My Catz All right, these are all the catz I have currently, none of them are hexed or inbred unless otherwise stated. They are Not for adoption.

This is Callie (MGKC/Windswept's Sweet as Butterscotch), she is a 8th+ gen mix of Tabby, B+W Shorthair, Calico, Alley, Maine Coon, and Scottish Fold. She is extremely sweet (hence her show name) She is related distantly to Feather. Mithras is a 6th gen mix of Russian Blue, Maine Coon, Persian, Alley Cat, Chinchilla Persian, Siamese, Tabby, B+W Shorthair, and calico. He is very laid-back and his coloring compliments Callie's well.

This is Feather (Rc. MGKC/Windswept's Light As A Feather) she is also an 8th+ gen mix of Scottish Fold, Tabby, Maine Coon, Alley, Calico, and Desert Lynx. Distantly related to Callie, she is playful and gets along well with everyone. Bipolar (Rc. Windswept's Manic Depressive) is a 6th gen mix of Calico, Tabby, Chinchilla Persian, B+W Shorthair, and Maine Coon. He acts very much the calico, and between his looks and Feathers, their kittens should be gorgeous!

Satine (Windswept's Sparkling Jewel) is a 2nd gen Orange Shorthair/Calico mix. I love how fuzzy her fur is! She is timid like an OS, but also extremely playful and eager to please like a calico. Storm is a 6th gen mix of Persian, Chinchilla Persian, and Siamese. He is smaller than the average cat, and very sweet.

Nina (Windswept's Little Girl) is a 6th gen mix of Chinchilla Persian, B+W Shorthair, Alley, Persian, Siamese, Tabby, and Calico. Imagine my surprise upon adopting her, to discover she is related to one of the first catz I ever adopted in Petz 2! Chronos (Windswept's Guardian of Time) is a 2nd gen Persian/B+W Shorthair mix. I think their colors contrast beautifully. They get along great, and their children all have wonderful show quality.

Ahleena is a 5th gen mix of Siamese, Tabby, Chinchilla Persian, B+W Shorthair, and Maine Coon. Alexi is an 8th+ gen mix of Calico, B+W Shorthair, Siamese, Persian, Tabby, Russian Blue, Orange Shorthair, Maine Coon, and Chinchilla Persian. They look as well as act like full-blooded siamese. Their kittens have beautiful and interesting coats, some even have calico patches on siamese bodies!

Nefertiti (JFC/Windswept's Egyptian Princess) is a 2nd gen mix of Egyptian Mau and Desert Lynx. She was adopted from JinxFold Cattery and is very playful and sweet. She is also extremely smart and passes down all her best personality traits to her kittens. Fox is a 2nd gen mix of B+W Shorthair and Chinchilla Persian. He has mostly the shorthair personality, but gets along wonderfully with Nefertiti. Their kittens are always gorgy. Wonder if I can get a white long-hair with spots out of these two?

Ivory is a 2nd gen pure-bred tabby. Very playful and sweet. Wonderful mother, and don't you love her eyes? Blizzard is a 3rd gen mix of Tabby, Alley, & B+W Shorthair. Sadly he is mute. He is still a wonderful cat however and none of his kittens so far have inherited his muteness.

Ginny (Rc. Silvara's Littlest Weasley) is a 5th gen Calico, Maine Coon, Russian Blue mix I downloaded. I can't remember where... But she has a wonderful personality and loves kittens and puppies. Granger (Moo/Windswept's Smart Little Witch) is an 8th+ Calico, Maine Coon, Russian Blue, B+W Shorthair, Alley, Tabby, Orange Shorthair, Chinchilla Persian mix I adopted from Moo! He gets along great with Ginny and their kittens usually turn out stunning looks-wise.