest Lemual (s/o Tilda (Simmons)) ; Enterprise

Stevens, Fannie D. ; Stigler

Stevens, Jessie Curry ; Keota

Stevens, Jessie Ray (s/o William & Rose (Hatch)) ; Garland

Stevens, Jim J. ; Stigler

Stevens, K.C. "Pete" ; Brooken

Stevens, Lavina Jane (d/o Terry & Jana (Bollinger)) ; Garland

Stevens, Mavis Imogene ; Stigler

Stevens, Roberta Sue (Cooper) (w/o Daniel P., d/o Able & Lavina (Perry)) ; Garland

Stevens, Rose L. (Hatch) (2nd husb Lawson) ; Garland

Stevens, S.H. ; Stigler

Stevens, William Jordan (h/o Rose L.) ; Garland

Stevenson, Fred ; Antioch

Stevenson, John ; Antioch

Stevenson, W.A. ; Quinton

Steward, Alice (Baker) (d/o Plumer & Gerothea (Scott)) ; West Liberty

Steward, Baby William Robert (s/o Robert & Eunice) ; Tamaha

Steward, Rankin L. ; Stigler

Steward, Robert L. ; Stigler

Steward, Veda Mae ; Stigler

Steward, William Robert ; Stigler

Steward. Sarah F. ; Stigler

Stewart, Arietta Wilson (d/o Floyd & Marjorie (Sprouse) Wilson) ; Miners

Stewart, Baby ; Lamon Perry

Stewart, Blake (s/o Carl) ; Quinton

Stewart, Bob ; Stigler

Stewart, Clara Mae ; Iron Bridge

Stewart, d/o O.C. ; Whitefield

Stewart, Fiza E. ; Antioch

Stewart, Jacob T. ; Keota

Stewart, James Caswell ; Old Panther

Stewart, Mary (w/o Andrew Jackson) ; Lona

Stewart, Medaline A. ; Stigler

Stewart, Myrtle ; Antioch

Stewart, Sarah ; Quinton

Stewart, Sarah (age 80) ; Old Quinton

Stewart, Selina (Caster) ; Whitefield

Stewart, Tommy ; Mountain Home

Stewart, Verna (McKibben) ; Mountain Home

Stewart, Walter (s/o W.H. & E.F.) ; Iron Bridge

Stewart, William T. ; Antioch

Stichler, Benjamin (s/o Charles A. & Addie Mabel (Killebrew)) ; Enterprise

Stichler, Charles B. Jr. ; Enterprise

Stidham, Eliza E. (w/o G.L.) ; Stigler

Stidham, G.L. (h/o Eliza E.) ; Stigler

Stidman, Hammet F. ; Sans Bois

Stidman, Lilly Oma ; Sans Bois

Stidmon,Gaille Ann Tackett; Old Panther

Stidmon, Winford A. ; Old Panther

Stigler, Joseph S. ; Stigler

Stigler, Lee ; Stigler

Stigler, Ona ; Stigler

Stigler, W.G. ; Stigler

Stiles, Eddie (h/o Evelyn, md 26 Nov 1945) ; Miners

Stiles, Evelyn (w/o Eddie, d/o Harvey & Alta (Summers) Stout) ; Miners

Stiles, Joe ; Sans Bois

Stiles, Rosa Lee ; Sans Bois

Stiles, Sharon Kaye (Hollie) Miners

Still, Alean ; Iron Bridge

Stinebauch, J.R. ; Star

Stinebaugh, I.F. ; Keota

Stinebaugh, Lora A. (Wife of Olin F.) ; Keota

Stinebaugh, Mary ; Keota

Stinebaugh, Olin F. (Husb of Mary) ; Keota

Stinson, G.K. ; Keota

Stinson, M.E. ; Keota

StipeE, John A. ; Tamaha

Stockton, Dale (Husb of Idus) ; Quinton

