“I’ll miss you, Zac.”
“I’ll miss you too, Wind. Don’t forget to call me, okay? If you don’t I’ll call you.”
Standing at the gate for her airplane, Wind and Zac stood hugging each other like they’d never hear from each other again. Not that it looked odd or anything; Isaac and Aries were doing the exact same thing two feet away. Taylor leaned against the wall watching them, twiddling his thumbs. Wind pulled away from Zac and went over to Taylor with a piece of paper.
“Thanks for being a friend, Tay,” she said softly, and gave him a hug. “I’ll miss your jellybean fits. Here…I’m sorry about Sarah being so evil to you, and I wrote up this list…it’s all my friends…” she laughed when he raised an eyebrow at her. “They’re sweeties, I promise, never hurt a fly, and they’re not teenies…we all wish to kill teenies, but anyway. If you’re ever near these places, drop them a line and said I put in a good word, alright?”
Taylor nodded and smiled. “I promise I will.” He looked at the names and read a few off. “Australia? You expect me to go to Australia?”
Wind giggled.
“Believe me, if you go to Australia and DON’T say hello to Lauren I’ll kill you.”
Taylor went on. “Tahnie…that’s a cute name…Kats…Ann…Erin...Alyce…Courtney… do I get pictures of these people?” Wind nodded and handed over her stack of doubles. “I’ll miss you, Tay. Have fun this year.” Aries came over to say goodbye, and Wind returned to Zac.
“Well, it’s time to go, our plane’ll leave without us otherwise.” She grabbed Aries’s wrist and they went to the gate. They were halfway in when Zac called, “WAIT!”
Wind turned around, and Zac came charging up to her, hugging her and throwing her on the floor in the process.

“Wind, look, I know I’ve felt like this before, but…I love you. With all my heart.”
Wind’s eyes welled up and she smiled a little.
“I love you too, Zac, with everything I have. This summer means everything to me, and so do you…even if it was never quite as it seems.”
She stood up.
“I promise. We’ll get together soon. Now say goodbye, Zac, so I can go home.”
“See you later,” he replied.(my special thank you goes out to Erin Weedon for that, because I just recently understood why she'd never say goodbye to me, only "see you later.")

So that was it, with Wind and Aries on their way home, Sarah at home lying to everyone that she had dumped Taylor for cheating on her, and the Hanson brothers driving back to Tulsa. The summer had been something to remember, travelling everywhere, taking pictures of everything, filming everything, making mistakes, and just being kids. It was Wind’s summer of dreams…something she and Zac would be able to tell their children about for years to come, and something they will tell their kids about when they’re old enough. Sarah never heard from Zac, Taylor, Isaac, Aries or Wind again, but she read about them as they all got older. And though it had seemed as though she’d be the successful one, in the end there’s only one thing that can be said, and that’s that dreams do come true, and life is never quite as it seems.

The End.

I want to thank a lot of people for this story. At first it wasn't supposed to be this way, it was originally just an experimental clip I sent out to see if people liked it, and they mostly loved it. I'd already started writing this concept under the name "We're Different and We Defy You" *thanks Loz* and I thought I should put the two together. Thank you to everyone for reading my very mainstream story, because we all know I don't normally write like this, and thank you to my close friends for telling me they knew it'd end up great. Oh, and thank you to Tara for being the bitch I should've known she always was. Without her this plotline would not exist.