Genie Tip Using Search Engines

Tips on using the "Alta Vista" Search Engine


The Alta Vista search engine is wonderful. It is my favorite because I

have had such good luck using it.

*Step 1: Go and bookmark Alta Vista from this address--

*Step 2: Put the word 'family' in front of the surname that you want to

look up. Make sure that the SURNAME is in quotations. Here is the

surname "Ragan" as an example:

family "ragan"

*Step 3: Click on the SEARCH button. This will help Alta Vista bring the

genealogy type pages towards the front. They will look much like this:

Re: Ragan Family of Yellow Creek 1806 -1840's

Re: Ragan Family of Yellow Creek 1806 -1840's. [ Follow Ups ]

[Post Followup ] [XXI's Genealogy Message Board ] [ FAQ ]

(Lafayette W. RAGAN - Laura Chambliss RAND )

Index of Persons. Lafayette W. RAGAN (ABT 1849/1850 - )

Monroe RAGAN (ABT 1857/1858 - ) Robert O. RAGAN

(ABT 1819/1820 - ) Sylvester RAGAN (ABT 1856/1857..

*Step 4: Then you can go right to any of these Web pages with a click of

your mouse. I also recommend trying your search like this:

genealogy "ragan" OR history "ragan"

If you have a very common surname (like Smith or Jones), try the same

approach using FULL names. For example:

family "George Jones" (then hit the SEARCH button)

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