Stockton, Emily (w/o F.M.) ; Enterprise

Stockton, Idus (Wife of Dale) ; Quinton

Stockton, Lilian Hasel ; Old Cache

Stockton, Lucian L. ; Stigler

Stockton, Martha A. ; Stigler

Stockton, Raymond Frank (Son of Idus & Dale) ; Quinton

Stockton, Sid W. ; Old Cache

Stockton, Thad (Son of Idus & Dale) ; Quinton

Stockton, Walter ; Old Cache

Stokes, General Scott (h/o Mary Elizabeth) ; Enterprise

Stokes, Mary Elizabeth (w/o Gen. S. Stokes, m/o Martha Laughlin) ; Enterprise

Stone, Lizzie ; Sans Bois

Stone, Oscar B. ; Old Cache

Stone, Ozey Thornburg ; Old Cache

Stone,Velma M.;Keota

Stone,Willie E.;Keota

Stoneburner, Daniel (s/o Randy & Tomacina (Johnson) Stoneburner) ; Lona

Stonesypher, Leona ; Mountain Home

Stoothoff, Elsa Mae (Allen) ; Keota

Storie, David E. (s/o James & Martha) ; Miners

Storment, Delia ; Antioch

Storment, John ; Antioch

Storment, John Lee (s/o William & Maudie) ; Garland

Storment, Juanita (d/o William & Maudie) ; Garland

Storment, Mardie (Williams) (w/o William Herbert) ; Garland

Storment, Porter ; Antioch

Storment, William Herbert (h/o Maudie, md 1934, s/o John & Vella) ; Garland

Story, Jessie Lee (h/o Ocie Jane, md 24 Aug 1918) ; Garland

Story, Ocie Jane (Hill) (w/o Jessie Lee, d/o George & Emma) ; Garland

Stout, A.M. ; Sans Bois

Stout, Alta Dell (Summers) (w/o James Harvey) ; Siloam Springs

Stout, Amanda Louisa (Rayburn) (w/o John H., 1st husb Hamlin) ; Garland

Stout, Charles B., Jr. (s/o Charles & Grace) ; Garland

Stout, Charles B., Sr. (h/o Grace M., s/o John & Rosetta (Bates)) ; Garland

Stout, Clarence Alvin ; Lona

Stout, D.W. (s/o George W. & Nancy Jane) ; Siloam Springs

Stout, Ernest Eugene ; Whitefield

Stout, Esther Opal (Marks) (w/o Loyd, d/o Richard & Lizzette McClure) ; Garland

Stout, George W. (h/o Nancy Jane) ; Siloam Springs

Stout, Grace M. (Clayborn) (w/o Charles B., Sr.) ; Garland

Stout, Herman Delbert (s/o John & Rosetta (Bates) ; Garland

Stout, James "Harvey" (h/o Alta Dell (Summers), s/o George W. & Nancy Jane) ; Siloam Springs

Stout, Jassie Marie ; Antioch

Stout, Jay ; Tamaha

Stout, Jeff ; Miners

Stout, Jewell E. (Dill) (w/o Jeff, d/o Charles A. & E. Estelle) ; Miners

Stout, John Harper (h/o Rosetta (Bates) ; Garland

Stout, John Thomas (s/o James Harvey & Alta Dell (Summers)) ; Siloam Springs

Stout, Kenneth W. "Cotton" (h/o Darlene, s/o Charles Brady & Grace Mae (Clayborn)) ; Garland

Stout, Marla Faye ; Garland

Stout, Nancy Jane (1st h George W., 2nd h Fred Mann) ; Siloam Springs

Stout, Wanda Faye (Sweeten) (w/o George, d/o Henry & Irene (Lovell)) ; Siloam Springs

