Deadly Superstitions

The Tombstone Traveler's Guide

A widow is supposed to wear a veil during mourning to hide from
death and to prevent others from catching death from her. Since the
widow was the person closest to the deceased, she probably has
some death vibrations around her, so she'd better conceal them.

Death, you know, is contagious.

There is an old idea that close relatives must not wear jewelry or appear
in public places for weeks after a death in case the evil spirits that had
taken the deceased were still around.
Submitted by xoxo jolie, from the book A-Z
of Superstitions by Carole Potter, a very silly but completely fun book.

If you see an ambulance or a hearse you must touch a button or you'll
be the next one in it.

If you say the name Mary Worth 100 times into a mirror in a darkened
room and she appears in the mirror, you will soon die.

If a dog howls at night and it is facing toward you, you will soon die.

The cry of a curlew or the hoot of an owl foretells a death.

A single snowdrop growing in the garden foretells a death.

After eating boiled eggs, always smash the shells to prevent witches
sailing out to sea in them and drowning sailors.

Having only red and white flowers together in a vase (especially in
hospital) means a death will soon follow.

Bringing hawthorn blossom into the house will be followed by the death
of the mother of the house.Source:

Sailors believe that a sick man on board ship will not die until land has
been sighted.

The tapping sound made by the Death Watch Beetle foretells a death in
the house. Any unexplained knocking has been taken as an omen of
death ormisfortune. Source: Hole, Christina, ed. 1969. Encyclopaedia
of Superstitions.

If a dead person's eyes are left open, he'll find someone to take with him.

Mirrors in a house with a corpse should be covered or the person
who sees herself will die next.

Pregnant women should not attend funerals.

Nothing new should be worn to a funeral, especially shoes.

When a good life was lived, flowers will grow on the deceased's grave.
But if the deceased was evil, weeds will grow.

It is bad luck to meet a funeral procession head on.

Funerals on Friday portend another death in the family during the year.

         If a broom is rested against a bed, the person who sleeps there will die soon.

Taking ashes out of a stove after sundown will bring a death in the family.

If you count the cars of a passenger train, you will hear of a death.

When you see large drops of rain, there has been a death.

Seeing a white chicken on your way to a funeral brings bad luck.

If a woman is buried in black, she will return to haunt the family.

If rain falls on a corpse, the deceased will go to heaven.

Thunder following a funeral means that the dead person's soul
has reached heaven.

You will have bad luck if you do not stop the clock in the room where
someone dies.

If your rose blooms twice in the same year, it brings death.

If a cow moos after midnight, it is an evil omen.

If you prick your finger on the thorn of a red rose that looks black, you
will die.

A white moth inside the house or trying to enter means death.

To see a tree blooming out of season means death as does dreaming

of a white horse.

Hearing a hen crow means death, unless you kill the hen.

If a hearse stops while passing your house, it will choose its next victim
from your house.

If the coffee grounds in the bottom of a cup form a long, straight line,
anticipate a funeral.

Dropping an umbrella on the floor means that there will be a
murder in the house.

A diamond-shaped fold in clean linen portends death.

A dog howling at night when someone in the house is sick is a bad
omen. It can be reversed by reaching under the bed and turning
over a shoe. Source: Coffin, Margaret M. 1976. Death in Early America.

If you touch a loved one who has died, you won't have
dreams about them.
Source: Contributed by Monica Alexander as told to her
by her grandfather.

A hat on the bed means death in the family.

If an owl looks in the window of your home during daylight hours,
a death will occur in the family.Source: Contributed by Mary at

Never hand scissors to someone or they will encounter a painful death.
Source: Contributed by

If a bird flies into the house, someone will die soon.
Source: Contributed by Barry Koljonen

If you hold your breath while you drive by a cemetery, evil spirits can't
enter your body.Source:

You should always cover your mouth while yawning so your spirit
doesn't leave you and the devil never enters your body.
Source: Bud Williams

The soul of a dying person can't escape the body and go to heaven
if any locks are locked in the house.

If a cow raises its head and smells the air, someone has died nearby.

Never put your shoes on the table or you will die by hanging.

If rain falls on a funeral procession someone related to the
deceased will die in the near future.

Rain falling upon an open grave means bad luck for the family.
(contributor's editorial note: even worse than losing the loved one???)

The soul roams the vicinity until the casket is finally covered with earth.

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