It was cold outside, and snow had begun to fall thickly around. On the edge of the sidewalk sat two young men, snapping their fingers and singing acapella.
"Isn't it hard, standing in the rain, you're on the verge of going crazy, and your heart's in pain?"
They were dissheveled, with long messy blond hair and scruffy goatees. The older one, who looked about 20 or 21, was wearing old leather pants fraying at the hems, Doc Martens that just barely fit, a black turtleneck, a thick gray sweater, and a tattered Nike winter jacket. The other one, who barely looked old enough to legally drink, stood out by his scratched an scuffed yellow Doc Marten boots. Nobody noticed them, save the few kind souls who dropped a few dollars into a baseball hat between them. When the song was over, the older one picked up the hat and counted the coins and scant bills.
"24 dollars," he stated. "Better than usual. I guess Christmas does that to people." He paused, looking at the other boy. "Let's go get some long awaited dinner, little brother. Something warm."
As he finished speaking, Joee Danner came out of her cafe, about to lock up. She stopped, midthought, and walked up to the boys.
"Excuse me?"
They turned. Joee swallowed her pride.
"How'd you guys like a job?"