From somewhere above all of this madness, someone watched. Someone watched Starlight, making sure she didn't fuck something up. That last bit had been a close call, almost fucking the long-haired freak boy, She thought. But the girl had kept herself clean, and was gaining some of her life back. But it would take more than making out with one of those she was watching over to be granted life would take true love. Starlight surely knew that, surely she was aware that one of those boys would have to sincerely make it clear he loved her. Starlight's mistress, who was better known to those high up...William Shakespeare, John Lennon, as Mom, wouldn't give Starlight life so easily. She hadn't died all that honourably, and "Mom" wasn't very generous. But Starlight was proving to be a good girl...she had caught herself before she and the Hanson boy had gone too far. That was one way she knew she might have to grant the girl life in the long run. She hoped, though, that this would take some time.

"Lots of trees...together...make BIG trees!"

- Zac Hanson, on Redwood Secoyas...I think.

Chapter Seven
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