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Taber, Dollie C. ; Sans Bois

Taber, Isaac N. ; Sans Bois

Taber, Sylvia Mae Hazel ; Quinton

Tabor, Deborah Lin ; Keota

Tabor, Glyn ; Keota

Tabor, Larry Lynn ; Keota

Tabor, Lillie Bell ; Keota

Tabor, Lynne ; Keota

Tabor, S.P. ; Keota

Tacket, Archie (h/o Gertrude) ; Tamaha

Tacket, Dan E. (h/o Marie) ; Whitefield

Tacket, Gertrude (w/o Green) ; Tamaha

Tacket, Green (h/o Gertrude) ; Tamaha

Tacket, Isabelle ; Whitefield

Tacket, Marie (w/o Dan) ; Whitefield

Tacket, Oza (w/o Oza) ; Tamaha

Tackett, Baby of M/M Arthur Tackett ; Whitefield

Tackett, Billy Lee ; Old Panther

Tackett, Charley Frank ; Whitefield

Tackett, Dora D. (w/o Tom G.) ; Whitefield

Tackett, Fred C. (h/o Rhoda V.) ; Whitefield

Tackett, Hattie ; Stigler

Tackett, Isabelle (m/o Dan) ; Whitefield

Tackett, J.D. (s/o John W. & Daisy (Mason)) ; Whitefield

Tackett, John F. ; Whitefield

Tackett, Kennith (s/o Earl & Velma) ; Whitefield

Tackett, Loy ; Stigler

Tackett, Rhoda V. (w/o Fred C.) ; Whitefield

Tackett, Tom G. (h/o Dora D.) ; Whitefield

Taff, Bonnie Dean ; Old Cache

Tahsuda, Grace ; Quinton

Tahsuda, John ; Quinton

Takkubbee, Lavena ; Little Sans Bois

Tankersley, Alexander ; Keota

Tankersley, Pearl M. ; Stigler

Tankersly, Baby ; Old Panther

Tapp, Ora Munn ; Stigler

Tarwater, William ; Whitefield

Tate, Alonzo H. (Husb of Annie) ; Keota

Tate, Annie (Wife of Alonzo H.) ; Keota

Tate, Clio (Wife of William A.) ; Keota

Tate, James Henry (Husb of Xantippa C.) ; Keota

Tate, William A. (Husb of Clio) ; Keota

Tate, Xantippa C. (Wife of James Henry) ; Keota

Tatum, Amel B. ; Whitefield

Tatum, Eugene T. ; Whitefield

Tatum, Gladys (w/o Guy) ; Whitefield

Tatum, Guy (h/o Gladys) ; Whitefield

Tatum, Mary ; Whitefield

Tatum, Mattie ; Whitefield

Tatum, Michail W. ; Whitefield

Tatum, Ralph K. ; Whitefield

Tatum, W.R. ; Whitefield

Taylor, Allen M. ; Old Cache

Taylor, Arthur Carl (h/o Ethel Mae) ; Garland

Taylor, Beatrice B. ; Whitefield

Taylor, Billy J. (s/o T.A. & Florence E. (Elmore) Taylor, h/o Jewell (Salyards), md 16 Apr 1948) ; Antioch

Taylor, Cecil Andrew ; Antioch

Taylor, Charles R. ; Hoyt

Taylor, Charles T. ; Hoyt

Taylor, Cliff ; Old Panther

Taylor, Corda ; Hoyt

Taylor, Douglas ; Mountain Home

Taylor, E.H. ; Stigler

Taylor,Elijah Hugh ; Antioch

Taylor, Elizabeth June (w/o Martin Van Buren) ; Old Panther

Taylor, Elizabeth Pat ; Antioch

Taylor, Elmer "Zack" (s/o Thomas Andrew & Florence Elizabeth (Elmore) Taylor, h/o Doris) ; Star

