X & Y & Z Surnames

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X & Y & Z


Xander, Mary Lavern ; Whitefield

Yakley, Francis M. (w/o Halix) ; Tamaha

Yakley, Halix H. (h/o Francis M.) ; Tamaha

Yakley, Ida Marie ; Tamaha

Yakley, Infant dau of M/M Luther W. ; Tamaha

Yakley, Luther W. ; Tamaha

Yancy, Amanda (w/o Zack H.) ; Tamaha

Yancy, Hezikiah K. ; Old Panther

Yancy, James F. ; Stigler

Yancy, Joda E. ; Stigler

Yancy, Mary D. ; Old Panther

Yancy, Stephen Cicero ; Tamaha

Yancy, Zack H. (h/o Amanda) ; Tamaha

Yates, Frank K. ; Sans Bois

Yates, Joe ; Keota

Yates, Nancy Viola ; Stigler

Yates, William Lonzo ; Stigler

Yates, Zuella (d/o Matthew & Minnie (Chastain) Hunt, w/o Frank) ; Sans Bois

York, Ellen ; Quinton

Yost, Cordella (Wife of Samuel Rogers) ; Keota

Yost, Samuel Rogers (Husb of Cordela) ; Keota

Young, Aaron Joshua ; Old Cache

Young, Ada E. (Russell) (w/o Terrell Young, d/o Terrell Russell) ; Enterprise

Young, Andrew ; Sans Bois

Young, Anna Mae ; Iron Bridge

Young, Anna May (w/o Chester) ; Tamaha

Young, Ben A. ; Quinton

Young, Bob ; Stigler

Young, Bobby Lee ; Stigler

Young, Charlie "Dock" ; Sans Bois

Young, Chester (Speedy) (h/o Anna May) ; Tamaha

Young, Clarence "Kirk" (h/o June, s/o James & Iva (Phillips)) ; Garland

Young, Della M. (w/o Ray, later w/o Jim Trahearn) ; Miners

Young, Donald Dean (twin of Ronald Gene) ; Miners

Young, E.A. ; Quinton

Young, Ella Mae (d/o M/M Jom) ; Lona

Young, Emma ; Old Cache

Young, Fannie ; Sans Bois

Young, Gilbert J. ; Old Cache

Young, Gladys ; Sans Bois

Young, Gladys ; Whitefield

Young, Hal Richard ; Quinton

Young, Hariel D. (h/o Sharon L.) ; Tamaha

Young, Henry ; Old Panther

Young, Infant dau of M.H. & G.D. ; Whitefield

Young, Jake ; Old Cache

Young, James N. ; Antioch

Young, Joe M. ; Sans Bois

Young, John T. ; Quinton

Young, Leon F. (h/o Lola May) ; Lona

Young, Lola May (w/o Leon F.) ; Lona

Young, Louise P. ; Quinton

Young, M.A. ; Old Cache

Young, M.H. (h/o G.D.) ; Whitefield

Young, Marian F. (h/o Ada M.) ; Iron Bridge

Young, Maryetta ; Old Panther

Young, Meddie ; Antioch

Young, Nancy A. ; Quinton

Young, Nannie Doss ; Iron Bridge

Young, Nettie ; Iron Bridge

Young, Nora B. ; Old Panther

Young, Norman (s/o C. & V.) ; Iron Bridge

Young, Ray (h/o Della M.) ; Miners

Young, Raymond ; Antioch

Young, Redman Lee (h/o Anna Mae) ; Iron Bridge

Young, Ronald Gene (twin of Donald Dean) ; Miners

Young, Ruby L. ; Sans Bois

Young, Sharon L. (w/o Hariel D.) ; Tamaha

Young, Sipe L. ; Quinton

Young, Viola Elliot ; Old Cache

Young, William M. ; Old Panther

Youngblood, George J. (Husb of Mary L.) ; Keota

Youngblood, M.E. ; Keota

Youngblood, Mary L. (Wife of George J.) ; Keota

Youngblood, Sennie ; Keota

YoungG, Ada M. (w/o Marian F.) ; Iron Bridge

Youngman, Howard ; Stigler

Yount, Flora M. ; Stigler

Yount, Herbert G. ; Stigler

Yow, Ann (Ship/ley) ; Stigler

Yow, Walter Westly (h/o Georgia, s/o Charles & Ann (Ship)) ; Stigler

Yow, William Dolie ; Iron Bridge

Yu Ho ; Antioch

Zachary, Aaron Clifton ; Brooken

Zachary, Dorothy E. ; Stigler

Zachary, Emma ; Old Panther

Zachary, Jerry W. ; Stigler

Zachary, Sarah Ida Bell (Barbee) ; Brooken

Zachary, Walter B. ; Stigler

Zaldana,Theresa Lynn (Monks) Quinton

Zaltosky, Annie (w/o John) ; Miners

Zaltosky, Annie (d/o John & Annie) ; Miners

Zaltosky, Billy Joe ; Miners

Zaltosky, John ; Miners

Zaltosky, Johnny (s/o John & Annie) ; Miners

Zaltosky, Vernie(Anglin) Gladys (w/o Willie, d/o John & Hattie) ; Miners

Zumwalt, Daniel G. ; Old Cache

Zumwalt, John H. ; Old Cache

Zumwalt, Joseph C. ; Old Cache

Zumwalt, Margaret M. ; Old Cache

Zumwalt, N.B. ; Old Cache

Zumwalt, Viola May ; Old Cache

Zumwalt, Willie A. ; Old Cache

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