“Look, can’t you just come? It’ll be fun. I bet Zac’d like you.”
“NO! This is totally insane! Taylor Hanson my ASS!”
“Look…come on, Wind, please come? You’ll love it, I promise.”

That was the last Wind had heard from Sarah, and now where was she? Driving for twenty hours in a car with a dying air conditioner, almost dead Discman batteries, and a tattered copy of Where the Red Fern Grows resting on her thighs. It hadn’t been what she’d wanted to do for the summer, but she was stuck with it now. It was so hot, and so sticky, and she only wished they’d get through Arizona. They were almost out, but she knew it wouldn’t really be the end of the sticky weather. They were apparently touring through Nashville, too.
“Lovely,” Wind murmured under her breath, remembering Nashville. “I can just see the guys at the Grand ‘Ole Opry with price tags hanging off their hair…” She snorted a little and rested back against her pillow. Maybe if she got some sleep the trip would go faster.

With a sickening thud and a spreading bruise on Wind’s cheek, she woke up and found that they’d stopped and Sarah was getting up. Neither she nor Arabella asked if she was all right, but simply shoved her aside and went to get their bags. Wind sighed raggedly and hoisted her backpack onto her shoulder, hoping they wouldn’t make her run behind them, though she knew deep down they wouldn’t let her walk with them anyway.

“So this is the place?”
Sarah looked at Wind like she was stupid. “Until we start to move around. Only for a few days.”
Arabella gave Wind a sympathetic look and walked up behind Sarah, leaving Wind to stand there blankly for a few seconds until she snapped back into reality and caught the door on its rebound. It was amazing it hadn’t hit her in the ass on the way in, what with the way things were ending up…

"This is the last day of our lives, so far."
Crack Head (as I'm forced to refer to him as)

Chapter One