The Dachshund has something no other breed has. It comes in more sizes coats and colors than man ever created.

Dachshund's may be satiny-smooth, silky-tressed or wirycoated. The two sizes Standard and Miniature come in a kaleidoscope of colors: black and tan, red(the two most often seen), even striped or spotted.

The dappled Dachshunds is a clear brownish or grayish color or it may have a white background with dark irregular patches of dark gray, brown, red-yellow or black.

Someone seeing a dapple for the first time, punned: "Hey look, a Catahoula Dachshunds".

In Wirehaireds colors are: red boar or wheaten, black and tan and wild boar. The latter's topcoat is dark almost black with a reddish brown undercoat and tan markings as for the black and tan.

Although the United States has one of the largest Dachshund populations in the world, the breed is limited to only three varieties: Smooth, Longhaired and Wiredhaired.

In Canada, six varieties are shown, as is the case in England: three Standards and three Miniatures. Incidentally, in Canada the line-up of the six Dachshunds in the Hound Group is visually broken up, usually around Elkhounds and it would be difficult to ignore that six-string little Dachshund troupe. After all, if you've got it-flaunt it.

There is nothing your Dachshund will enjoy more than the chance to explore your front yard and garden. Keep a very close eye on him however, for he will be enthusiastic about demonstrating for you his natural excavating and horticultural talents-in other words, he digs very well.

Dachshunds, whether adults or puppies, almost with out exception share a common pleasing disposition-they truly enjoy attention and love. Spending most of their day very close to the ground, Doxies often like to jump up on furniture to get a broader view of the world around them.

Dachshunds are very expressive and often very vocal dogs; they seem to always have something on their minds to share with their owners.

A poem to share with you: Dachshunds, Dachshunds- running everywhere all over the house, Dachshunds,Dachshunds- running all across my mother's blouse.

This little dog with three inch clearance Presents a ludicrous appearance, His legs are bowed, his feet turn out, He gives us much to laugh about.
He's two dogs long, a half dog high, Inspite of which he's quick and spry: So at his funny build don"t smirk, It's perfect for his special work.
For Dachshund plays a heros role In going down a badgers hole; A badger is a savage fighter, A vicious scratcher and a biter.
And, folks who call him "dash-hound" show Their ignorance and do not know That"dox-hoont"is his proper name. In Germany from whence he came.

The Dachshund despises dirt and slumminess. Like a cat, he will frequently clean him self with his tongue. House manners are no big problem so as long as vigilance and alertness are exercised. Doggy odor is non existent and the most house proud housewife need not worry about hairy carpets and furniture.

Dachshunds are con artists when it comes to begging and they manage to convince you that they are constantly starving! At least they don't drool.

Long enough to be petted by the whole family, Doxies display Job-like patience with children, including the inevitable (tho not recommended) ear pulling and tail stretching.

They are excellent mixers with other dogs and do not object to cats; but, should even a giant Great Dane challenge them, they will stand their ground. Many a little Dachshund has put a much larger animal to flight with his tail tucked between his legs.

The Ideal weight for standards is 20-26 lbs. (9-12 kg). For miniatures it's 10lbs (4.5kg)

In Germany, both sizes of the Dachshunds were bred to hunt game but, each size hunts a different type of game. Standards go after badger and fox; Miniatures after fox and rabbit.

The Germans have a saying; "if you take the hunt away from a'Dachshund, you take away the roots of his strength and he sinks down to nothing but a dog."

This must sound a bit extravagent to most Dachshund afficionados who would more readily appreciate the motto of the Deutscher Teckel Klub: "Our dogs must be keen and handsome."

In other words, beauty should be commensurate with brains, one complementing the other. This statement applies to other breeds as well. The quote concludes: "The Dachshund must have alertness and the endurance fit to hunt. "A dog, any dog, should be more than just a canine mannequin.

Whether Longhaired, Smooth or Wiredhaired, Standerd or Miniature, Dachshunds are beautiful and charming dogs.

Now I think I will tell you a few "hair raising" stories of the experiences my mother and I have gone through while raising our Minature Dachshunds.

Which by the way we have two in delicate condition at the time of this writing. "Any one want a puppy"?

Back to the story. Now I am sure some of you "mommies" have had 3AM feedings? Try a 3am, 6am, 9am and so on for 6 puppies all hungry at the same time.

When they are a few days old it's not to bad, but after 10 days when they have their eyes open, and can see you they are all demanding the "bottle" at the same time.

Instead of a washing machine full of diapers we have a washer full of what we call "baby blankets". And, we do them 3 or 4 times a day.

We have one young lady who has beautiful puppies but, has a condition called "eclampsia" an attack of convulsions and edema and elevated blood pressure usually occurs late in pregnancy. Our little girl waits until after birth to do her thing.

The vet says she produces to much milk, and depletes the calcium in her system. So we have tried to avoid her getting in a delicate condition but, some times she out smarts us.

Getting back to the puppies, when they are about three weeks old, they have figured out how to crawl out of the pen and follow after us on short little wobbly legs. The bottle by then is a familar site and they fight to be first.

Now it's time to teach them to eat off of a plate of lovely looking wet dog food. "we like Pedigree for puppy type". It looks awful, smells awful, and they love it.

In fact they waddle through it, sit on it and eat what is on their litter mates face.

Soon at six weeks it's time to think about new homes for our"babies". And, much to our shame we want to keep them all so, as the prospective new owners come by we screen them as they were adopting our own children.

In closing on this part our e-mail address is on the front page so keep those requests comeing for your new "baby"

Now I know all of you have had "baby sitters". Well, when we leave to go any where we are serenaded by all the "kids" and when we come home we are greated the same way. From out side it sounds like a kennell.

We can't leave any thing nose level or we find it every where. Have you any idea how high a shredded box of kleenex is? Or how hard it is to use toilet paper with 100 teeth marks in it? Cereal looks great all over the floor as well. Especially "puffed rice". Or, a small bag of Navy beans?

I once had a beautiful fake Ivy plant. Now, I have 17. A pillow is great fun. And, altho I don't know who starts it but, I do know they all join in. And, even some times while we are home. We have now developed the habit of saying "what are they doing now it's to quite".

Going out side is a challange too. Opening the door causes a rush to the gate, while loudly calling all the rest of them to go "outside" just in case they missed it. It's so bad we either whisper it, or spell it.

Vacuumning the floor means they all gang on me and play "eat the vacuum" or lets kill the darn noisey thing.

We don't always feed in bowles in fact, some times we hand feed so all get their share. We have a couple of darlings that want it all for them selves. Below you will find a picture of "feeding the babies" or as we some times call them the "rat pack"

So, please, read on thru my other pages to find out more about our "babies".