You can request FREE 1999 Maps from
any State in the Union, to assist in

your research. A current State map is especially helpful to locate a

County when all you know is the town or city. Call 1-800-555-1212,  

and the call is FREE. Ask the Operator for the 800 number for the

Tourism Information, for any State you want.

I just ordered the Travel Packets for IL, IN, KS, LA, NY, OH,

PA, TN, TX, and VA. It will give me the MAPS that I need,

without leaving my house, and at no cost to me.

Pennsylvania was even kind enough to volunteer sending a Genealogy

Brochure, in addition to their packet, after I told her I was a researcher

planning a trip for an ancestor hunt.

It seems to help if you speak as though you are really planning a trip,

and not just collecting maps. Play the game.

Let your fingers do the walking, and give the mailman a hernia.

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