Epilogue II

Somtime later that night at Starlight's house...

Starlight looked up at Taylor, sighing happily as he ran his hand up and down her back.
"So...I bet you've wanted me for awhile, hunh, Tay?"
He nodded sheepishly.
"Well, yeah," he said softly. "I think it was the day you burst out of the closet singing 'Angel of the Morning' that it started."
Starlight just smiled and kissed him.
"Well," she started. "Did you like seeing Heaven?"
He smiled.
"As only you could show it."

Starlight followed Taylor into the hellishly white room that she remembered so clearly. He held his hand back, telling her to stop. She waited. Taylor went in.
"Hey, Zac," he said softly. Zac smiled, glad to see him a little happy for once.
"Hey, big brother...you okay?"
Taylor nodded, and the two shared a long hug.
"I...uh...brought someone you need to see."
Zac looked up.
"If you got a hold of that chick that's stalking me..."
Taylor shook his head.
"No, no...someone special."
Starlight blushed to herself at the word special, but Taylor turned and beckoned to her to come in. She stepped in, looking at Zac. He looked a lot better...his cheeks had colour back in them. That was a relief. And his eyes weren't nearly so dull anymore...but they were the size of Oreos.
She nodded, getting a sense of deja-vu.
"Yeah, Zac...it's me. I...uh...She gave me a second chance."
Zac sat up quickly, and Starlight let him attach himself to her. When he pulled away, she sat down beside him, and Taylor sat on the other side of her. If after everything was said and done, when all this had been forgotten, they began to forget what had happened, Taylor always did have the silvery feathers tucked away under his bed. Starlight looked first at Taylor, then at Zac.
"Well, guys, I have a feeling you're stuck with me for a while."

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