StoutT, A. ; Tamaha

StoutT, Wanda Jo. (d/o Shler & Jewell) ; Tamaha

Stowell, Nathan Dr. ; Antioch

Strain, Bobbie K. ; Mountain Home

Strain, Ricky Lee ; Mountain Home

Strain, Sue (d/o Idus & Dale (Clark) Stockton) ; Quinton

Strain, Winford James ; Mountain Home

Straubb, Mary ; Antioch

Street, Henry ; Stigler

Streich, Emma S. ; Quinton

Streich, Gustave F. ; Quinton

Streich, John ; Quinton

Stricker, Chester D. ; Brooken

Stricker, Luther L. ; Brooken

Stricker, Monroe Jackson ; Brooken

Stricker, Nora Belle (Barbee) ; Brooken

Stricker, Winnie Retta (Melton) ; Brooken

Strickland, Mamie (d/o J.R. & S.E.) ; Star

Strickland, Mary ; Old Cache

Strickland, Walter ; Old Cache

Stricklen, William Madison (h/o Lorene, s/o Sam & Birdie (Davis)) ; Garland

Stricklin, Lorene (Beeler) (w/o William Madison, d/o Estel & Lena (Hicks)) ; Garland

Stringer,Donna; Iron Bridge

Stroup, Daisy Dean ; Old Panther

Stroup, David R. ; Old Panther

Stroup, Robert Fredrick ; Old Panther

Stroup, Walter Council ; Old Panther

Stroup, Walter Council ; Old Panther

Strum, Sarah E. ; Whitefield

Stubblefield,Billy Ray ;Antioch

Stubblefield, Carl ; Antioch

Stubblefield, Ethel ; Antioch

Stubblefield, Etta ; Antioch

Stubblefield,Frank Dee; Antioch

Stubblefield, Guy ; Antioch

Stubblefield, Jack ; Antioch

Stubblefield, Janie L. ; Antioch

Stubblefield, John R. ; Antioch

Stubblefield, Minnie Mae ; Antioch

Stubblefield, Tony (s/o Jimmy & Barbara Stubblefield ; Antioch

Studebaker, Buel ; Quinton

Studebaker, Donald ; Quinton

Studebaker, Mrs. (Gray) (d/o W.H.) ; West Liberty

Studebaker, Ralph ; Quinton

Studebaker, Ronald ; Quinton

Stugeon, Arthur Comer ; Stigler

Stumbaugh, A.C. ; Stigler

Stumbaugh, Charles M. ; Stigler

Stumbaugh, Joseph A. ; Stigler

Stumbaugh, Lula M. ; Stigler

Stumbaugh, Melissa J. ; Stigler

Stumbaugh, Pauline L. ; Stigler

Sturdy, Dorothy Jean ; Stigler

Sturdy,John D.; Antioch

Sturdy, Nellie ; Stigler

Sturdy, V. Elzie ; Stigler

Sturgeon, Arthur Comer ; Stigler

Sturgeon, Ellen Susan ; Stigler

Sturgeon, Eula Juanita ; Stigler

Sturgeon, William Miles ; Stigler

Sturner, Charles T. ; Keota

Sturner, Ila Moore ; Keota

Sugg, Bina Vaden ; Quinton

Suggs, Bobby Ray ; Antioch

Suggs, Ester Lee (DeArmon) ; Iron Bridge

Suggs, Hattye ; Antioch

Suggs, Othal ; Antioch

Suggs, Robert ; Antioch

Sulivan, Jessie W. ; Antioch

Sulivan, Mary ; Antioch

Sullenger, Irene ; Stigler

Sullenger, J.A. ; Old Perry

Sullenger, J.L. ; Whitefield

Sullenger, S.M. ; Whitefield

Sullivan, Bessie A. ; Quinton

Sullivan, Earl C. ; Keota

Sullivan, Ellie U. ; Keota

Sullivan, Fred T. ; Keota

Sullivan, Herman Hudson ; Keota

Sullivan, Lewis ; Antioch

Sullivan, Martin C. (Husb of Montie A.) ; Keota

Sullivan, Mary E. ; Keota