Taylor, Ethel Mae (w/o Arthur Carl) ; Garland

Taylor, Fern Beatrice (Silva)(Wife of Paul Leon, Sr) ; Brooken

Taylor, Florence ; Stigler

Taylor, Golda Hunter ; Stigler

Taylor, James ; Old Cache

Taylor, James L. ; Hoyt

Taylor, Jay (h/o Ora) ; Whitefield

Taylor, Jerry N. ; Stigler

Taylor, John ; Hoyt

Taylor, John W. (h/o Lillie A.) 18 Aug 1874 - 24 Aug 1944 ; Garland

Taylor, Juratha ; Shady Grove

Taylor, Leslie Son of J.L. & C.C. ; Hoyt

Taylor, Lillie Wife of J.H. ; Hoyt

Taylor, Lillie A. (w/o John) ; Garland

Taylor, Lizzie ; Old Panther

Taylor, Lou (Findley) (w/o W. Eligy) ; Garland

Taylor, Lowery A. ; Garland

Taylor, Maggie J. ; Hoyt

Taylor, Martha J. ; Old Cache

Taylor, Martin Van Buren (h/o Elizabeth June) ; Old Panther

Taylor, Mary J. ; Hoyt

Taylor, Mary Jane ; Old Panther

Taylor, Meldona Dau of J.H. & S. ; Hoyt

Taylor, Ora (w/o Jay) ; Whitefield

Taylor, Paul Leon, Sr. (Husb of Fern Beatrice) ; Brooken

Taylor,Robert F.SGM. ; Antioch

Taylor, Ronnie Lee ; Miners

Taylor, Teresa ; Star

Taylor, Thomas ; Antioch

Taylor, Vearl A. ; Garland

Taylor, W. Eligy (h/o Lou, md 1905) ; Garland

Taylor, William A. ; Miners

Tays, Andew J. ; Tamaha

Tays, Anice A. ; Tamaha

Tays, C.C. ; Stigler

Tays, Oma E. ; Stigler

Teague, Adah O. ; Star

Teague, Alvin Mearl ; Old Cache

Teague, Calvin O. ; Star

Teague;Charles; Old Cache

Teague, Clan ; Star

Teague, Eugene ; Old Cache

Teague, Flossie ; Antioch

Teague, Floyd ; Star

Teague, James E. ; Star

Teague, Lorenzo O. ; Star

Teague, Myram E. (w/o Lorenzo O.) ; Star

Teague, Ollie Clark ; Keota

Teague,Sharon Kay Robertson; Miners

Teague, Walcy Bell ; Old Cache

Templeton, Fannie Lee ; Sans Bois

Templeton, Lucius ; Whitefield

Tennison, M.J. ; Stigler

Terrell,Audi Letha; Sans Bois

Terrell Eli ; Sans Bois

Terrell, Cornielus ; Sans Bois

Terrell, Edmond ; Sans Bois

Terrell, Elie ; Sans Bois

Terrell, Helen M. (d/o John & Josephine (Baker) Leflore) ; Sans Bois

Terrell, Houston ; Sans Bois

Terrell, J.W. (h/o Mary Evelyn, s/o W.D. & Alma) ; Garland

Terrell, James C. ; Stigler

Terrell, James C. Jr. ; Stigler

Terrell, Jesse J. ; Sans Bois

Terrell, Kate S. ; Stigler

Terrell, Louisa ; Sans Bois

Terrell, Mary Evelyn (Falcner) (w/o J.W., d/o T.A. Sr., & Edna E. (Sweet)) ; Garland

