U & V Surnames

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U & V


Uancy, Pearl Palmer ; Sans Bois

Ulery, Richard M. (h/o Patricia (Patton)) ; Siloam Springs

Ullery,Christopher Maxin ;Mountian Home

Underwood, Bill ; Brooken

Underwood, Fern (Huggins) Wife of Ivas ; Mountain Home

Underwood, Harmon H. ; Mountain Home

Underwood, Ivas ; Mountain Home

Underwood, Myrtle (Higgins) ; Mountain Home

Underwood, Nell (Green) W/of Bryan G. ; Mountain Home

Underwood,Jerry N.; Mountain Home

Upchurch, Infant of M/M J. A.) ; Tamaha

Upchurch, James Arch ; Stigler

Upchurch, Oland James ; Tamaha

Upchurch, Valora ; Stigler

Upron, Mary Cordia ; Sans Bois

Upton, Arvile ; Garland

Upton, Charles Allen ; Sans Bois

Upton, Charles B. (h/o Julia, s/o Andrew & Agnes Cobey Palmer) ; Garland

Upton, Edith L. (Peck) (w/o Joe Billy, d/o H.C. & Etta) ; Garland

Upton, Emer May (Watson) ; Old Quinton

Upton, Emer May (Watson) (w/o E.S., died in childbirth, buried first in Old Quinton Cem) ; Enterprise

Upton, Fannie ; Sans Bois

Upton, Infant child of E.S. ; Old Quinton

Upton, Infant child of E.S. & Emer May ; Enterprise

Upton, James Leslie (s/o W.A.) ; Old Quinton

Upton, Joe Billy (h/o Edith L., md 26 Jun 1943, s/o Andrew & Agnes Cobey Palmer) ; Garland

Upton, Nathan Edward ; Sans Bois

Upton, Reba Louise ; Whitefield

Upton, Robert Elmer ; Sans Bois

Upton, Robert Elmer ; Sans Bois

Utlesy, Hershel Lee ; Sans Bois

Utley, Arpela (Folsom) (Wife of Oscar) ; Brooken

Utley, Florrence ; Brooken

Utley, Oscar (Husb of Arpela) ; Brooken

Utterback, Clyde ; Stigler

Utterback, Florence ; Stigler

Uunderwood, Bryan (Gladys) ; Mountain Home

Vaden, Lula M. ; Quinton

Vaden, N.O. ; Quinton

Vail, Homer E. ; Hoyt

Vail, Otheda ; Hoyt

Vails,Azariah Franklin ; Lewisville

Valentine, Violet Cole (Simpson) (w/o H.C., buried beside 1st husb, Aubrey Cole) ; Garland