Sullivan, Montie A. (Wife of Martin C.) ; Keota

Sullivan, Omer W. ; Keota

Sullivan, Rusti Kay ; Miners

Sullivan, Thomas ; Brooken

Sullivan, William James ; Antioch

Sult, Mitchell Lee ; Sans Bois

Summers, Boyd ; Miners

Summers, Earl Jr. ; Miners

Summers, Eli J. ; Old Cache

Summers, Eli Sr. ; Old Cache

Summers, Infant buried beside Vernon Cole ; Siloam Springs

Summers, Joe Wayne ; Old Cache

Sumner, Ella ; Old Cache

Sumner, Greenberry ; Old Cache

Sumner, Jane ; Old Cache

Sumner, John ; Old Cache

Sumner, Lucius Templeton (s/o Laverne & Thelma) ; Whitefield

Sumner, Nathan ; Old Cache

Sumner, Theodore ; Old Cache

Sumners, Wrenetta ; Old Cache

Sumpter, Joseph ; Sans Bois

Sunday, Edward S. (Rev) ; Stigler

Sunday, Gertrude B. ; Stigler

Surratt, Cooper ; Whitefield

Surratt, Jefferson Davis (h/o Fena (McDaniels) ; Whitefield

Surratt, Julia Lee (d/o Cooper Surratt) ; Whitefield

Surratt, Lucy (Machire) ; Whitefield

Surratt, Margaret L. (Hall) ; Whitefield

Surratt, Prudence (Hogan) (w/o Cooper, d/o John & Lou (Roberts) ; Whitefield

Surratt, Rhoda (d/o Jefferson Davis & Fena) ; Whitefield

Surratt,Henry (s/o Jefferson Davis & Fena) ; Whitefield

Sutherland, Elmon I. (h/o Everland W.) ; Enterprise

Sutherland, Everland W. (w/o Elmon) ; Enterprise

Sutter, Calvin P. ; Miners

Sutter, Grady LeRoy ; Miners

Sutter, Johnnie D. ; Miners

Suttlels, Curtis C. (Rev) (Husb of Effie Lorene) ; Keota

Suttles, Effie Lorene (Wife of Rev. Curtis C.) ; Keota

Sutton, Jasper S. ; Sans Bois

Sutton, Mary T. ; Sans Bois

Sutton, Ruth Viola ; Stigler

Sutton, Theodore ; Stigler

Swaim, Jackie Altizer (Son of Pink & Lula) ; Brooken

Swanson, Henry (h/o Talitha L.) ; Miners

Swanson, Talitha L. (w/o Henry) ; Miners

Swanson, Wilhelmina (d/o Henry & Talitha L.) ; Miners

Swart, S.S. ; Whitefield

Swearingen, Pearl Lena ; Whitefield

Sweeden, Fannie E. ; Stigler

Sweeden, G. Claiborune ; Stigler

Sweeden, George W. ; Stigler

Sweeden, Vera ; Stigler

Sweeden, Vernie (Ramsey) (w/o G.C., md Sep 1948, d/o Jeff & Lizzie) ; Garland

Sweet, Lillian May (d/o E.B. & Nora) ; Whitefield

Sweeten, A.J. ; Miners

Sweeten, Francis M. ; Whitefield

Sweeten, Georgia Waneta ; Sans Bois

Sweeten, Harriet (Hammons) (w/o Francis M.) ; Whitefield

Sweeten, Infant son of J.A. & S.E. ; Whitefield

Sweeten, Infant son of J.A. & S.E. ; Whitefield

Swift, Clarence (s/o A. & G.) ; Tamaha

Swift, John F. ; Miners

Swift, Luther (h/o Retter) ; Tamaha

SwiftT, E.G. (w/o A.) ; Tamaha

Swindell, Robert E. ; Old Panther

Swiney, Douglas ; Keota

Swinford, Belinda Lynn (D/of Christopher & Sherry) ; Brooken

Sylender, Ethyl S. ; Stigler

Sylender, J.B. ; Stigler

Sylender, J.H. ; Stigler

Syntyche, Dawn Fehnel ; Antioch

Szabo, Ernest ; Quinton

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