Terrell, Nancy L. ; Stigler

Terrell,O. D. Sans Bois

Terrell, Preston ; Sans Bois

Terrell,Ruby Serena; Sans Bois

Terrell, R.F. ; Stigler

Terrell,Sherry Deletha ; Sans Bois

Terrell, William J. ; Stigler

Terry Ulerle C. ; Antioch

Terry, John B. ; Antioch

Terry, Marian Thomas ; Stigler

Terry, Rushie ; Quinton

Terry,Toker May Bryant; Old Panther

Terry, William J. ; Old Cache

Teter, Marie ; Stigler

Thaxton, Elizabeth J. (Olson) (Wife of Olee) ; Quinton

Thayer, Charles Evans ; Quinton

Thayer, Lona M. ; Quinton

Thayer, Mack B. ; Quinton

Thipp, Ann (Maggie) ; Keota

Thomas, (No other names) ; Iron Bridge

Thomas, A.S. ; Stigler

Thomas, Ada (Bush) ; Brooken

Thomas, Adeline (Bush) (Wife of J.D.) ; Brooken

Thomas, Bertha ; Whitefield

Thomas, Carl W. (Husb of Mary D.) ; Keota

Thomas, Charles R. (Husb of Jewell M.) ; Keota

Thomas, Chessie L. ; Quinton

Thomas, Clara E. ; Quinton

Thomas, Claud H. (Husb of Sharon K.) ; Keota

Thomas, Cortney Lee "Sissy" ; Iron Bridge

Thomas, Demar ; Old Cache

Thomas, E.M. ; Iron Bridge

Thomas, Edna M. ; Stigler

Thomas, Edna Mae (Wife of W.H.) ; Keota

Thomas, Elmer ; Stigler

Thomas, Ernest, M.D. ; Whitefield

Thomas, Etta Mae (Wife of Sam C.) ; Keota

Thomas, Fred ; Whitefield

Thomas, Gertrude ; Old Cache

Thomas, Henry O. (h/o Jessie Mae) ; Garland

Thomas, Illa Hale ; Stigler

Thomas, Infant sons of Pearl (Granville) Thomas ; Shady Grove

Thomas, Iva Lee (w/o Jay C.) ; Iron Bridge

Thomas, J.D. (Husb of Adeline) ; Brooken

Thomas, James ; Quinton

Thomas, James Buster ; Stigler

Thomas, James D. ; Brooken

Thomas, James W. (h/o Martha Jane) ; Whitefield

Thomas, Jay C. (h/o Iva Lee, md 28 Jun 1940) ; Iron Bridge

Thomas, Jessie Mae (Miller) (w/o Henry O., d/o Hardy Lee & Minnie M.) ; Garland

Thomas, Jewell M. (Wife of Charles R.) ; Keota

Thomas, John G. (h/o Lue A.) ; West Liberty

Thomas, John P. ; Stigler

Thomas, John W. ; Tamaha

Thomas, Lawrence ; Brooken

Thomas, Leonard ; Quinton

Thomas, Lewis ; Whitefield

Thomas, Lizzie ; Iron Bridge

Thomas, Louella M. ; Stigler

Thomas, Lucian B. ; Stigler

Thomas, Luther ; Tamaha

Thomas, Manual Thomas, Jr. (S/of Manual & Opal) ; Brooken

Thomas, Margaret E. ; Stigler

Thomas, Marion A. ; Brooken

Thomas, Martha Jane (w/o James W.) ; Whitefield

Thomas, Mary ; Miners

Thomas, Mary D. (Wife of Carl W.) ; Keota

Thomas, Minar Nathee ; Tamaha

Thomas, Ollie E. ; Old Cache

Thomas, Oscar L. ; Stigler

Thomas, R.D. ; Stigler

Thomas, Rebecca ; Little Sans Bois

Thomas, Ruby Myrtle ; Little Sans Bois

Thomas, Sam C. (Husb of Etta Mae) ; Keota

Thomas, Sarra M. ; Iron Bridge

Thomas, Sharon K. (Wife of Claud H.) ; Keota

Thomas, Steve Jr. ; Little Sans Bois

Thomas, Steven ; Little Sans Bois

Thomas, Twins ; Old Cache

Thomas, V. Earl ; Stigler

Thomas, W.A. (h/o Ethel (Thomas)) ; Miners

Thomas, W.H. (Husb of Edna Mae) ; Keota

Thomas, Walter ; Miners

Thomas, Will G. ; Quinton

Thomas, William A. ; Keota

Thomason, Jackie (d/o Leard & Maggie (Akins)) ; Siloam Springs

Thomason, James ; Old Panther

Thomason, John ; Old Panther

Thomason, Melvin ; Old Panther

Thomason, Mildred T. (d/o Leard & Maggie (Akins)) ; Siloam Springs

Thomason, Pauline (d/o Leard & Maggie (Akins)) ; Siloam Springs

Thompson, ? ; Antioch

Thompson, A. Turman ; Stigler

Thompson, Albert S. ; Whitefield

Thompson, Alvin L. ; Antioch

Thompson, Andrew J.(h/o Lulu) ; West Liberty

Thompson, Aubrey C. (h/o Ida Lucille) ; Miners

Thompson, Bessie R. (d/o Andrew J. & Lulu) ; West Liberty

Thompson, Betty Lou (d/o Gene & Elizabeth (McCarty)) ; Miners

Thompson, Beulah ; Quinton

Thompson, Bonnie W/of Hobart ; Mountain Home

Thompson, Brannon ; Garland

Thompson, Callie ; Old Cache

Thompson,Calvin Leon: Stigler

Thompson, Clara C. ; West Liberty

Thompson, Daisy A. (d/o Joseph E. & Mollie (Belt)) ; Whitefield

Thompson, Dewayne ; Antioch

Thompson,Donald Lee; Antioch

Thompson, Donovan Lee (s/o Farley & Donna (Carey)) ; Garland

Thompson, Dora Mae ; Stigler

Thompson, Ed ; Antioch

Thompson, Elizabeth (d/o Steve Allen & Ocie Jane (Andrews) McCarty, w/o Gene Thompson) ; Miners