Van Gundy, Annie C. (w/o Elbert L.) ; Shady Grove

Van Gundy, Bertha Lee ; Shady Grove

Van Gundy, Elbert L. (h/o Annie C.) ; Shady Grove

Van Horn, Annie F. (d/o Leon & Fannie (Baxter) Williams in Howe) ; Quinton

VanMatre,I.L.Sr.: Quinton

Van Matre, M. ; Keota

Van Matre, Maud ; Keota

Van Sickle, Cora M. ; Stigler

Van Sickle, Wallace N. ; Stigler

Van Sickle, Wheeler Neal ; Stigler

Vance, Billy R. ; Sans Bois

Vance, Charlie ; Sans Bois

Vance, Clarissa W/of Rus ; Sans Bois

Vance, Clifford H. (Husb of Geneva) ; Keota

Vance, Dana Lee ; Keota

Vance, Della E. ; Sans Bois

Vance, Geneva (Wife of Clifford H.) ; Keota

Vance, Henry I. ; Vance

Vance, Henry T. ; Vance

Vance, Infant child of W.H. & H.E. ; Star

Vance, Iva F. ; Vance

Vance, Joseph F. ; Vance

Vance, Juanita N. ; Vance

Vance, Margaret F. ; Vance

Vance, Paula Noreen ; Keota

Vance, Rosa Lee (w/o Walter) ; Star

Vance, Walter H. (h/o Rosa Lee) ; Star

Vance, Walter L. ; Keota

Vance, William D. ; Vance

Vandergriff,Freeda; Antioch

Vanderpool, Beulah E. (Dau of Dr. J.M. & C.P.) ; Brooken

VanDusen,Mary Jane; Enterprise

Vangilder, Bess L. ; Hoyt

Vangilder, Leonard ; Hoyt

Vangunda, Ramona I. (Ligon) ; Mountain Home

Vangundy, Charles J. ; Sans Bois

Vangundy, Fannie S. ; Sans Bois

Vangundy, Henry L. (Husb of Virgie E.) ; Quinton

Vangundy, Virgie E. (Wife of Henry L.) ; Quinton

Vangundy, William H. ; Sans Bois

Vanrirtte, Alexander ; Quinton

Vargas, Jorge ; Old Cache

Vasser, Thomas (s/o T.C. and Ella) ; Iron Bridge

Vaughan, Bertha Mae ; Sans Bois

Vaughan, Cecil Claud (Wife of William Cade) ; Quinton

Vaughan, D.C. ; Sans Bois

Vaughan, Ernert E. ; Old Cache

Vaughan, Susie (w/o V.T.) ; Miners

Vaughan, William Cade (Husb of Cecil Claud) ; Quinton

Vaughan, William Green ; Sans Bois

Vaughn, Eve Ann ; Old Cache

Vaughn, George W. ; Old Cache

Vaughn, Grady O. ; Stigler

Vaughn, Lettie ; Whitefield

Vaughn, Myron ; Stigler

Vaughn, Nettie (w/o R.B.) ; Whitefield

Vaughn, Shannon R. ; Whitefield

Vaughn, Stephen B. (s/o S. G. & Amanda S.) ; Whitefield

Vaught, Addie ; Whitefield

Vaught, Anna B. ; Old Cache

Vaught, Charles Silas ; Old Cache

Vaught, Charles Tim ; Old Cache

Vaught, Charley B. ; Old Cache

Vaught, Charley Silas ; Old Cache

Vaught, Eula ; Old Cache

Vaught, Gerald F. ; Old Cache

Vaught, Grace Lillian ; Old Cache

Vaught, J.F. ; Old Cache

Vaught, James B. ; Old Cache

Vaught, James B. ; Old Cache

Vaught, Jerome F. ; Old Cache

Vaught, Jim ; Old Cache

Vaught, Luke E. ; Old Cache

Vaught, Luke E. ; Old Cache

Vaught, Margaret B. ; Quinton

Vaught, Marie V. ; Old Cache

Vaught, Olie ; Old Cache

Vaught, Paul ; Old Cache

Vaught, Paul R. ; Old Cache

Vaught, Ruth ; Old Cache

Vaught, Ruth May ; Old Cache

Vaught, Ulah Lee ; Old Cache

Vaught, Wallace Lagette ; Old Cache

Venable, Jess ; Antioch

Venable, Nettie ; Antioch

Veneable, Jesse Fredrick (h/o Geneive (Garland)) ; Garland

Vernell,Johnnie S.; Sans Bois

Vest, Frank ; Quinton

Victor, Robert Jr. (s/o Robert & Susie (Patterson) ; Garland

Villines, Helen ; Stigler

Villines, Jim ; Stigler

Vincent, A.G.E. ; Old Cache

Vincent, Bill Lewis ; Old Cache

Vincent, Edward (h/o Maggie (Mangrum) ; Old Cache

Vincent, George E. ; Old Cache

Vincent, Gladys O. ; Old Cache

Vincent, Henry F. ; Old Cache

Vincent, Jettie A. ; Old Cache

Vincent, Maggie (Mangrum) (d/o Samuel E. & Johnann (Winn), w/o Edward) ; Old Cache

Vincent, W.H. ; Old Cache

Vines, Jerry W. S/of Clementine ; Mountain Home

Vineyard, Agnes ; Old Cache

Vineyard, Alice ; Old Cache

Vineyard, Grover ; Old Cache

Vineyard, Haskell ; Keota

Vineyard, John ; Old Cache

Vineyard, Joseph ; Old Cache

Vineyard, Joseph ; Old Cache

Vineyard, Lola ; Keota

Vineyard, Mack ; Old Cache

Vineyard, Nancy ; Old Cache

Vineyard, Pearlie ; Old Cache

Vineyard, Reba Johnson ; Keota

Vineyard, Sallie R. ; Old Cache

Vineyard, Sarah Jane ; Old Cache

Vinge, Hazel L. (Wife of Lars A.) ; Keota

Vinge, Lars A. (Husb of Hazel L.) ; Keota

Virden, Beebe Jean (w/o James Newton) ; Enterprise

Virden, James J. ; Quinton

Virden, James Newton (h/o Beebe Jean, s/o James Jefferson & Lou (Risenhoover) ; Enterprise

Virden, Lousia (d/o Thomas B. & Sarah E.) ; Enterprise

Virden, Noland (s/o W.O. & F.A.) ; Enterprise

Virden, Pauline (d/o Thomas B. & Sarah E. (Watson)) ; Enterprise

Virden, Sarah E. ; Quinton

Virden, Thomas (s/o Thomas B. & Sarah E.) ; Enterprise

Virden, Tom E. ; Quinton

Virden, William (s/o William Oscar & Flosie Ann (Jones)) ; Enterprise

Virden, William Henderson (h/o Dicey Martin (Scott), s/o Hugh Anderson & Elizabeth (Scott)) ; Enterprise

Virden, William James (s/o Guy & Pearl (Jenkins)) ; Enterprise

Virdin, Dicey Martin (Scott) (w/o William Henderson, d/o George Washington & Mary (Hill)) ; Enterprise

Virdin, Infant d/o William Oscar & Flossie Ann (Jones) ; Enterprise

Volland, Mildred G. ; Antioch

Votaw, Andrew Jackson (h/o Margaret Elizabeth Dobbs Anglin Votaw) ; Antioch

Votaw, J.R. ; Antioch

Votaw, Joe L. ; Stigler

Votaw, Margaret Elizabeth (Dobbs) Anglin (d/o Rubbery Dobbs & Elizabeth Moreland) ; Antioch

Votaw, Nora E. ; Stigler

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