Chapter Nine

Wind opened her eye a slit and found Isaac running around the tour bus with his Ike Cam, filming every bloody thing awake, even Zoe crawling along the floor. He turned around.
“Come on Wind, we’re having a water fight between the buses in half an hour…get ready! It’ll be a blast!”
She sat up and rubbed her eyes. Oh, gods, this is what she came for? Maaan. A water fight. She sighed and pulled the curtain in front of her bed closed, then started pulling clothes out of her bag and pulling them on.

Twenty minutes later and decked out in a very loved pair of buttonfly jeans, a Tommy Hilfiger tank top, and her Birkenstocks, Wind shook her hair out and put her glasses on. She wasn’t going to bother with her contacts.
Wind turned to Zac’s bed and saw him looking out from behind the curtain.
“Come here!”
She looked around, the went to the curtain and slipped behind it, sitting on his bed. He was fully dressed, and she couldn’t peel her eyes from his biceps. He blushed and looked at his arms.
“It’s from all the drumming,” he mumbled.
She smiled and turned his face up.
“I think it's Now what would you like?”
He grinned, regaining his brawn quickly.
“That kiss.”
Wind laughed shyly, her eyes playfully looking nervous and totally throwing her courage out the window. Zac didn’t bother to wait for a response, instead he gently slid his arms around her and pulled her into a laying position on the bed. He traced the tip of his finger around her lips, amused that her bottom lip had a permanent pout to it. It was cute.
“Now…if I were an ordinary teenager, like you so aptly told that reporter, living next door to you since you were a baby, would you still be so willing to kiss me?”
Wind blushed.
“As long as you were still Zac.”
That seemed good enough for Zac, and he drew her chin closer to his face, kissing her sweetly. When they pulled away, they were both silent for a few seconds. Then Zac noticed it…a little red laser beam of light on the wall behind him. He looked at Wind oddly and they both turned to the curtain, where Isaac stood crouched, happily filming every second of it. They both groaned.
Isaac put the camera down and grinned evilly.
“Hey, it’s not like it’s child pornography or anything…we’re saving this til your wedding, Zackeroos!”

“Ready, boys? Lock and load!” Walker inspected everyone’s hydrogen artillery. Aries had an armload of water balloons (extra flavoured condoms she didn’t like the taste of) Sarah had stolen a few of her water balloons, and Isaac, Wind, Taylor, and Zac were all armed with heavy-duty super soakers.
“Alright, men, to your windows!”
With an evil cackle and flurry of hair, Zac and Wind stood post by one window. They could see the other bus coming alongside. As soon as it was completely beside, they shoved the window open and the first person to go down was Jessica, sputtering for air and shrieking. Zac looked at Wind mischievously.
“Good ‘ole Bonnie and Clyde, hunh?”
Wind giggled and kissed his cheek.
“You bet, Mista Gangsta.”
And they proceeded to take out Avery and her pink super soaker. With another flurry of hair, the sunlight hit Wind’s face, illuminating it with a warm glow and attracting Zac’s attention to her. To him, it seemed like one of those slow motion scenes that mark the placing of a later reflection, and to him, that’s just what it was. A memory in the making that he was sure to never forget. He couldn’t promise himself that Wind would be around forever, and he couldn’t promise himself that he could love her forever, but he could promise himself that she adored him for what he was, and not what he looked like. For a split second a feeling of magic passed through him, watching her smile and dodge a flying water balloon aptly thrown by Ashley Greyson, and the image of her face, so pure and beautiful to him, took its place in a small space in his mind where he knew without thinking it that it would live forever.

"So, what's the going rate, Ronnie?"
- Matt

"Much too expensive for you meager piggy bank, child."
- Skylar

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