Thompson, Elizabeth (w/o Jonas, md 1889) ; Siloam Springs

Thompson, Elmer ; Quinton

Thompson,Ethel Rose; Garland

Thompson, Ethel M. ; Antioch

Thompson, Eula Maud ; Tamaha

Thompson, Flora V. ; Quinton

Thompson, Florence ; Antioch

Thompson, Floyd T. ; Mountain Home

Thompson, G.W. ; Star

Thompson, George W. (h/o Minnie) ; Whitefield

Thompson, Georgie Ann ; West Liberty

Thompson, Grover C. ; Quinton

Thompson, Hinton ; Quinton

Thompson, Hobart ; Mountain Home

Thompson, Hubert W. ; Whitefield

Thompson, Ida Lucille (w/o Aubrey C.) ; Miners

Thompson, Ira ; Antioch

Thompson, Isaac Lum ; West Liberty

Thompson, Isom William (h/o Bicey, s/o William S. & Elizabeth) ; Siloam Springs

Thompson, J.D. (h/o Lucille Edith) ; Whitefield

Thompson, J.M. ; Whitefield

Thompson, James (h/o Mary E.) ; Quinton

Thompson, James (Jim) W. (h/o Mildred I., f/o Howard, Barbara & Linda) ; Tamaha

Thompson, James C. ; Quinton

Thompson, Jennings ; Tamaha

Thompson, Jeremiah Clark, Jr. (s/o Jeremiah Clark, Sr.) ; Siloam Springs

Thompson, John ; Quinton

Thompson, John F. ; Mountain Home

Thompson, Jonas (h/o Elizabeth) ; Siloam Springs

Thompson, Joseph E. (h/o Mollie) ; Whitefield

Thompson, Kathleen Beatrice (s/o Isom William) ; Siloam Springs

Thompson, Leo Donald ; Tamaha

Thompson, Leona ; Enterprise

Thompson, Leonard ; Enterprise

Thompson, Lucille Edith (w/o J.D.) ; Whitefield

Thompson, Lulu M. (w/o Andrew J.) ; West Liberty

Thompson, Maggie W. ; Quinton

Thompson, Margaret J. Young ; Iron Bridge

Thompson, Marion B. ; Stigler


Thompson, Martha M. ; Mountain Home

Thompson, Mary A. ; Whitefield

Thompson, Mary Catherine (w/o William F.) ; Tamaha

Thompson, Mary E. ; Quinton

Thompson, Mary R. ; Quinton

Thompson,Mary Ross; old Cache

Thompson, Mildred I. (h/o James, md 22 Jul 1935, m/o Jacqueline, Howard, Barbara & Linda) ; Tamaha

Thompson, Minnie L. (w/o George W.) ; Whitefield

Thompson, Mollie (w/o Joseph E.) ; Whitefield

Thompson, Myrl E. ; Keota

Thompson, Norman ; Old Cache

Thompson, Paul P. (Rev) ; Stigler

Thompson, Pearl D/of George & Minnie ; Mountain Home

Thompson, Reba Hazel ; Stigler

Thompson, Reba Hazel ; Stigler

Thompson, Rena Mary ; Stigler

Thompson, Robert Louis ; Quinton

Thompson, Sarah ; Star

Thompson, Seth E. ; Quinton

Thompson, Thomas Jefferson ; Tamaha

Thompson, Willaim F. (h/o Mary Catherine) ; Tamaha

Thompson, William A. ; West Liberty

Thompson, William E. ; Tamaha

Thompson, William H. ; Keota

Thompson, William N. ; West Liberty

Thornburg, Conley (Husb of Mirtie) ; Keota

Thornburg, Donna ; Keota

Thornburg, Grover C. ; Old Cache

Thornburg, Jessie G. ; Old Cache

Thornburg, Mary E. ; Old Cache

Thornburg, Mirtie (Wife of Conley) ; Keota

Thornton, Emmett ; Quinton

Thornton,Iva(Gragg); Quinton

Thornton, J.C. ; Whitefield

Thornton,Lillian Marie; Mountain Home

Thornton, Winnie Edith ; Quinton

Thrasher, Louie G. ; Whitefield

Thrasher, Luella (w/o Louie G.) ; Whitefield

Thresher, Barney M. (Husb of Reba E.) ; Brooken

Thresher, Boyce ; Quinton

Thresher, Charles Hoyt ; Whitefield

Thresher, Clifton Aure ; Hoyt

Thresher, Dealie ; Quinton

Thresher, Eskell A. (h/o Pearlie M.) ; Whitefield

Thresher, Frank J. ; Brooken

Thresher, Mertis ; Quinton

Thresher, Pearlie M. (w/o Eskell A.) ; Whitefield

Thresher, Reba E. (Barbee)(Wife of Barney M.) ; Brooken

Thresher, Rube W. ; Quinton

Thresher, Samuel M. ; Quinton

Thrsher, Billie Jean ; Antioch

Thueson, Martha Francis ; Miners

Thurber, George ; Sans Bois

Thurber, Margaret ; Sans Bois

Thurber, W.G. (h/o Eula W., died in Chant, I.T.) ; Miners

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