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Micmac Crafts retail outlets are situated near the centre of the reserve in the local government office and also in the first Gas Bar you encounter while driving through the reserve. The 25 to 30 Micmac women of the Conne River Reserve who produce Micmac crafts, keep alive the traditions and skills of our crafts people.

Miawpukek Reserve is surrounded by a number of small communities in the Baie d'Espoir area. By road, it is 1.5 hours from the Trans-Canada Highway to the South Coast.

Miawpukek Reserve has a population of 750 people. It is the only Indian reserve in Newfoundland.

The craft shop is operated from Monday to Friday at the Government office and seven days a week at the gas bar.

Child's Dress
Beaded deer hide.
Made to order for
children and adults.
 Child's Dress
Made from moose/deer
hide, hand sewn, lined
with jogging fleece,
with or without beads.
Handmade by
Micmac women
of Miawpukek.
 Micmac Jewellery
These tufted flowers
are hand made by the
Micmac women of
Miawpukek. Made
from moose/caribou
hair which has been
 Tufted Flowers
Made with duffle, lined
with Canadian mist, fox
tails around sleeves,
hood and bottom, with
or without shell
Made of moose/deer
hide, hand sewn,
lined with 100% wool,
available with or
without beads.
Made with deer hide.
Hand beaded
Deerhide Jacket
Bush Shirt
Made of moose/deer
hide, hand sewn or
machine sewn.
Bush Shirt

We also have such things as dream catchers, small eel spears, Indian dressed dolls, beaded hair buckles, snowshoes, polar fleece jackets, ribbon shirts, ribbon dresses, plain and beaded leather vests, and we can also do special orders. Feel free to drop by or give us a call at (709) 882-2470
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