Chapter 4

Cynweilleil stood back as Storm knocked on the door, rapping her knuckles against it quickly. She had an odd, get down to business type of knock, Cynweilleil mused to herself. The door opened and the ghost of Taylor appeared at the door, hair mussed, t-shirt twisted near halfway round him, boxers hanging off his hips, and his eyes half-closed. Cynweilleil burst into a fit of giggles at the sight of him, and Storm just closed her eyes and shook her head. With a sigh, she took the jacket from Cynweilleil and handed it to him.
"We thought to rbing this back to you," she mumbled, trying not to laugh. Taylor smiled a sleepy smile and ushered them in, where they found Zac sitting on the couch in his black boxers and yellow socks, flipping through channels and drinking a bottle of YooHoo. Storm couldn't contain herself anymore, she cracked up in the middle of the room, and had to grab the table for support. Zac looked at her as though she had three heads, then went back to his channel surfing. Taylor shook his head absently, cleaning off the kitchen table and offering them seats. Cynweillweil sat down, but Storm hoisted herself up onto the table and waited for Taylor to go get changed. On his way to his room, Taylor slapped Zac's shoulder and motioned for him to come get dressed, which, with some reluctance, Zac obeyed to do. Storm and Cynweilleil just looked at each other and burst out laughing.

When Taylor and Zac returned, Taylor in jeans and a bluey-silver shirt with his hair back and Zac decked out in khakis and a long-sleeved blue sweater, Storm took one look at Zac and groaned.
"He looks like Chris," she snorted, looking away. Cynweilleil just shook her head and flicked it away with her wrist, noting that Zac looked confused.
"Never mind," she replied. "It's just one of Storm's many complexes."
Taylor shrugged.
"Well, anyway. We're wondering if you guys and Kats want to join us for dinner tonight, we need some company so we can get our own table..." Zac smacked him and Taylor grinned sheepishly. Storm glanced at Cynweilleil, adn they stared at one another for a few moments. Storm shrugged.
"Sure. Why not?"

"Baaaah...silver platters, damnit, silver platters!" Cynweilleil pretended to choke at the site of the appetizers the waiters were bringing on platters.
"That is horrid," Kats remarked, attempting to figure out which fork was for appetizers and giving up in disgust. Taylor discreetly picked up a fork from her array of silveware and handed it to her, making sure he didn't notice the blush of relief cross over her face. Storm shrugged.
"I dunno. I think silver platters are kinda cool." She rummaged around in her hopelessly overstuffed handbag and returned to civilization with a pack of cigarettes, knowing they were sitting in a smoking section where her parents would never see her. Taylor cringed, along with Cynweilleil and Kats, and Zac didn't notice she'd done it, but nevertheless she pulled one out and pressed it between her lips. Before she had the chance to so much as put the pack back in her purse before she found her lighter, a waiter was beside her with a silver-plated zippo lighter, snapped open and lit to a three-inch flame that unnerved Storm at the mere sight of it. She giggled softly and lit her cigarette, blowing out a smokering and turning to the waiter.
"They pay you to do that? I'll double it if you'll come home with me!"
The waiter smiled warmly.
"Actually, no, they just don't like plastic lighters." He chuckled softly and went back to his post, by the door. Storm burst out laughing and flicked the already growing ashes.
"Man, it's a cigarette lighter in a penguin suit."

"A wise man is one who learns to put the toilet seat down."

- Sky Madison original, during Reading...

Chapter Three