it's spelled!

...Research into marriage and courtship customs of an ancestor's ethnic

background, location, and era, can provide interesting background

information. Was there a charivari (shivaree) where neighbors

serenaded the couple by banging loudly on pot and pans? ...

Glory be, this is the first time I can remember seeing that word

CHARIVARI spelled out properly. For years I have been spelling

it phonetically and, of course, could never find it in the cheaper

Dictionaries. Now that I know how to spell it properly, I finally found

the word in a 1933 Edition of an "Oxford Universal Dictionary" and

I sure will add a page to my usual desktop reference.

The word is further defined as: "A serenade of rough music, made

with kettles, pans, tea-trays, etc., used in France, in derision of

incongruous marriages, etc; hence a babel of noise."

How well I remember participating in small town "shivaree's" as a

youngster back in the 1940's. I sure thought it was a real hoot. Does

anyone else remember such events? Or has anyone had trouble

spelling that darned word?

Barbara Jean

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