My Petz

Okay, here are all the petz I currently have. All my petz are pure-bred and hexless unless otherwise stated.

Misty is a 4th gen blue dal, she is the first dal mutation I ever bred and also the sweetest dal I have ever met. Royce is a 2nd gen yellow dal I adopted off a petz site about a year ago. They have the cutest puppies, in yellow, white, and blue so far.

Hollie(Silvara's Wilde Childe) is a 3rd gen black dal, and Blacky is a 2nd gen black dal. I adopted them both from different petz sites. Hollie loves doing tricks, and her favorite way to get Blacky's attention is to hop over him back and forth like a bunny until he plays with her! So far they have had black, cream, red, and white pups.

Beldaran is a 6th gen cream dal, and Kindelle is an 8th gen cream dal. I adopted them both off various petz sites. (Kindelle is from Ali, thanks!!) I LOVE Kindelle's eyes, don't you? They seem to have dusty pups most often, but also cream and grey.

Pheobe is a 3rd gen red dal, and Ares is a 3rd gen red dal. I adopted them, once again, from various sites. Ares 'shockingly' enough acts like his namesake. The God of War. But when Pheobe walks in the room, he's putty in her paws. Quite a playful pair, and they breed like rabbits! They have had red, black, and white pups so far.

Amalthea is a 8th gen red dal, and Gwyn is a 4th gen red dal. Gwyn is actually the 2nd pup Pheobe and Ares had. He was such a cute little clown I couldn't bear to give him up! They have red, black, and white pups.

Starlight is a 4th gen orange dal. She's a real sweetie pie, though nearly as hyper-active as Misty, which is saying something! Damien is very playful and switches between being laid-back, and hyper in the blink of an eye. So far they have had orange puppies.

Adara is a 2nd gen grey dal. She is very sweet and affectionate. She was given to me by a friend. Lazlion (SGCh. Silvara's Remembering a Friend) on the other hand is a real handful! He is a 9th gen grey dal who was born here at SoD and is the son of Beldaran and Kindelle. They have had grey and cream pups so far.

Aislinn (SGCh. Silvara's Irish Lass) is a 9th gen dusty dal. Her parents are Beldaran and Kindelle. She is extremely sweet and her personality matches Hermes' almost exactly. Hermes (Ch. Silvara's Messenger of the Gods) is a 6th gen dusty dal. As you can see by their pics, their pups should be wonderful posers! They have had dusty pups so far.

Ashlin (Rc. Silvara's Dreaming of You) is a 2nd gen brown dal who was sent in for the adoption center. But I couldn't bear to give her up! *l* She is extremely sweet and playful, also a good poser as her pic shows. Devlin (Rc. DTD's/Silvara's Devil May Care) is an 8th gen brown dal I adopted from DTD. He is pretty hyper-active, but also a good show dog. Their pups have wonderful show potential! So far they have had brown and red pups.

Dujour is an 8th+ gen dal given to me by Streets of Gold Kennels. He is a real sweetheart and just look at his eyes! Jean Grey (SG's/Silvara's Phoenix) is also a pup given to me by Streets of Gold Kennels. She has a wonderful show pose and should pass on both showing ability and looks to her pups. Look for their pups in the adoption center after they're grown.

Silar (Ch. Silvara's Algar Queen) is ANOTHER of Beldaran and Kindelle's pups I just couldn't part with. Sister to Lazlion, she seems to share much of his personality with a sweetness all her own. Othello I adopted from Envy. I took one look at his eyes and had to have the color in my kennel. He fits right in here, hyper and bubbly but a good show poser as well.

Arwen (Envy's/Silvara's Elven Princess) is a 8th gen grey dal I adopted from Envy. Very sweet and playful. Jag (FIK/Silvara's Jaguar) is a 9th gen black dal that was gifted to me by Trinity at FIK. He gets along great with Arwen and they have beautiful pups in black and grey so far.

Circe is a 9th gen blue dal I adopted from K&B. Very energetic and a brat when it comes to taking pics for the camra. I'm surprised I actually got her to pose! Osiris (CC's/Silvara's Egyptian God) is a 4th gen blue dal I adopted from CC. Very laid-back and sweet he is the perfect compliment to Circe's personality. Their pups should be a handful!

Rella is a 9th gen, orange dal with only THREE spots! I got her from Dogz Tails Adoption Centre. She's extremely sweet, and like most of the dogz here at Sea of Dals, has a wonderful show pose. Calling (Starless/Silvara's What's My Calling?) is a 6th gen white dal I got from Starless. I'm DETERMINED to get green eyes in a pup here! *lol* And I just noticed Calling looks an awfully lot like Othello, quite on accident I assure you. Anyhow, they should have pretty pups when they get older!

Shamus is a 10th gen. dusty dal born to Silar and Othello. AND the very FIRST dal born to my program with green eyes! Yes, I KNOW I now have 3 generations of the same family but could YOU have given any of these up? I thought not. Leelyn is a 8+gen blue dal with only TWO spots. I adopted her from Stream Fall Kennels, she is a very sweet girl.