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- Fixed some problems with broken images and broken links. If you see any more, please let me know. Thanks to all who reported them.

- Added some more links to other awesome MIDI sites. Go check 'em out.

- Big update coming this week. I hope to have about 20 more MIDIs posted. Stay tuned!


- All MIDI files are online so the page is 'officially' open now. And a day early I might add ;-).


- Corrected a few typos and what-not. The rest of the pages are *ALMOST* done and should be ready by Friday the 13th at the latest. Hmmm.... Friday the 13th. Don't like the sound of that.


- Well, the Classical and Games MIDI pages are both 'completed'. Completed in the sense that the heart of the page is done but there are still some cosmetic changes that need to be implemented. Stop by and check out the files that I have up already. I would have had ALL of the pages dome today as planned but real life got in the way over the weekend. You know how it goes. ;-(


- Revamped Metal Marine's MIDI Page and, viola, it's now Metal Marine's MIDI Vault! Low on graphics and flash but high on content ;-). Hope you enjoy it!


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