German Custom: Bayberry Candles

The Significance of Bayberry Candles

The berry of the Bay Tree is often used in the fragrant candles lit every

Christmas. Legend has it that the Bay Tree gave shelter to the holy family

during a storm. Therefore, lightning is said to never strike it.

Sweethearts who light Bayberry candles when they are separated at

Christmas time will supposedly be united by way of the gentle scent.

Bayberry candles are also burned to ensure wealth and happiness

throughout the following year. They can be placed in the window,

or on the dining table at sunset, and burned until they go out by

themselves. Another pair can be set upon the mantle and lit at the

beginning of the Yule ceremony. now I understand WHY my late father used to trot around the

week before Christmas, delivering a slew of green Bayberry

Candles to friends, family, and business associates. We always had

those green candles coming out our ears, until he finished with

his rounds. In his day, a box of Bayberry twin candles cost

probably 50 cents.

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