Indentured Servant, Definition Of

In my genealogical research, I learned that INDENTURED SERVANT was one who was voluntarily or

involuntarily committed to working for someone for a fixed number

of years ...usually 4 to exchange for passage to America,

or some other financial advantage.

As the lowest person on the totem pole, an indentured servant had

few, if any rights, but people without skills or money accepted

this position in order to emigrate.

After the period of work was over, the servant usually became a freeman.

...NOTE from BJ...

In my own genealogical research, I discovered that my 5 Great

Grandmother Elizabeth BUSSARD came over from GERMANY in 1745.

She was first married in Germany to a man by the name of


As she and Mr. Overholtzer were members of the Church of the

Brethren and their religious beliefs were being persecuted

in Germany, they decided to come to America...the home of

religious freedom.

They took passage for America, but on the way over both

Mr. Overholtzer and their only child died, and were buried at sea.

On arriving in America, the ship's Captain sold Elizabeth as a

bond woman for three years, to pay for her passage over. The man

to whom she was sold was Colonel George Welton, in the State of

Virginia. This was during the years 1745 to 1749. She was sent to the

fields to cultivate corn and tobacco. But at the end of the year, she was

released because of her industry.

Elizabeth then married John STINGLEY who was my 5 Great

Grandfather. They had seven children. Their first born, Jacob

STINGLEY, was the key ancestor on my family tree. It has taken me

YEARS to learn that I tied into this lineage. It was big time celebration all of this finally came together.

When 5 Great Grandfather STINGLEY died, Elizabeth married a

third time to Solomon MICHAEL...and another 10 children are listed

for them. It isn't clear, in the records, whether all those children are

hers and his, or all of his and maybe she is the stepmother.

Because of Elizabeth BUSSARD's appearance in my genealogy

research, I had to scurry around and learn all about INDENTURED

SERVANTS. Elizabeth was one....and I had to become educated

on this terminology.

Genealogy IS education...and am I ever getting a degree.

...Chasing my own tale...


17 Generations of HENCKEL aka HENKLE

11 Generations of STINGLEY, to include BUSH

11 Generations of SCHREIBER aka SCHRYVER

8 Generations of MARTINDALE

8 Generations of SHEETS

6 Generations of BAUMASTER

4 Generations of REYNOLDS

Barbara Jean (SCHRYVER) Reynolds-Green

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