Outwardly, Starlight was a perfectly normal teenager. She was pretty, with short dark hair and grey eyes, sweet-tempered, and gentle with others. But...the problem was, she was dead. And an angel at that.

Starlight had been fifteen when she died. It wasn't her fault, but she constantly beat herself up for letting it happen to her. She wasn't what you'd consider popular, but she had friends...and numerous guys after her for a date. She always very kindly made them aware that she wasn't interested, and quickly became friends with each possible suitor, but there was one that she crushed over non-stop, 24 hours a day. He was one of the guys that made a career out of scaring pregnant ladies, the kind with a black leather jacket and too much hair grease. It's probably because of that everyone wondered when he finally agreed to go out with her.

Jeff had died along with Starlight, but didn't end up in quite as nice an eternity as she did. One date with one bottle too many of Rheingold put Jeff's vintage Viper at the bottom of a ditch. Jeff ended up as a lost soul...doomed to forever roam the earth haunting others. Otherwise, the classic ghost. He jetted over to the White House. But Starlight got something better...placed as a guardian angel to others in her previous position...danger. This is where we enter...

(March 21, 1999)
Zac stared at the razor. He was going to do it, there was no stopping him now. He was so sick of this...little brother syndrome had long ago kicked in, and now he was going to put an end to it all. He held the razor up in the air, pausing only momentarily when a faint hint of Calvin Klein perfume wafted past him.
"I really wouldn't do that if I were you," a voice said softly. "It'll only royally fuck up your afterlife."
Zac dropped the razor again and shook in fear. He'd never heard that voice before, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know who it might belong to. The voice came again, a bit louder this time.
"Oh, Zac, don't be afraid of me. I don't bite...I can't bite, anyways. I'd go right through you." In a puff of silvery mist, a girl appeared on the bathroom counter, wearing a purple dress with long sleeves and a short skirt. Zac had somehow expected white robes and humongous wings, but this was probably better. She smiled slightly, showing how pretty she really was.
"Who are you?" Zac was terrified. He was shaking all over, and as white as a sheet. The girl touched his cheek, leaving a warm, tingly feeling where her fingers had brushed over his skin.
"Just a big fan of I Will Come To You and With You In Your Dreams," she whispered. "Hanson's really popular with our mistress. She's got specially reserved paradises for you guys in our penthouse section, I believe," she finished. Zac trembled furiously, against his own will.
"You mean...you're dead?"
The girl shook her head.
"Not so much dead as I am...ah...magical, I suppose." She began to hum something rather familiar to Zac, but he couldn't quite place the tune. He took his last ounce of courage to speak again.
"So you're a ghost?"
She frowned.
"Good Christ, no. There's very little honour in being a ghost, Zac. It's punishment. No...I'm an angel, I guess. If that's what you want to call me. My name's Starlight...and yes, my parents were hippies. Before their own time, I guess." She extended her shimmering hand to Zac, offering a shake. He stuttered on his next words.
"Ca-can I k-kiss it?"
Starlight blushed.
"God, don't do that! I have more respect for you than you should ever have for me, Zac. Just shake my hand."
He reached out and shook her hand, finding the tingly sensation pleasant and relaxing.
"Now," she started. "How about you throw the razor out, and go see if I can talk to Taylor while I'm at it?"

"Keep her legs closed? If she'd done that nine months ago this never would have happened!"

-Melanie Brown, Spice World

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