Oriental Calico's
Oriental Calico's

This is a selective breed registered with the Breed Makers Guild dating back to 1999. They are for Catz 3 but easily import into Catz 4/5. There is no hexing, but due to the nature of selective breeding, they are inbred.

Breed Standard & Scoring:

Coat Color: Calico patching of red-brown, white and black, with a bit of tan and orange. 1 pt if missing the tan or orange, 0 pts if missing any other, or having an excess of any.
Eyes: Medium Brown.
Paws and Eyelids: Eyelids are black, paws are grey.
Ears: Pointy, siamese, red-brown inside.
Face: Round head, ovalish muzzle, siamese.
Legs: Long, siamese.
Body: Long, slender, siamese.
Tail: Long and skinny, siamese.
Body Size: Between 3-4 pts, relatively lean.
Temperment: Siamese, bad-tempered, finicky.
Meow: Siamese.
Purebred: Trace back to Asca and Michiru.

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